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    Cool Idea for Grom and Archimonde Raid Encounter

    I've come up with an idea to make the final boss fight more exciting and that is a unique three way battle between the Iron Horde, Defenders of Azeroth, and the Burning Legion.

    I think the raid group should fight these two in an open battlefield. Two tanks, the main one on Archimonde, the other keeping Grom busy.

    Grom fights similar to Garrosh but without the special abilities, the tank simply has to keep him away from the other raid members. Archimonde on the other hand is a killer and the true focal point of the encounter, he does everything and anything to keep the DPS on their toes and has a lot health.

    To counter this some of the DPS must defend Iron Horde soldiers from demons as they construct war machines that will do consistent damage to Archimonde. There is a limit to how many can be built and when that limit is reached Archimonde will summon one of his doomlords in this order. (Kaz'rogal, Kruul, and Kazzak.) These guys all have unique abilities and must be taken down quickly by all the DPS.

    At 75% 50% and 25%, Archimonde will cast a spell to destroy all the siege equipment, but in this moment one of the heroes (Thrall, Yrel, etc) will stun him. Each time the DPS has to burn Grom down but they must be careful not to kill him before Archimonde as that will initiate a hardmode where Archimonde is buffed up due to feeling his victory is assured, he'll go crazy there.

    Grom and Archimonde can interact in this fight however, the tank can kite Grom into one of Archimonde's AOE blasts which will damage Grom but he will retaliate and attack Archimonde with a huge cleave.

    Archimonde is a dangerous target. He has a lot of plague based attacks and a Finger of Death spell which will focus on a player and strike at their location if not avoided its an instant kill, and it is very quick.

    When Archimonde is killed, he'll explode in a huge AOE. Someone will shout out for Grom to yield but he'll scream Lok'tar Ogar! and keep fighting until the raid finishes him off. When this happens Grom should be at 10% health if the DPS has gotten him correctly.

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    Sounds pretty cool

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    So it's an add fight. Using two of the best WarCraft enemies.

    The only good idea to me seems to be that the tanks could be needed to do some interesting positioning. But other than that it sounds worse, than the Deathwing fights on paper.

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    Eh, too be honest I would like to think of Thrall and Khadgar both helping us out, where Thrall mentions that he was a hero in another life and now he must kill Grom not as a brother, but an enemy. The legion is either already assaulting the area we're at (either allied with Grom or attacking his stronghold and us) and Khadgar puts up a huge mana shield barrier around the circular platform. We have to dodge falling legion meteors (which would be slowed by Khadgar, otherwise they would have obliterated us) and fight Grom at the same time. Most likely Grom ended up drinking the blood or made some other fel pact because his son was a failure in his plans and the Iron Horde crumbled. Thrall can summon his elementals and be busy defending us from the main fury of the legion, and we eventually take Grom down after a set of various stages.
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    Fel Reaver with updated model or riot!

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