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    Brawler's Guild in WOD?

    What's going to happen to Brawler's Guild in WOD?

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    All of the current Brawler's Guild achievements were move into the Legacy tab on the beta in a recent build. Along with that, the names of each achievement were all edited to include "Season 1" at the end of them along with "during the Pandaria Campaign" in their descriptions. Based on that, it's a pretty safe bet to assume that the Brawler's Guild will at some point be receiving some form of update to stay relevant between now and launch. Not much more than that can be said at the moment.

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    It already has. It's been moved to the Ring of Blood in Nagrand in Warlords.

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    It'll come out in a later patch, probably between the 2nd and 3rd raid tier (if that happens) or the gap between 6.0 and 6.2's raid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kektonic View Post
    It already has. It's been moved to the Ring of Blood in Nagrand in Warlords.
    So the old locations are obsolete now? Kinda lame if so, I liked the Alliance's Brawler's Guild location.

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    i thought theyd keep the old brawlers but with all old rewards and achievements being removed?
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    I don't see a reason for them to remove the 90 version, but making the achievements legacy and remove the rewards make sense as you can't do it at lvl 100.

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