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    To be fair, numbers won't do shit for MM. It has terrible mechanics and practically no interactivity. Even if the damage will be on par, (unlikely since blizzard cant fucking handle tuning) the spec itself is broken and boring. They gutted our passives for no reason. Instead of gutting our spec they should have been looking for an interactive mechanic to spice up gameplay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratyrel View Post
    No class is ruined. Take beta discussion with a big pinch of salt and wait until tuning is complete. The current state of the beta numbers is nothing to quit over.
    Nothing to do with numbers, the gameplay sucks ass
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    There are many legitimate and valid concerns about WoD hunter design. I do not think this thread will be the place to find them. The hysterical tone of the OP only serves to bring in people who rarely participate in hunter discussions to respond in kind to his tone, while other threads/posts of reasonable critique by our forum regulars, most of whom are actually in beta, go unremarked upon and unanswered. Closing.

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