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    No order:

    -D3 Transmog,
    -Fire Mumper/Kalgan/Celestalon/Bashiok and Zerayhm
    -patch in Karabor/Blade Spire and Farahlon
    -no more 9m-1 1/2 year raid tiers
    -game back to 39.99
    -No more store mounts for awhile, though the next one should be a flying 2 seater
    -no more poorly announced changes via twitter
    -Demon Hunter class
    -Ogre (Warr, Hunter, Lock, Mage, Shaman, DK,DH, Monk) for Horde and Furbolgs (Druid, Warr, Hunter, Shaman, Priest, Monk, DH, DK, Monk, Mage, Druid) for Alliance, Ethereals (Warr, Priest, Lock, Mage, Monk, DH) for Neutral/Both
    -Raiding 10/LGR 10H no LFR, 20/LFR 20H no LFR, 25 Mythic + 1 optional boss per raid and at least 1 hardmode boss per raid, no flex
    -Worgen and Goblin Monk, if Forsaken can be fucking Zen, so can they
    -New Race/Class combos - Draenei Druid, Nelf Paladin and Shamans, Orc Paladins, Gnome hunter etc etc etc
    -All xpacs have at leadt 5-7 new dungeons, one remade classic, and a final raid dungeon (like WoE/End Time and the ICC ones)
    - Balance IoQ and AV
    -Add Azshara Crater, Gurubashi Arena, Darkmoon Arena as Arena maps
    -Redo/update all holidays starting with XMAS and Halloween
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    1. Full racial architectural themes for Garrisons - in a heartbeat. To make an all Blood elf buildings, or all Worgen or all night elf or all draenei looking or all goblin or all Forsaken - would just be simply WOW.

    2. They start doing conversations for quests - SWTOR style, where your character also talks, with close ups, bringing the lore to life.

    3. They stop fucking the lore around and stop writing such skewed stories, yes i want to see night elves like they were in WC3, not the unrecognisable weak things they feel like now, i want to see prominence in dwarves, more stuff out there

    4. return wow to a 4 faction - 2faction system. Why not run the game systems as 2-factions but write the story as 4 factions where factions pair up for batlegrounds and instances, guildbanks/raid purposes, but for world pvp, only they're with themselves and for story plots tooo. E.g. Night elves & alliance - ally for things like Bgs and you can group with each other for instances, guilds, cities etc, just like present, but an alliance player is not green to a night elf faction player, they're yellow neutral and can engage each other, they are however hostile to the other pair, the horde and forsaken faction.

    This way, it is still a 2 ffaction game for game systems purposes, but a 4-faction set up for the story and world pvp. - would even allow some uniniqe battle ground ideas, where it's each faction for themself.

    5. Mor e speech, it looks like talking is at premium - more speech from NPcs everything

    6. Garrisons can be used as a war conquest game all over every zone, they could even design structured WC1-3 like games to conquer territories and reward factions who control terirtories by giving bonuses to adventurers in that area - adventueres can choose to phase out of a conquest garrison fight going on in their area or partake as an adventuerer to help whichever players are sending out troops against each other. Players can either 1 v 1 for battles, or players can join them in controlling their troops, there will be a lmit ofc based on the system if you want to multiplay the garrison, and you can join as a general who controls the troops, with your main character operating kind of like how the heroes in Wc1-3 operatd, or you can join as a guest particapnt, las an adventurer on the field as a soldier or a general fighting on the ground, help make up for some bad tactical decisions of the controllers, could be real fun

    you will be able to shift territroies from contested to your fctionand they can stay there or that way for 24 hours before going back to contested, but can be fought for again in as little as 6 hrs if someone around wants to do so.

    7. Sub-races and new races galore. Not just well known ones like Mag'har orcs, or dark iron dwarves, but also new ones like forsaken humans or night elf sub group of demon-hunter sect night elves, or night elves with Cenarion blood in them causing them to have leaves instead of hair and gnarled wooden claws for hands and antlers on their heads - etc, sub-races like OP said being regularly added, i'd be extactic if they could have like phased starter zones, so they start in the area they are from, but they don't have to, an alternative is that they start at the level of the area they in, so Taunka will start at level 71 and in Borean Tundra, soif you pick that sub=race, you start at that level or you phase Borean Tundra/Dragonblight for levels 1-6 or 1-12 before sending them to Thunderbluff or Mulgore to continue.

    But sub-races shouldn't be the end of new races, like Op said, an expansion should give either 1 new race or 2, but also gvive about 4 new sub-races, with more sub-races coming in patches. I much prefer sub-races to just having more customisation options. BuT:

    also want more customisation options to existing races, like more skin tones, more faces, more options like body hair slider for male toons, faces/bodies with adam's apples , able to vary eyebrows or eyecolours separtely, tattoos on appropriate races or tribal features added, more hair styles, more facial hair options

    This stuff will get me super excited to have, it would be soo cool.

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    Larger expansion, faster content deployment and development.
    Maybe add more polys to cloaks and robes and actually make them look 3D, give them rips, tears, new shapes, this in specific would make gear alot more interesting.
    Start adding alot more limited time mount prizes and such, like one every raid tier, and make them more unique.

    New interesting things.
    Mabye ground mounts that can jump really high? Like jumping spider mounts?

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    - Sub races would be great. I'd love to play a Frostborn Dwarf or a Taunka. Also.....I would totally roll a Taunka Warrior named Taunkatruck.

    - Stop shoving the "Orcs & Humans" shit down my throat. I am quite sick of it. Stop making dumb story decisions just for the sake of keeping the Orcs & Humans front and center.

    - Raids that are exclusive to either Horde or Alliance. I think it'd be cool to have an expansion where the Alliance are all about solving their own problems while the Horde are all about solving their own problems. Some Horde race/city is threatened by a Big Bad, so the Horde players have a raid to stop that Big Bad. Alliance side gets something similar. Gear could be mirror images with the same stats but different models (like the differences between faction-specific PvP gear). It'd be a lot of work on Blizzard's side, but I still think it'd be fun.

    - Danath Trollbane's retaking of Stromgarde and Stromgarde made a proper Alliance kingdom. I've been wanting to see this for years. Would be an excellent start to Varian's "we need to contain Sylvanas" thing, since a major Alliance presence like Stromgarde in Arathi Highlands would be a huge threat to the Forsaken.

    - Classic AV. If I weren't playing, this alone would make me come back to the game.

    - Stop with the "no flying mounts allowed" bullshit.

    - Remove some of the restrictions on transmogging. Only rule is that you have to be able to equip the gear you want to transmog. If you can equip it, you can transmog it. That simple. Want to be a dual-wielding fish warrior with a Chef hat? Go for it. Want to dual wield Thunderfury? Go for it.

    - Enchant effect transmogs, ie the ability to take your current weapon enchant and "transmog" it to look like another enchant. I know this would probably just result in everyone running around with Mongoose, but I'm okay with that. At least we have options to pick other enchants. Cost would be that you have to provide a scroll of whatever enchant transmog you want to use.

    - Quicker attention to things like class balance/tuning. No more of this shit where certain classes/specs are either dominating all others or useless for months at a time. Rets on Wrath launch are a good example. That shouldn't happen.

    - More aggressive approach towards identifying and disabling/banning botters.

    - Do something about the Every Man For Himself racial so people will stop bitching about it. Make it baseline and give Humans something else.

    - More interesting choices when it comes to professions (talking things like how a blacksmith could be an armorsmith or weaponsmith and make different things based on which one).

    - More frequent updates on the game world in general. Exodar should be flying now, it shouldn't have taken an entire expansion to fix the damage Deathwing did to Stormwind, etc.

    I like the game as it is and am not complaining at all, but the above would certainly make it more fun for me.
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    Have a mass scale/monumental BG or phased area - similar to what they're doing in the pre-patch event.

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    Keep doing what they're doing will give me continued excitement. What can I say? I'm a simple guy.

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