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    Haven't been following any changes. TL;DR version?

    Is there a TL;DR version of the Hunter changes someone can give me?

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    A few things have changed, but the first post in http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...r-Beta-Changes should get you 95% caught up.

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    Major spec changes:

    BM - No more SrS/RF/Stampede (Stampede is now a tier 5 talent replacing LR). This spec is currently the better Hunter spec on beta and plays almost like it does on live.
    SV - L&L changed quite a bit. It now doesn't reset ES cooldown, costs focus, and stacks up to 5. It's also baked into BA and can't proc from traps anymore. Also no SrS here except that SrS is applied from AS/MS. The intention for the changed L&L is for players to stock up charges apparently for a big 5-stacked ES, though the spec is currently a little awkward to play.
    MM - No more AS/SrS, but only spec that has RF. AiS is the only option for focus dumping. Master Marksman has been removed and Sniper Training is the new mastery.
    Hunters got a raid buff called Aspect of the Fox, which is a 6s raid buff on a 3m cd that allows the raid to cast while moving for 6s.
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    tl;dr: BM is fine, SV and MM got gutted and skullfucked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyderi View Post
    tl;dr: BM is fine, SV and MM got gutted and skullfucked
    That's a disappointment. I seriously dislike BM. =/ I don't care if it's the best DPS, it just isn't fun for me to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Effinhunter View Post
    I'm trying to summarize the major changes at the top of the EJ BM 6.0 guide.

    Exotic Munitions sounds pretty neat.
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    I like BM, but only conditionally, and only occasionally. It's fun when it's OP or I'm sick to death of SV pve. Rivaling dat enhance burst is pretty fun, but it tapers off to shit just like enhance. Was also hilarious as fuck for farming kids on Timeless QQ Isle. Could stun lock 100->0.
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