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    I am an altoholic. I had a main in vanilla (warrior), because raiding on more characters was a mess back then.
    Then I migrated across the Atlantic just before TBC (no fancy server transfer there, it is the big old re-roll style. Even went all out and faction changed too). This means I don't have all my exalted vanilla reps, and since it was before achievements and transmog was added, there were little in terms of doing old content. I just sort of powerleveled a new warrior and took it from there.
    I also leveled up a hunter for farming, ended up doing a ton of PvP on this one before TBC hit (there was that crazy christmas period where they changed the honor earning and everyone could get the HWL gear by playing enough to get the honor to buy it). In TBC I also had a shadow priest for arena, just to try that out.
    Lich King was where it went completely bonkers. I had to try the DK (being a passionate plate player), so I maxed one and started raiding on that, then after a month or so, I started missing my shield and leveled my warrior again. Then he took over my main raid group's spot. But it does not end there. The main raid group (bunch of friends) had pretty slow progress, so we made a more serious alt-raid on alternate days. I brought a hunter there and this raid turned out to progress faster than the "main" raid. At the same time I played weekly with another group of friends leveling slowly, so I had a pally and a mage for that group - which eventually got to max level as well.
    Then I took a long break, skipped cata, and came back for 5.4.
    Leveled up my DK, then started missing the shield, so leveled the warrior. Then found out that I did not want to deal with guilds, so to optimize my LFG/LFR playtime I decided to level up a druid to queue tank+healer. The DK, warrior, and druid now all have 540+ gear and sort of "done" in terms of non-guild playing. I have MoP reps scattered between them, depending on what I needed for tradeskills, so none are really that far ahead of the others. To round up the altoholic addiction, I actually enjoy tradeskills a lot, so I had to have my JC+Enchanting shammy leveled up as well, but right now he is the only one of my 90's that is just sitting in TI gear. Last fling is a warlock I leveled up because I wanted to try the goblin starter area and the warlock green fire quest. Having a small army of 90s, all the tradeskills and good experience in powerleveling means that it took less than a week to get him through SoO. The gear is a little lacking due to RNG and the fact that I spent most of the week farming for a sealed tome. Finally got it last night, so now I am off to the do the quest and who knows what happens when I finish that. I still have my hunter sitting at 83 waiting to get leveled, and a pally+mage that might get some playtime as well. Or I would level my priest since I havent played that since TBC.
    Likely by the time WoD hits, I will have all classes at 90, waiting to see which I would play to 100 first.
    One thing is certain though, my boost will be used on a rogue. I had one at 60 in vanilla and I never liked the class (but it was by far the best miner alt on a PvP server). So the plan is to boost a rogue to 90, level lockpicking and use it to open lockboxes, so I do not need to use ghost iron for that.
    And then there is the whole alliance aspect... still haven't played worgen, and haven't played Alliance since vanilla.

    The biggest change in the game in terms of main vs alts is the sharing of achievements between characters and BoA items. For altoholics those are just awesome. The commendations for reps are great too. And I would love to see something that could let me farm gear for my characters on a different character (like a way to share/transfer valor).

    But to answer the initial question. My "main" is the one where I currently have a target set. It is likely to change as soon as I achieve it, but while a goal is active, it will be the character I log in when I have time to play.

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    I started playing my spriest at the end of wrath.
    It was my First lvl 80 back then, the First and only One I've been raiding with in wrath.
    When we came to cata, i lvled the priest First and did raiding with it. At some Time, i also lvled a prot pally. Tried raiding with it too, but didn't work out well.
    Later on in cata (been raiding all exp with that shadow) in DS i started raiding with my newly lvled Hunter. I was playing with a f&f guild, where we had some really, really Bad peeps, but with my help, they managed 5/8hc in DS, since I've been knowing what to Do for months already. It was really fun to play the Hunter, but as i was still weaker than my shadow, i stopped raiding with the Hunter.
    Also in DS Content, before MoP came out, i was 2 pieces and the legendary staff away from Full BiS gear, what Made me really feel awesome.

    Then harder times were coming... In MoP, my raid group got disbanded, and i had little Chance to get into the 5.0 raids until 2 weeks before 5.2. Yep, i got carried for some gear to be able to Do ToT. Since i could Not raid, i lvled a Monk to 90. I was about to Main it, but it was broken, and i suck at playing a melee dps. So i sticked to my shadow, that I've been now playing for 3 years already.
    In ToT, my raid group, really, really sucked, we couldn't even get past horridon on normal mode! I then looked for a new group, found One after gathering an ilvl of over 500. When the raidlead left us over night, our Main tank took over the lead and we kept on raiding as a group. Since i was Not satisfied (i guess i spelled that wrong) with our progress, i switched to a new guild after clearing SoO normal, since we could Not get immerseus HC down.
    Even tho my new guild struggled with a guild Fusion, which Fell apart after 3 months and thus losing 3 months of progression, we managed. To clear SoO HC eventually.
    I still love playing my Monk tank tho in normal mode, even tho i'm pugging with it.

    Wall of Text =P. In short, i sticked to my shadow priest because i had a lot of ups and downs with it, because it was my First Max lvl char in 3 expansions and because i like the gameplay of a mind-threatening freak xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by aziras View Post
    My "main" is the one where I currently have a target set. It is likely to change as soon as I achieve it, but while a goal is active, it will be the character I log in when I have time to play.
    i think this is probably pretty accurate of most people. They just set those "BIG" goals. Like finish the tier of content, or achieve a PvP rank etc.
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    I have many alts and my main has changed for multiple times. I mostly think my main is the one that does raiding/pvp more seriously while my alts are those who just do random stuff even though they might have more rare stuff and reputation etc.

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    I don't have one really. I play all of my toons equally for the most part. the one toon I would call my main would simply be my first toon but again I don't play him more than any other. classes / specs are too prone to change and after some big ones like feral at the end of BC I vowed to never get hung up on a single one again.

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    I enjoy playing it. That's all there is to it. That's why I've changed main multiple times, because I found something I enjoyed more than my old main(usually because of changes to the old main that I didn't agree with/enjoy)
    I always play quite a few alts as well, though, so it's not like I focus all my time on the one class I enjoy the most, I also play others that are also fun. Recently I've started having multiple of each class, not all of which are 90 yet. Hell, I have 6 monks(current main class), 2(soon 3) of which are 90(the others are 85).
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    Warrior because...well it's a warrior. I always prefer raw physical power and combat, without spells, stealth etc... Also in wow warrior are cool (at least used to be #wodwarrchanges...), got charge and heroic leap. Not to mention most of best sets and weapons are for warriors to use.

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    I used to switch main every few months, now ive sticked with monk entire expac.

    What decides my main?
    -fun: fun is for me being mobile and have cool/fun abilities (portal, fof, flying serpent kick)
    -versatile: decent in every aspect and self sustainable. Able to solo, pve, all kinds of pvp and tri spec to complement each situation
    -survivable: Monk has great survivability. When I play my alts I miss monk healing so much
    -escapability: I hate dying, I'd rather run away

    So basically monk has everything I want in a class. So yeah, it's my main

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    I have 500 boardgames on my attic.

    Some months ago I opened Magic Realm from Avalon Hill I played in 1980 ...

    From all characters, I found written notes from my main avatar: the White Knight...

    26 years later I choose my Paladin in WoW. So without realising it, I already choose my main in 1980 ...

    I also like playing a Rogue as second main, but that was only after playing WoW. Since then in any new fantasy game I take the Rogue as an alternative to a Paladin.

    And yes I hate playing an animal with a tail etc... so for me it is mostly only pure humans.

    I hate priests, mages, druids, shamans, death knights, ... and you can only play 2 or 3 classes decently anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrgannus View Post
    Emotional connection and /played.
    Same. Paladin is what I played during D&D (pencil/paper/dice game) sessions. The class has inspired me since 4ever.

    I tried to change in Vanilla though for a while. I was so fed up with Paladins unable to do any dps or being able to grind anything properly vs other classes. So I rolled a warrior. This worked pretty well but the warrior never became my main. I continued playing my paladin during raids and played my warrior during offtime. Later on we got dualspec, which finished my taste for my warrior Still like him but nothing can keep me away from my paladin now.

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    It comes down to the fact its the most comfortable for me to play, I can do things on my priest with ease when I struggle on other classes - plus my /played time and reputations has a big factor in it.
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    I switch mains pretty much every expansion. Boredom really. I do have a love for my druid, my first toon but I have no problem shelving it for a good while to play something else I am enjoying more.

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    the one I think will be the most fun to play at the start of an expansion

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