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    Quote Originally Posted by Denkou View Post
    I agree, Downfall is a pretty challenging wing for LFR (and in general).
    I recently did Downfall on my Warlock and I found the experience to be underwhelming, 1 wipe due to the Iron Star. Though perhaps I just got lucky and got a good group.

    The hard part was waiting 30 minutes for our raid to fill after 2/3rds of the group left after Paragons. Are players really that afraid of fighting Garrosh in LFR?

    Wings like SoO 2 and ToT 2 are the ones that I sometimes have a hard time staying awake on, the excessive amounts of trash packs are mind numbing. >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laerrus View Post
    The hard part was waiting 30 minutes for our raid to fill after 2/3rds of the group left after Paragons. Are players really that afraid of fighting Garrosh in LFR?
    I would say it is more that all of them were already saved to Garrosh because LFR groups still tend to fail on that boss prompting people to leave early and thus replacements get to kill him first in the wing. The half-valor and a bit of gold isn't worth doing the boss again with no chance at loot (w/o using a bonus roll).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brydie View Post
    I agree. Much prefer the wings with 3 bosses.
    Depends more on the ammount of trash and how likely I am to have wipes on any of the bosses for me.

    The LFR wings i've disliked the most in the past 2 tiers have been Forgotten depths (3 bosses in TOT) and Gate of Retribution (4 bosses in SOO)

    In Forgotten depths people always end up body pulling loads of avoidable trash and it often seems to involve a lot of waiting around to get volunteers for nests and then even today you occasionally wipe if you end up being the only person going. Oh and tanks these days point the Megaera heads at the raid which leads to occasional wipes... Even if you whisper them to point the heads to the outside edge they will still be breathing the raid 4 heads later.

    With Gates of Retribution the trash before Shamans is just too much for my liking. It also seems to take ages to pull Galakras because people don't volunteer for towers and promoted people never put those that do volunteer into a group... If people are nominated for towers half of them don't go. You sometimes wipe because of it and then when people leave and you have to wait around for new players to join and make another tower group and so you get the same problem all over again.

    My favourite part of LFR these days is probably Halls of flesh shaping (3 bosses in TOT) even if people still haven't learned how to do the Durumu maze.. It's normally dead or sub 20% by the time the maze ends so even if 15 people die you are normally OK. Halls of Flesh shaping just seems a lot faster than the other LFR's and it's always nice that you have a chance at rare pets from 2 of the bosses especially if you are only there for Secrets / Runestones otherwise.

    I'm generally avoiding LFR lately anyway. As soon as I get to 530 ish ilvl I try and stick to flex pugs. They generally seem to run smoother than LFR.

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    I'm on the "trash is the problem" bandwagon.

    Trash has a very delicate purpose in normal++ raiding. It slows down progress.

    But for LFR, it is just a waste of time. It is always rolfstomp zerged. Including the Garry trash - which leads to those complete waste of times where someone runs and other zone in to die again. Trash is where people afk because it is boring. There is no loot (other than the greens that some goof always needs on), it is not hard (except where the AoE zerg tactic don't work), and it is beyond sucky to join a raid midway, clear all the trash and then find out the group is beyond bad.

    Don't get me wrong, I am all for challenging trash and pulls, but not when I am in a group with 24 randoms with equally random ability to play the game.

    Terrace is great for LFR. It has warm-up trash, then boss+boss, then the retard-check disperse trash, and that's it!
    But SoO wing 2 is just frigging annoying. The only reason you have to pull the entire room is because people will certainly pull adds on shamans if any groups are left standing. Really a bad start when you join a raid, zone in right on top of the trash and 2-3 guys still standing. Repair bill before you even started.
    The thing with LFR is... you waste plenty of time without trash, so no need to have tons of it.

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