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    Illidan and Kael'Thas, for their ''I wont give up until everything is fcked up so bad i cant go back'' way of thinking.

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    I'm surprised by all of the Garrosh answers. Usually, people won't hesitate to bash his character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lime View Post
    I'm surprised by all of the Garrosh answers. Usually, people won't hesitate to bash his character.
    Indeed. We can see here that the Lich King (in this thread at least) is the most "loved" villain, and there are polarized opinions on Garrosh.
    I think people have a deeper conection with Arthas because his story has been built since Warcraft 3, and lots of players here watched his evolution.

    But Garrosh? His evolution is "new stuff"... And not-so-well done, because his transition from a depressed orc from Outland into a Warlord of Draenor is kinda... blunt IMO. Blunt, but not impossible: If we had access to all his thoughts since Outland, maybe we could see what really happened in that ogre-faced head of his.

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    You have to say: EXCLUDING THE LICH KING!

    OT: Gul'dan or Kil'Jaeden definitely. The Lich King was a pawn
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    Kael'thas for sure cause Blood Elves!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dipstick View Post
    "Arise my champion!"

    "What? Again?"
    Lady Gaga?

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    Lich King, no one comes close to
    PvE is a minigame // Rerolled from affly to spriest after 8 years, thx pandaland changes

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    1. The Lich King
    2. Sargaras
    3. Gul'dan
    4. Medivh (posessed)

    Stupidly implemented antagonists:"
    1. Deathwing
    Ultimate Kingpin, but only a lootpiñata. So much potential. They should have built him up during WOTLK around Ulduar or something.

    2. Illidan
    In my opinion not truly an endboss. He seems more like a misunderstood creature and made some decisions that lead him astray. My guess that in time he could be turned back into the light had he not been used as an endboss.

    3. Kael'thas
    This guy never was evil during WC III. Sure he became angry. Angry at the racist human leader(s). I can understand that. And his loyalty towards Illidan, I can understand that. But a real antagonist... I'd rather have him as separate faction or a boss you could redeem.

    4. Garrosh
    Oh yeah Garrosh earned his wings during Cata and MoP. But seriously... Like Varian his character sorta did a 180 in terms of how he got portrayed. Garrosh imo never was a great commander or leader. Imo he was the son of a fantastic/legendary father. He was more or less a dissapointment.

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