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    Healing class with biggest potentional in 6.0+?

    Hey guys,

    I'm just a little bit confused about all the healer changes in 6.0. I'm playing mw monk at the moment and with the removal of orbs as my main heal, soothing mist no longer generating chi, removal of utility abilities like disarm and so, I smell a little paladin-like playstyle and nerf. My question is, what do you think what class will be most viable healer for pvp in WoD? I'm decent rated player, I always end up at least 2100-2300 rated in 3's at the end of the season.

    The problem is, I used to play holy paladin since cata, but in s14 paladins didn't do so well in arena (aka every other healer class could do the same and better) and in s15 I didn't get accepted to 2200+ teams because of being paladin, which is ridiculous - even though I had required exp and mmr, I always got the answer "sorry, we need resto druid or shaman".

    So I rerolled monk and life was easy for a while, but sadly I don't see monks being very good next season. Don't get me wrong, I really liked the onique orbing style of healing, wasn't so easy to master (yet it's a bit annoying.)

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not the kind of "I play what's op atm" kind of person, but I'm really tired of playing ..well, 'the class that sucks' every season.

    I know I won't have time for rerolling classes since I have very difficult year at school, so do you have any guess what healing class would be decent in WoD? Doesn't have to be the strongest class, but you can imagine how tired I am of rejection because of my class or reading things like "LF healer for 3s, druid/shaman/priest/monk /w me exp"....I'm willing to play all healing classes except druid (never really had the feeling 'that's my class, I love it' )
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    Pay attentional!!

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    Resto Druids are gods in beta atm.

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    Obvious disclaimer: tuning still hasn't happen. I'm also basing myself on some comments of high rated players, and this is a mixture of predictions/observations. I consider myself pretty unbiased though, since I play with practically every healer to decent ratings.

    - Rdruids are the best looking healer at the moment: their toolkit is largely unaffected, their T100 are all solid and provide the spec with 2 different builds, the nerfs they suffered aren't huge :cyclone Dring with fear is not a huge deal, and once they tweak spriests, god comp will still shine; soul of the forest was downright OP, and you still can land CC especially having a great pillow of heals compared to other classes (you certainly notice the difference between monk and rdruid when you're cced), and in the current meta-game (beta), mobility is even more important, especially because healers will have less output.
    - Rshamans: they got nerfed (both in terms of numbers like healing stream, but also in gameplay mechanics), but they are still good: their problem is the same as in all previous expansions, as in they can be trained pretty easily, which will only get worse next season if melee mobility stays like it is atm.
    - Hpalas: their mobility got nerfed, and I heard quite some complaints about surviving trains, but they can't hardly complain compared to classes like shamans. At the moment, their T100 talents are very powerful, especially the one that emulates shaman battlemaster trinket effects but applies it your beacon of light or the paladin itself: with a 1minute cooldown, is probably one of the best healing talents around. They have been getting some QoL changes (like sacrifice no longer be on the gcd), and the fact that they can bop and bubble cyclones also helps, and the value of glyph of freedom on cooldown reduction cannot be overstated. Oh, and they are now actually encouraged to denounce!
    - Priests: don't know much about them, but heard that hpriests are still pulling ahead. There's an important aspect of the meta to consider, and it affects priests (but not only) significantly: purges. With ability pruning, you end up with less buffs on the targets, making purges more valuable. This means that classes like priests and shamans actually bring something to the table that's even more valuable, because you'll have much more chances of actually getting that fear wards off with fewer purges. The problem of priests: CC is bad.
    - Monks: I don't know if you've seen monk streams (I've been watching a 2.7k mmr monk testing mistweaver on beta), but they are SO MUCH better than on live. It's the healer I've been paying the most attention, and from what I've seen, the class works much better than before. Healing spheres had to go, but in return we got compensated by a more powerful surging mist (I still think it's a bit too costy but must wait for tuning). It's true that our chi generation is slower than usual, and it doesn't help that chi explosion is the only decent talent....and it actually adds useless complexity and hassle to our healing in PvP (imagine you're stuck with 3 chi and you want to heal one of your 2 melee dps: you can't because if you 3-chi chi explosion the healing will be divided...forcing you to surging mist/harm to 4 chi and then enveloping mist). But besides that, our EM is actually extremely powerful now (would be even greater if we had more control over Renewing mist and/or EM wasn't dispellable), and our Life Cocoon got buffed to a 1minute cooldown, making it greater than spells like barkskin in many situations (but once again....not like monks have comparable hots). Portal is now instant and that will allow for a better ability to avoid cc, and our single target healing is extremely good.

    In the end, Rdruids are currently the best looking healer: they are extremely solid and even with tuning process they will still retain loads of tools that will allow them to be effective at high-rating arena play. Expect to see way more hpalas due the incoming flood of melee comps, their freedom glyph (yes, it's actually that good), their T100 battlemaster talent, and their denounce effects: I personally expect these 2 classes to be part of the top tier healers. The classes that can still give us some surprises will be monks (as a healer they are pretty good, but they still have many mechanical problems like having way too many mandatory talents that don't work well in a 3v3 setting), and priests (who could use a cooldown reduction on psychic scream or some extra form of cc).

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    ye, its time again for the resto druid reign =P

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    I'm just glad their all getting nerfed hard. Seeing a resto shaman or a holy pally on the other team in a random BG with well over 600k HP makes me want to go grab a drink, because I know I'll be the only one attacking them while the rest of the team goes for the flag carrier or something.
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