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    Plate pvp zmog sets

    Hey guys just recently sold 4 pieces of the warrior set for 1k to someone, mind you I mined all the ore myself and had enough to make a complete set of dk pally and warrior posted in trade chat selling each for 1.5-1.6k and someone actually pm'd me and laughed saying it's just ghost iron bars. I was just trying to go by market prices which are like 300g a piece I knocked it down to around 200, do u think I should drop my prices?

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    Each set includes the belt and boots as well.

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    Nope, just dont sell it as a set. 1.6k seems expensive (or better stated, a big number) to a lot of people, just sell them piece by piece on the AH. But once they see 200 for each piece, they will drop that gold without any complaining. You will end up with more money in your pocket and less time spend in a capital city (as you need to advertise a lot with selling sets).

    You can still advertise your sets to get people interested in buying some of your pieces, just make sure you are the cheapest on the market.

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    Thanks for the advice of dropping them on the ah, have like 4-6 pieces left total sold like hot cakes over the weekend.

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