View Poll Results: Which race got the best lore?

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  • Worgen

    2 1.03%
  • Draenei

    10 5.13%
  • Dwarf

    8 4.10%
  • Gnome

    6 3.08%
  • Human

    8 4.10%
  • Night Elf

    26 13.33%
  • Goblin

    1 0.51%
  • Blood Elf

    27 13.85%
  • Orc

    75 38.46%
  • Tauren

    1 0.51%
  • Troll

    5 2.56%
  • Forsaken

    21 10.77%
  • Pandaren

    5 2.56%
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    Poor worgen, goblin and tauren only have 1 vote. I wonder if people voted for orc because they have the MOST or BEST lore. More does not equal better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faos View Post
    Orcs have had the most developed storyline over the history of WoW than the other races combined. Pretty easy choice. Most underinvested race for me has to be Dwarves, they could do so much more with them but it won't happen as there are other races just as deserving of a deeper more intense lore history.
    I hate the Alliance and the midget races, but I agree that the Dwarves are vastly under utilized. I mean, we have Bran doing his stupid shit, and that seems SO wasteful.
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    Night Elves had the best lore before WoW, blood elves probably have the best lore in WoW. Orcs definitely have the most, with humans second. I would love to see Night Elves return to their former glory and not be belittled by beings over 10,000 years younger /facepalm. Hand in hand I think Taurens deserve more lore most on the horde side. Other races I don't mind seeing more lore, however I honestly think Gnomes aren't going to get any lore purely because I think Blizzard don't know what to do with them, there really is no story other than retaking Gnomeregan and piggybacking Dwarven Lore.

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    Orcs have the most developed and probably the technical "best" However, my personal favorite is the forsaken.
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    If you mean which race has gotten the most lore or best treatment then it's Orcs by far. This game should be renamed World of OrcCraft.

    In terms of which one is my favorite or what I think is the best lore, I would say Belf's. I have always been partial to the Blood Elves since the days of WC3. Also I'm a fan of the Highborne and non-WoW Troll lore. The Orc and Draenei lore is pretty good if you ignore Thrall 'Jesus' and everything he did post WC3. The Titans/Dragons and Sageras are also interesting, one of the reasons Uldar is my favorite raid. Only lore I really never cared for is Gnome, Night Elf, Human and Tauren. Other than that most of the races have something interesting about their lore.
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    Tauren lore resumed : War against Centaurs. Almost extinct. Thrall saves the day. Taurens join horde. Tauren wont leave horde because they are forever bound to Thrall saving that day.

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    Orc's not thats I am crazy about them, but they pretty much dedicated 4 games to their story. So its a bit biased.

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    Night elves.

    I see even here the horde yells loudest even when they're wrong, the poll is irrelevant.

    Forsaken, my ass, their "epic" lore is what, 10 years old? Probably the age of the average male undead player.
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    IMO, I love all the Troll lore I can't really explain why, but for me it's the best

    Forsaken on 2nd place, loved every bit of the WCIII campaign where Sylvanas and Varimathras reclaimed Lordaeron... always been a sucker for dark stories.

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    Blood elfs have most interesting lore.

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    Gnomes! oh wait..

    Wich is sad, because I love gnomes.

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    I'm going to infer "best" as meaning my favorite rather than which race has received most in-game dev attention which would obviously be orcs / humans.

    In this case I'm going to say blood elf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trickname View Post
    I'm going to infer "best" as meaning my favorite rather than which race has received most in-game dev attention which would obviously be orcs / humans.

    In this case I'm going to say blood elf.
    This poll should be renamed to "What is your favorite race?" as that's what it basically is at the moment.

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    I find the Humans to have some of the best lore because of how many branches it has with prominent figures doing their own thing. To me though the best part of the human story is the fall of the human kingdoms resulting in the rise of Stormwind as the last human super power on Azeroth.

    After that I would have to say that the Orcs have the second best lore, it mirriors the human lore and both races really shine when they clash in the first war. It just seems like really good writing and back story all around.

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    It is obvious that Blizzard has put most time and effort on orc lore.

    However, that doesn't mean it's the best lore, I personally prefer human lore by a wide margin, especially due to their connection with the Scourge and Arthas storyline. I also like their diversity.

    Both blood elf and night elf lore are more compelling than orc lore as well.

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    For me it will always be the forsaken and the nightelfs.

    Some of the worst for me would be gnomes, worgen, goblins. Because their lore are isn't very developed or in depth.
    And I am not at all a fan of the pandaren lore.

    Forsaken, my ass, their "epic" lore is what, 10 years old? Probably the age of the average male undead player.
    Just like every nightelf player is a huntard or tree-hugger then ? Generalizations are fun.

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    I pretty much exclusively play Pandaren solely because the females wear armor like bad asses. However, despite their infuriating character models, I really do love the blood elf/high elf/night elf lore. The blood elf starting zone is by far one of my favorite zones, especially Ghostlands, however I cannot stand their barbie doll animations (especially that run, jesus christ).

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