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    That's for the last expansion before it goes F2P.
    Quote Originally Posted by THE Bigzoman View Post
    Meant Wetback. That's what the guy from Home Depot called it anyway.
    If you say pls because it is shorter than please,
    I'll say no because it is shorter than yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dzudzadzo View Post
    It's hard to not be under impression that her tits are the only thing that prevents us from looting her body.
    Considering Kosak's said he gets his jollies from her, it's a fair assumption.

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    In the next few years, they are going to tell us that 10 years ago the wrathgate incident was planned by Sylvanna, Varimathras and Putress.
    Look for a Varimathras and Balnazzar duo fight in Stratholm or ICC V.2

    And she still have a little bit of Arthas in her blood ?

    So who's goins to replace her ?
    Lilian Voss ? Koltira ? Koltira and Thassarian double council ? High Executor Anselm ? An undead Cairne Bloodhoof ?
    Look very interesting /sarcasm

    I hope they would just redem her and not screw up things like they did with Garrosh and now with Jaina.
    Just destroy the 7 horcrux of the Lich King and we will save her along with Bolvar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    Could Sylvanas turn into a female Lich King?
    The last thing Sylvanas is going to do is become the Lich Queen. She doesn't want to take over Azeroth. She doesn't want the whole world full of plague and death.
    Just a few places so she can reclaim the previous lands of the humans, the former kingdoms of Lordaeron. There's a reason that Sylvanas picked Lordaeron, and went after only the places most near Lordaeron, because, I think what a lot of people tend to forget, the Forsaken are the fallen denizens of Lordaeron, slain by Arthas, raised by Sylvanas to reclaim glory to their name. They just want to preserve their lost homes, and don't want the taint of the living to destroy them.

    Sylvanas might do some devious things, but it's all with good intention. Sylvanas knows damn well that going up against the Horde and Alliance is a terrible idea, and she'd rather stick by the Horde's side before making any brash decisions.
    Possibly in the future, but she'd need a good reason to do so, other than, "I'm dead, so I'm evil! Come grab loot from me!"
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    She already IS a villain, but one I hope doesn't become a loot piñata.

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    Sylvannas is in the best position she's been in as the Banshee Queen. She can use the Valkyrs to resurrect the dead as Forsaken, to continuously replenish her ranks. With Garrosh gone, the Kor'kron elites will no longer have the Undercity on marshall law so the city is free again. She's in good spirits with Warchief Vol'jin and the other Horde leaders. She can even have herself resurrected and therefore cheat death. There is no reason for her to turn evil. Sylvannas has everything she needs/wants to help her people.

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    You're saying "especially with Garrosh gone". Garrosh was the least of her worries, he had his own thing. Thrall kept her at bay and now Vol'jin will do the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    With Garrosh gone, the Kor'kron elites will no longer have the Undercity on marshall law so the city is free again.
    This makes me wonder if they're going to start whispering toward an unchecked Sylvanas, even if builds slowly. I don't think it'll be played out in WoD.

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    New enemy? Yeah, it's possible. New leader of the Horde? Most unlikely. If Sylvanas were to lead the Horde it's pretty much obvious what she would want to do with all that power, make everyone undead and turn the Horde into Sylvanas' Forsaken army. So i'm sure Sylvanas being a new leader of the Horde will not come to pass. Although it would make for a pretty cool plot if she were to become the new Warchief and want to turn the whole Horde into an undead army and then we would have to stop her but then again we already had a evil, power hungry Warchief plot so this would probably never happen. As far as her becoming a new main enemy I kind of hope it never happens because I really like Sylvanas and I would hate to have to kill another great character. I think with Vol'jin now being the new Warchief whom I would think Sylvanas respects a lot more than Garrosh, I think she will calm down a bit with the whole raising undead thing and be loyal to Vol'jin. Knowing Sylvanas though you never know what's going on in that dark mind of hers.
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