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    Why does Blizzard Shutdown the Servers ? EVERY Wednesday.

    Cause there were times where servers didnt went offline on reset days.

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    Sometimes its a rolling restart other times they need the time for maintenance, especially with a new xpac coming out the hardware needs to be prepared. You wouldn't leave a car on forever and expect nothing to happen would you?

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    Blizzard does that because sometimes they just need to restart the servers, sometimes they do a long maintenance. I'm guessing they are upgrading their stuff for the upcoming expansion. It should be expected by now that Blizzard will either restart or have a maintenance.
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    and this takes less than 15 min, how dare they inconvenience you!

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    I would be glad for a maintenance, I have had insane latency in WoW for several days, making it unplayable.

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    There is always more maintenance days before expansions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skysx View Post
    Cause there were times where servers didnt went offline on reset days.
    ...and then there were times when servers were offline for 48 hrs and slow as hell the night before maintenance....

    I guess a proper server administrator could answer that (and somebody would still tear him a new one and say he is clueless)

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    First time my server has been shut down on Wednesday for a very long time. Even if they shutdown every single Wednesday it is often a rolling restart for a few minutes for a stable server 6 other days of the week that doesn't seem like too much. I think back to how awful things were right before 3.0 launched then after it did and will happily deal with 15 minutes every now and then.
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    It was called maintenance when everybody knew the unwritten rule "don't raid on patch day". Patch day meant every wednesday anyway. Now it's rolling restart at best when most of the time the servers are up at 6AM and their info is still like "we expect realms to be down untill 11AM".

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