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    Old returning tank questions.

    So it has been years since I've tanked on my warrior. My last raid tanking on him was ToC on the twins. I've played on and off since, but since Wotlk left a sour taste in my mouth for warrior tanking, I've yet to return to it. I'm just curious, are they still in bad shape compared to other tanks?

    I still remember being replaced as main tank for progression raiding in Sarth 3D, The guy just before yogg, and most hard mode fights. It wasn't due to a lack of skill, it was as my raid leader put it "They simply have better tools than your warrior, and they can simply survive things you can't. Sorry bro". I offered to reroll or go dps, yet they didn't have a spot for me as dps, nor did they want to gear up a new toon from scratch. The guild soon fell apart to drama so I looked elsewhere, to no luck. Finally I just stopped playing it. I once loved the warrior tank, but felt useless anytime I went into a raid.

    So I came back a couple months ago, and have that damned urge to tank again. My friends all tell me all the tanks are even, yet I can't help but feel skeptical. So honestly, how are they looking now and in wod compared to other tanks?

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    Warriors are very solid in terms of boss tanking and like your friends said all of the tanks are pretty even atm. Warriors bring great raid cooldowns with rallying cry and demo banner and have pretty much the same personals as the other tanks. Little weak in aoe (damn you 6 second thunder clap!) but that's not anything that will lose you a raid spot over. Also your mobility cant be beat for fights like Nazgrim and Shamans. (also I feel your pain from wrath->pally tanks op)
    As of warlords I hear guardian and pally are "the best" at the moment but its beta so who knows. I personally think they have done a great job keeping all the tanks pretty even. Only drop I saw was guardian was pretty trash at the beg. of mists but with gear scaling and being able to hit upwards of 70% crit things have evened out again.

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