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    Professions in WoD

    Hi guys.

    Since I've been absent from WoW for quite a few months now, I haven't been following notes, on the development of professions in WoD.
    That is why i want to ask which professions you think, at least from the notes available so far, looks to be gold mines, (apart from gathering) e.g. Inscription and Alchemy in MoP.

    I appreciate your answers.


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    Atm it's difficult to say. Professions intermix like never before (e.g. to make an +int pot you need herbs + fish, to make a tanking potion you need herbs + ore) and garrisons will also have a strong influence.

    My best bet (some stuff are still not even fully implemented in beta) is to play it on the safe side: consumables + bags. Time will tell if any other market develops strong potential.

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