View Poll Results: Hardest Role/Class to recruit.

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  • Tank

    20 32.26%
  • Healer

    30 48.39%
  • Ranged DPS

    10 16.13%
  • Melee DPS

    8 12.90%
  • Shamans of any Spec

    6 9.68%
  • More Warlocks.

    6 9.68%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kinneer View Post
    Good DPS. That is DPS just do not tunnel vision. Good positioning. Move. Avoid stuff. Proper use of cool downs. Interrupts etc. Decent DPS are plenty.
    The number of DPS I've come across who have 0 interupts on Garrosh is staggering.

    Quote Originally Posted by ceall View Post
    Also, we didn't have any DKs for the entire Expansion. Now, that progessing is done, we have a dps and a tank dk as trials.
    You know, I don't see all that many dps DKs who raid though they are a fairly common class to see in waitlist on oQue, I just kind of always chalked it up to not having as much to offer as warrior/rogues and so many people having a DK alt laying around somewhere (due to starting at 55.) With that said, I've always been partial to Unholy Death Knights (since that was what mine is) but there are literally 0 of them in my experience walking around looking for groups.
    Quote Originally Posted by Axelhander View Post
    Thank you for mansplaining how opinions work.
    Also you're wrong, the people who agree with you are wrong, and you're probably ugly.
    Ever been so angry at everyone on the internet you tell a woman she is mansplaining?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theostrichsays View Post
    Well friend, I wish you luck if your searching for a full time guild. This thread would indicate there are more then a few guilds who would like to have good stable healers.
    I've got one on alliance too :P
    On my horde toon I've managed to find a somewhat steady HC progress group

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