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    not yet, and the fights it does im quite glad, the spell shouldn't work the same on all fights, or it will get even more boring even faster. Generally in 20 man you could easily stand in range of 5 players.

    I would be so sad if this spell fit all :/

    The radius is adequate. the power of the spell not.

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    What is "viable"?

    Disc can heal, but it's not the ideal choice. For a few reasons, mostly the monotony and lack of inter-toolkit mechanics, but also because when moved away from it's stacked niche is struggles again. A large buff to HN does not make our toolkit solid. It's definitely a bainaid. That being said I've tested as both disc and holy and I found disc to be nice in situations where an absorb or a barrier is worthwhile, or when I can spam HN and hit a decent amount of targets.

    There is extensive discussion on where to go from here, but with the deadline for launch creeping up, I wonder how many mechanical changes they'll be able to make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naer View Post
    There is extensive discussion on where to go from here, but with the deadline for launch creeping up, I wonder how many mechanical changes they'll be able to make.
    With the better part of two months before patch 6.0, there may not be time for a full overhaul, but disc doesn't need that. One good mechanical change could easily be made in that time. I won't pretend to know what that change should be but, for example, making Holy Nova's explosion targetable on any raid member (as well as bringing down its power a bit and bringing up Prayer of Healing's power a bit) is the type of thing they could do.
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    That would help a lot.

    I would like some more synergy but some of that can be artificially created with 2pc/4pc later down the road (if not this tier, the next.) I don't give them enough credit at times, I just hope we don't see another roller-coaster like MoP. There were a lot of changes throughout the expansion. Almost an impressive amount.

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    All these things will change with the T17 sets and the perks. Currently with the 10% crit buff on PoH, it is better HPS than holy nova spam. If archangel makes it cheap as well then you will be able to use PoH to heal a spread out raid. You will most likely want to use PoH with archangel not holy nova. The main thing for discipline is going to be what the damage pattern will be like and how much of a limiting factor mana will become.

    My prediction is that holy nova will remain mostly as it is (to get people to use it) and atonement will be slightly buffed instead.

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    I got into the raidfinder (only raid testing I could do because of testing times) and tested disc in a raid, finnaly. Really good throughput and Divine Aegis generation on Holy Nova. I ran it with mostly Crit/Haste, with some Crit/Mastery gear.
    On my first try in Brackenspore, I tried healing mostly with PoH, always with archangel active. I can't see it healing near as much as Holy Nova spamming does, with the same mana effiency... I also kept PoM cast on tanks, tanks being shielded with PW:S and CoW.
    I got thrown to the last position in the healing meters. There was another disc (Onesoul, hey there if you're on the forums!) and he just spammed holy nova, getting around 60%/40% for Holy Nova and Divine Aegis, topping the meters if I recall correctly.

    I joined another group and spammed holy nova with archangel up, I don't think I have casted a single PoM, CoW or PW:S, just mindlessly spamming holy nova when 4~5+ people HP went down, and attonement otherwise. Topped the meters with very similar results, 60%/40% holy nova and divine aegis. Lol'd

    I can't find GCDs to cast Heal or Flash Heal, also, they don't seem efficient enough for the mana cost. PoM heals for so little I feel ashamed using it, and PoH without 100% crit is just... meh

    Maybe in a guild raiding enviroment we'll get the tank healer position, PWS + CoW seems great for not letting their HP fall, also direct penance heal

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