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    Whelp. Even before changing the Sandstone Drake to the Purple Netherwing Drake I still had this achievment complete before it was released. Not sure why people are complaining about the drop rates of Blazing, and Onixian Drakes. Not every collection achievment should be gotten quickly.

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    Why are these idiots changing Warriors to be something DKs aren't, instead of the other way around?
    There are no bathrooms, only Zuul.

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    GG Blizzard, way to much to ruin 20 years old universe.

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    I'm unhappy the Onyxian Drake is on that list. Isn't that the rarest mount in WoW at this time? I have no desire at all to have that mount, but I've been wanting an Emerald Drake in the game for a long time. As soon as I realized it was the only basic drake that was missing, I asked Blizzard to put it in the game. Now I have to farm Onyxia's Lair to get a mount I have no desire for so I can get the mount I've wanted. At least I can take solace in knowing I have all the others, at least.

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    Isn't FXAA exclusive to Nvidia cards? Why would they put that in there?

    I use a Radeon R7 250

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shilien View Post
    I wouldn't really call this expansion release a shining example of "faster content". That it's taken this long and STILL needs cuts says a lot.
    Oh im sorry i forgot games could be made in a day....seriously people if you really understood the inner workings on the games industry like i do and what goes in and out of a simple game being made it would really open up your selfish minds to the truth. To even get a game in the first place let alone within a year is a pure miracle.

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