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    Looking for a good speed/rush dungeon guide.


    I've been looking for a good speed/rush dungeon guide from a tank perspective but cant find any.

    I'm gonna reroll tank and wanted some pointers on what packs i can chain pull and so on, but i cant find any suitable guides anywhere, anyone here who could help me out or point me to the right direction ?


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    I'm not sure you need a guide to tell you to run forward hitting stuff until you feel your health bar is dropping too quickly. Then stop running till it stabilizes.

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    Is this for lvl 90 dungeons? If so I can't think of an instance where you can't pull everything in one go up till the next boss (or whatever the next gating is). Just use defensive pre-emptively. Don't be that hero tank that pulls all, is out of range of healer, drops to 10% and THEN pops shield wall.

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    I need more information before I can answer this question.

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