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    Regemming / Re-Reforge gear at soft crit cap (586IL Fury) help

    Hey guys, so I found myself having WAY too much crit lately, I'm above 100% BT soft cap and I'm thinking of going more mastery since I have so much crit, I want to hear some opinions on how to make that happen, as i'm not really sure about those changes.
    heres my armory.


    Any help would be appreciated regarding regmming and re-reforging the gear to get more mastery, thanks in-advance.

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    You're not fully crit capped yet so you don't have way too much crit, the crit cap is 53%, minus the 5% raid buff you'll need 48% unbuffed to reach it, which you are almost at. Change the gem in your ring to a 320 crit gem since you're overcapped on hit as it is so you don't need that hit. That should push you to 48% crit and voila, all done.
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    He actually is at the crit cap if using the crit elixir, which he should be. Problem is OP you suck at reforging and gemming your gear. So desperate to get a lot of crit and ignoring other very important stats. Crit isn't everything and if you optimize appropriately you can get the fullest of your stats. You'd be surprised how many scrub warriors used to talk shit because they had more crit than I did at similar ilvl until I turned around and took a big fat dump on their chest because I didn't ignore stats such as strength and mastery just for that little bit of crit.


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    With your ilvl and gear there's no reason to be wasting that many reforges on Expterise/Hit outside of your cloak. As Arbiter said you're so intent on getting Crit that you're actually losing out on damage over the course of the fight. Your gem choices are sub-par since you're using them in the wrong slots (two orange gems in blue sockets despite having tons and tons of red sockets that you could fill) in addition to being incorrect for the most part (strength/crit and the fact that they're in your boots rather than helm, 60 Crit < 180 Strength).

    But yeah, use SimC when you get the chance. That'll get you your most accurate stat-weights (run the simulation a few times to account for crit lucky streaks), plug in the normalized stat weights into AMR or another reforge site and find out what it spits out. Chances are it'll reduce the number of items you're reforging into Expertise down to 1-3 due to having so many Red sockets that aren't being used properly, mainly those in your helm+chest and possibly in your gloves, cloak, boots and weapon.

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    Using the statweights I normally run with I came to these results. Basically what Trubo said.

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