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    EF or Selfless Healer Paladin?

    I am trying another comeback to wow and raiding in general, and have seen alot of selfless healer holy paladins. Is that option the best in comparison to using eternal flame for raiding purposes? If so is there a guide out there that explains the best way to utilize the selfless healer build?
    I will probably end up doing mostly 10 mans, but if I find a 25 man group I am open to that.
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    depends on many things, in 10man, protectors, sha and thok selfless healer is better, in the other fights i find that EF is leading (my exp in 10man h)

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    As KalaK wrote.

    From my experience I found that SH is alot stronger in 25m, but EF can be better on different fights.
    An example could be Malkorok where you need to constantly heal shields up on every player.

    The playstyles are a bit different and with SH you can follow a "healing rotation" to gather HP.

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    I think the choice also depends on your raid's healer composition.

    From a 10m h pov - I prefer SH on almost every fight with Malkorok (and Shamans if I'm healing Haromm tanks) as an exception to that. I mostly run with a RDruid and/or a RShaman. When we had a Disc in our roster I switched to EF more often (Immerseus and Siegecrafter).
    Selfless healer is much easier on your mana, but EF might give better results, depending on the healer(s) you run with.

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    Personally, I like EF in 10m and Selfless in 25m

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