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  • Buff Atonement

    17 12.78%
  • Buff Archangel

    10 7.52%
  • ... nerf Archangel?

    21 15.79%
  • Return Inner Focus as in independent ability

    6 4.51%

    24 18.05%
  • Cata-style PoH DA spam...

    9 6.77%
  • Dem mana costs

    10 7.52%
  • PW:S, PW:S, PW:S, PW:S, PW:S

    14 10.53%
  • Such CoW, Much Spirit Shell, WOW!

    10 7.52%
  • Better Words of Mending...

    6 4.51%
  • A good idea we didn't think of

    13 9.77%
  • A bad idea we didn't think of

    29 21.80%
  • Hotfix, LOL

    46 34.59%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Havoc12 View Post
    At 20% crit and 30% mastery the values look like this
    You're assuming that by the time we get to those stats we havent had any hotfixes or other changes, or that healing in general doesnt get another cata hotfix.
    Also, as holy nova is now, isnt it almost better hps, hpm and mps to use holy nova on as little as 2 people. 3 people it is pretty well ahead? I mean in the place of say binding heal. If you need to heal 3 people with equal priority, a poh isnt worth it, but HN is? Other healers would use hots or such but we dont have any...
    Obviously you still do the rotational things like penance/hf, PWS for BT, archangel etc, but in terms of triage, when you need to heal more than one person and less than 5 people doesnt hn become the default?

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    Also, with heavy HN usage, doesnt SoL and WoM become viable? CoW is probably needed for 5mans but in raids it may not be so necessary.

    Also, I dont understand why atonement doesnt generate WoM, its still something we have to cast, its still part of our core design. Holy doesnt have any spells that it needs to use that dont proc WoM, yet atonement spells which is arguably more mandatory to use for disc than any specific spell is for holy, doesnt proc it. I dont give a damn whether PoM is weak as piss or not, the issue isnt about the numbers, its about the function, and I dont think WoM functions equally for disc and holy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Havoc12 View Post
    Borrowed time in WoD does not get consumed it lasts 6s and it adds haste to every cast. You can cast 3 BT hasted PoHs for each PWS. It ends up being like 4% more HPS at 12% raid buffed haste. If you get higher haste values then the difference magnifies dramatically.

    However one needs to consider whether trading other stats for haste is going to be a good idea for disc in the WoD environment even with borrowed time. 700 haste rating is a lot of mastery/crit.
    Thx for the info. Didn't know it wasn't consumed. I think it's nice because it seems to me that pw:s weaving becomes more rewarding now. Hope it's something intended.

    Didn't test WOD bosses so I wouldn't know but depending on encounter design, having an alternate 700 haste gearset for disc could be something we would want to hold on.

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    I have a secret hope that they end up giving disc back divine hymn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basmothh View Post
    I'm not getting the same values as you though. I'm not including Grace because it shouldn't have impact on the comparison.

    HN: (138.6%*5*1.15) + (138.6%*5*1.15*0.2*1.3) = 1004%
    PoH: (221.7%*5*1.15) + (221.7%*5*1.15*0.3*1.3) = 1772%

    Adjusting for a 1.5s cast time for both, HN = 1004% and PoH = 1772%/5*3 = 1063% for a ~6% higher net HPS. However, HN gets higher benefit from WoM, which kinda neutralizes the advantage. Keep in mind though that PoH is more than half of HN's HPM without the 2 piece, and to be frank, I don't think that set bonus can be considered good game design.
    Hmm I checked and you are correct. I put a parenthesis in the wrong place when in excel for PoH, when I created the table so the values came out wrong. I updated the original post.

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