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    Don't get the Naxx hate. It was completely undertuned but also atmospheric and a fine intro to raiding. Flex mode, sort of.
    problem was that there was very little to juxtapose it outside of OS3D (which, ironically was harder on 10 than 25 despite 25 having higher ilvl loot).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffan View Post
    1) Heroics took time, were actually hard and had a small gate. Not to mention the badges only redeemed for certain quality, Zul'Aman i believe upped the quality of items (25 badges - 133 Ilvl wand, T5 was 141+), like Sunwell did. You could only do a heroic once per day due to lockout, not 24/7 IIRC. You couldn't get t5/t6 quality items from badges before Sunwell and MGT Heroic.
    And how much time does it take exactly to do most TBC hcs? Yes back then groups were made to make all hcs, not just one, u can do 1 hc only once a day, but u can do all hcs in game 'once' a day, it was normal to chain hcs from botanica to mechnar to underbog etc
    Also Zul'aman items are far lower than BT, then again i didn't use 'wands' at that time but as paladin i don't remember i needed an item - or relic - from zul'aman, just badges
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    2) You could say that about any dungeon going back and roflstomping it.
    Some fights u could 'roflstomp', but i wonder what gear makes u able to do that for most raid achievements during wrath era, u can only roflstomp the default fight but forget it about most achievements
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    You have to be kidding me. I played a priest for the start of TBC and a Mage for the rest. You could easily make your own groups as well, why did you have to rely on SOMEONE else to make the groups?
    I played on Ghostlands europe, and i can easily say what u saying is bullsh8t and if forums stayed and blizz didn't wipe them i bet u could find 1502 complain of how ppl can't get to hcs unless they play tanks or know tanks irl, i lvled a paladin specifically because i couldn't get to do anything in-game
    Quote Originally Posted by Daffan View Post
    What do you mean about Wrath needing a tank? There was LFD...
    the first 9 months, pre-ToC, what did u use to 'tank' even hcs ? ponies? why seriously ppl forgot u actually needed frost trap and corridor run etc early wrath days? when average gear was less than 300 ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post
    Nope you are wrong sorry in fact badges gears and even the mighty hc MGT (one of my favorite 5 man dungeons in TBC specially the heroic difficulty pre nerf) was equal to tier 4 or 5 at most, which is lower than BT/Hyjal gears and Sunwell gears.
    i know most ppl didn't have addon to check ilvl, but ilvl wise, badge items introduced in 2.4 were up to 146 ilvl, only illidan drop higher ilvl rest of BT was 141, not to mention the 'effort' to do an entire raid vs hcs is no question which is easier

    Quote Originally Posted by Daffan View Post
    I wonder why there was a lot more guilds back then? Maybe it has something to do with guilds actually being more relevant. Because you couldn't just skip everything therefore removing the requirement for those "lower level" guilds.
    Many ppl like to ignore that TBC sub numbers was europe + china, Wrath was banned from china until almost cata was out
    During wrath europe + us servers gained over 5 million, but sub stayed 'same' because blizz lost access to china, check mmo-champion, they have a long thread on wrath ban in china
    It is why we all feel - because it was real - that wrath was most crowded, it was 12 million of europe/us players, zero china, and china alone provided during tbc around 4-5 million players
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