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    Wink Advanced Macro Help

    Hello guys I am interested in using the windows start button & the capitals lock button as a modifiers for my separate macros, I am obviously doing it incorrectly but what type of approach should I take?
    Here is my failed attempt:
    Caps Modifier-
    /cast [mod:capital lock] spell; spell
    Windows Key-
    /cast [mod:windows key] spell; spell
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    WoW only recognises 6 modifiers, left and right shift, ctrl and alt.

    You could use a program or your keyboard's drivers to remap Caps Lock to, say, right alt, and then macro using

    easy googeling

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    isDown = IsRightAltKeyDown()

    The Mac WoW client does not distinguish between left and right modifier keys, so both Alt keys are reported as Left Alt. I am using a windows keyboard but it isn't working. Anyways how would I go about making the windows start key a modifier? or even enabling the right modifier keys.

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    The game only accepts ctrl, alt, and shift as modifier keys, unfortunately.
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    If it HAS to be the windows key, search for tools to map buttons onto other buttons... I'm sure something like that exists in the WWW... but it still has to be CTRL, ALT or SHIFT for WoW to recognize it as a modifier...

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