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    Sulfuras for sure, the amount of items required to build it is still pretty heavy to this day.

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    Atiesh and this legendary necklace which dropped from Vanilla raid(only ONE in the whole world- this is REALLY Legendary).

    This is most Legendary from all legendaries:
    Talisman of Binding Shard(click!)
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    Legendary cloaks for sure. I mean no other legendary .. lol i cant get through this.

    For me Sulfuras. It's the one that wish i had in its current content the most.

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    Thunderfury hands down. It was so good that tanks were still using it in the next expansion. Even players were using it during the first arena season in BC. It had to be nerfed by Blizz so players would start using the appropriate lvl 70 items.

    Now a days a legendary is no longer BiS when the next patch comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ipoststuff View Post
    Legendary cloaks for sure. I mean no other legendary .. lol i cant get through this.

    For me Sulfuras. It's the one that wish i had in its current content the most.
    I lol'd

    I'd have to say Shadowmourne, I think they did an amazing job at the questline/method of obtaining it, and it just looks plain wicked.

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    From a lore PoV - Atiesh. Medivh is one of the biggest characters in Warcraft lore, light years ahead of Illidan or Ragnaros.

    From a gameplay PoV - Val'anyr. I think it really incorporates what a legendary's supposed to do. It wasn't a passive proc, in the sense that you go about your business and magic happens and you ignore it, but reap the benefits. The proc actually changed what you had to do to get the most out of it.

    All the legendaries get props though, imo. Sulfuras, Atiesh and Thunderfury are the classic legendaries. Thori'dal's passive actually got built into default gameplay; Fangs of the Father and Dragonwrath both had epic questlines behind them, and Val'anyr is probably the best one in terms of gameplay. Warglaives and Shadowmourne are kinda underwhelming for me, but then again I never found Illidan or Arthas cool.
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    I play as a holy priest and when I ran hfc lfr I noticed after the first boss my heal spell wasn't casting. So I looked at it and it shows that it has a 34.4 min cast time
    Do you have the class trinket? If so, the cast time is correct. /s

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    Warglaives were the truth legendary, imo. I feel as if they should get rid of the ones that are still available, and implemented one artefact that you can turn in for a legendary of your choice that you can customise. It'd be ridiculously hard to get, and it'd bring back the feeling of 'epic'.

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    Talisman of the Binding Shard > Shadowmourne >>>>>> Everything Else

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    OP you forgot Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian! How could you forget the greatest staff ever. Also fun to troll people with haha. Also I think Talisman of the Binding Shard trumps all others, purely because only one person has ever gotten one.

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    Talisman of the Binding Shard
    Damn beat me to it
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    Warglaives > Thunderfury > Val'anyr > Sulfuras > Fangs (mostly for questline, though the proc changed how rogues worked which is amazing) > Shadowmourne > Dragonwrath > Thoridal >>> Cloak
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    Cloaks are certainly the most boring legendary, soon to be replaced by legendary rings in WoD - woopee!

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