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    Vuhdo bars won't show class color


    I already did the following:

    Vuhdo options -> general -> indicators: I chose "Background: Solid" from the bar background drop down menu and "Health (generic, class col) from the health bar drop down menu. Unfortunately this did not change it.

    I also ticked "Invert" (next to Health Bar) to see if that would help. That only changes the way the health bar works as the little tooltip for it mentioned. I noticed that when I heal myself, my bar will suddenly turn white as if there is a "show class color when healing" option(?). This only happens when I click on the bar and use a heal set in Vuhdo (right button greater heal/middle flash heal).

    Does anyone know what I might have missed? It drives me bonkers..
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    Panels -> Bar -> Lower Left Class Color.

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    I already checked that box, forgot to mention.

    Edit: fixed. Just resetted the whole thing.
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