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    Quote Originally Posted by Arewn View Post
    TEN HOURS is the most you put forth in your favorite/most highly rated games outside of WoW?
    Geez, I dropped 200 hours on freaking Dungeon Defenders. And my GW2 time is starting to rival my WoW time. Mind you, the amount of free time we have may be wildly different. On the other hand, perhaps you just don't give the time of day to games outside of WoW.
    What ever the case, most other MMORPGs (D3? what about TL2? SC2? ever heard of a little series called Age of Empires?) offer exactly what you just described about what's great about WoW, so you're point is...? Are you implying that there are no games outside of Blizzard games that keep people playing for hours on end?
    The fact that you lived a part of your life in the game isn't an argument for it's quality. You mentioned so yourself. So again, what's your point? If anything, it makes a pretty good case for my earlier point about Blizzard being good at those "psychological ticks and tricks" that keep people logged-in.
    No, I have 420 hours in Borderlands 2, 64 hours in Torchlight 2 (compared to over 480 on D3), hundreds of hours in multiple other games...But I was referring to single player games because people were mentioning them earlier and you only put that much time into them. Other games (like TL2) get much more time put into them...but there's a reason why there's only around a thousand people on at any given time in TL2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lanesia View Post
    Your bitterness is showing really really hard. Optional mounts in the story are not pay to win and you haven't presented any kind of clear reasoning behind why it is. You are just ranting and raving and personally attacking someone because they disagree. Pathetic really.
    You didn't quote anyone but I'm assuming you're not replying to me, lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    Pretty high level? With Raid finder gear on your main? Umm, sounds like some straight up BS to me.
    That's kind of a stupid way to think, wouldn't you agree? Judging how good someone is by their gear? You don't have to be a rank 1 glad or clear heroic raids to play at a high level. By high level I mean skill level in general being higher than most people and having a better grasp of game mechanics and how everything works, using every available resource to get ahead, etc. When I do decide to do something, I do it well. I'm currently not playing. Especially not my main who has I think 1 or 2 available bag slots. Just waiting on 6.0 and the toy page and extra void storage page so I can actually play him again. But if I feel like clearing heroics, I'll ask my GM to be invited and I'll clear them. You get to a point where your performance is no longer an issue for the most part and you can just focus on everything else.

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    Just for fun, I'm going to break down my thoughts on each game.

    - Warcraft (RTS): Only played WC3, but WC3 remains one of my favorite games to this day, and quite possibly has more hours logged into it than any other game, WoW excluded (due to AFKs and whatnot, it's unfair to include WoW really). While I never really cared for the single player campaign, I looooooooooved custom maps! I remember watching my best friend play Skibi's TD and immediately saying "I WANT TO PLAY THAT RIGHT FUCKING NOW". Sadly though, going back to WC3 usually results in 99% of games being DotA.

    - World of Warcraft: WoW is constantly evolving and in Vanilla-Lich King, I enjoyed it greatly. Never really had many complaints back then, but looking back now, as an adult, I can see a lot of the poor design choices it had, though still being a great game. Now, Cata-WoD, I have a mixed love-hate relationship with it, but it's still one of the best MMOs out there.

    - Diablo: Barely played D2 and played the hell out of D1 and D3, Diablo set the bar for games of the Dungeon Crawler RPG genre. While Diablo 3 had an awful launch and, while being a well made game, suffered greatly from design choices, it's overall a pretty decent game. It's gotten a lot better as of late with the new(er) design team, though I quit a few months ago because it just feels like there's something missing to keep me playing.

    - Starcraft: The game I've played the least of so I can't comment too much on it, Starcraft is an RTS just like the old Warcraft series, and definitely has a nice feel to it. I'm personally not a fan of the "Sci-Fi skin of Warcraft RTS", so I didn't really bother with it too much, despite owning classic SC and SC2. I'll say it's a pretty good game, but it's not for me. (Still waiting for WC4 though!)

    - Hearthstone: Mmmm, Hearthstone... Personally, I feel like this was their most overhyped game because it delivered so poorly and generated so much hype through the closed beta event. Hearthstone, advertised as a 'casual' card game because of how simplistic the mechanics are, but is very inaccessible due to progression through winning only and being forced to "PvP" (see the HotS section below for a bit of clarity on it). Hearthstone, while I still do the dailies and will continue doing them, is by no means 'casual' outside of its simplistic design that even your grandmother can play. Just don't expect to get anywhere by playing casually.

    - Heroes of the Storm: While only in Alpha, HotS is probably my favorite game of their main 5 modern-day titles to date, and I'm not even a big fan of MOBAs. HotS takes League of Legends, and strips out the annoying parts: Items, leveling up skills each level, the talent trees (Masteries), Runes, and the snowballing/bad behavior elements, and puts them into a Blizzard-themed game of teamwork and fun. HotS is by far my favorite MOBA because there is no killstealing, no snowballing, and forced teamwork, as a TEAM-BASED GAME SHOULD BE. In addition, it has daily quests that give you extra money, and even allows you to do them in Bot matches which are fairly easy, allowing you to not only practice and master heroes, but allows you to progress (EXP and gold) without being forced to PvP (this is why I feel Hearthstone has a very poor design). Even if you lose a match, you still get gold and EXP, so you can learn from your mistakes without being upset that you spent time and not progressing (again, unlike Hearthstone).

    Overall, I'm quite happy with Blizzard's polish, despite some iffy areas (D3's first year, modern day WoW team, and the Hearthstone design), and hope they continue to deliver high quality games to us.
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    At one time Blizzard where my favourite games company, unfortunately they've punched the money grab ticket once to often and there public relations just gets worse (the whole here's a new feature followed by oops we didn't have time, on twitter no less, has gotten very old). On WOW I play for the raiding the rest doesn't have the content to keep my attention and the solo play is simply forgettable and bland. Starcraft is amazing from beginning to end for but Diablo was a major let down (but hey it was free since i Subscribed to WoW for a year). Oh and if you haven't seen it yet go check out the honest review of Diablo. So all in all Blizzard are a mixed bag for me.

    Now for my money current best developer is CD Projekt RED (people behind Witcher), there work ethic is amazing free DLC, patches with real content the fans want, abandoning DRM and not being afraid to actually talk openly and honestly on what they are currently doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucci View Post
    I wish people would make this more clear more often.
    They do... except that each time they do they get shut down by white knights who think Blizzard can do no wrong.

    Like the recent mob tagging discussion.

    There are people there who legitimately think that interrupting someone's combat and immersion with a party pop up instead of joining the fray is somehow a valid legitimate form of social interaction that is healthy and beneficial to the game. That is ofcourse except Timeless Isle and few other places because reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medium9 View Post
    I'd prefer being shot by a terrorist than living in a country where they serve bread baked with a little cheese and a bottle of ketchup to complete your "pizza margeritha".

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    Every game need adjustment after a long time. You also can report some bug or suggestion to the game. I think they will listen to you as well.: )

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    I love this post; I have a friend that does exactly what you say, just blaming blizzard because he doesnt enjoy the game anymore and dont want anyone else to, the game was good only when he was playing and shoting down every new thing that is coming that is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zurtle View Post
    I think Tucci works for Blizzard. I've never seen him say anything actually negative about them, He regularly justifies questionable things they do and attacks anybody that voices anything negative about Blizzard.

    You say the store mounts are "ok because they are optional" They aren't obtainable in game, that makes them not optional for me, at the same time while Im paying $15 a month I'm unwilling to pay them additional money when the game is supposed to be NOT pay to win. Clearly it is pay to win, but oh well.

    Blizzard has gotten a lot worse in the past few years.
    While I understand your stance on the store mounts, I don't understand why this makes it pay to win. They are optional, they don't make you defeat bosses any quicker nor quest easier.

    Explain why it makes it pay to win?

    OT, I think Blizzard does a pretty good job considering the fan base, while they try and please everyone, it is just impossible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipies View Post
    I love this post; I have a friend that does exactly what you say, just blaming blizzard because he doesnt enjoy the game anymore and dont want anyone else to, the game was good only when he was playing and shoting down every new thing that is coming that is great.
    I'm telling you dude, it's always the same. Every time...

    If you go on Youtube you'll see hate on literally everything and it's all from people who aren't currently playing so they try and put everyone else down for playing, planning on playing or praising whatever it is they're looking at. The shit they say is so ridiculous it's almost funny. New login screen is the Dark Portal, comments will say stuff like "Oh look...(they always start with that) more reused stuff." New gear is always a "recolor" or "reskin" of some other gear set from a "better" time like Wrath. There's always some other game that's going to "kill WoW". Or someone trying to be all edgy like, "People still play this game?" meanwhile they probably just turned their account off to go try Wildstar or something, lol.

    It's always coming from former players. Most of them were likely hopeless addicts which is where I think a lot of the resentment comes in. It's really strange the way people think. The psychology of it is actually kind of interesting. I just wish I understood it better.

    What I've noticed most about the hate on WoD is the fact that there's almost nothing of any great significance to actually complain about so people pull shit out of thin air and grasp at straws. There's nothing I can even think of that was cut at all. Only things that were pushed back. And yet there have been threads where the whole point is to guess "what they're cutting next" and how much they've lied and cheated us. Then they blow it so out of proportion because they're trying too hard that it becomes some gigantic issue that spawns 200 page threads. It's actually hilarious except for the fact that it could deter new players or players looking to come back to the game. Which is why I find myself constantly defending Blizzard. Like I said before, it's a herd mentality thing. People will get worked up over nothing and jump on the hate bandwagon for almost no good reason at all, as long as they're looking for a reason to hate (like to quit).

    Or maybe I've just been playing too long and the majority of players that would appreciate WoD all left years ago, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinndor View Post
    There are much better MMOs with much larger player base then WoW.
    Lol. Name them.

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