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    If you could live anywhere in Azeroth....?

    I don't know. I guess I would be a wonderer, I could try to live in Darnassus a little, maybe Thunderbluff, possibly a small cottage in the Grizzly Hills for a while.
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    The brothel section of the Black Temple.

    Oh wait that's Outland, nevermind.

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    My night elf druid would live in one of those treehouses somewhere in Feralas.

    My rogue would live in Silvermoon, my priest would live in stormwind somewhere near the cathedral and my warlock would live in oldtown.

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    Probably Mulgore.

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    Everywhere, and nowhere.
    Feralas, always Feralas.
    If not there, then Storm Peaks, because it's fucking beautiful up there.

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    If I was to choose based on just the scenery/landscape/atmosphere of the zones and not take dangerous creatures into account I would probably choose the coast of Desolace pre Cataclysm.

    Now I would choose either Arathi Highlands, Wetlands or Duskwood.

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    silvermoon, always loved that city shame its pretty much defunct now in game

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    Either build my own garrison (on the Eastern Kingdoms) in Arathi Highlands or just live in one of the houses in Stormwind's Cathedral square.

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    In a tower in Ironforge with a window view over Dun Morogh!

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    I always liked Duskwood, maybe Feralas, Eversong Woods is pretty too.
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    titisfal glades
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    Tirisfal Glades or Darkshire but probably the latter because I'm Fyre the Human and they don't take kindly to my kind over at Tirisfal

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    Can't decide between Desolace and Silithus. Or maybe Twilight Highlands? EPL! That's it. EPL! Oh, but what about Dread Wastes? It's really hard to decide :/

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    Its a toss up between Tirisfal Glades or Duskwood for me, Maybe winterspring.
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    Quel'Thalas prior to the invasion of the Scourge.

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    Teldrassil because I look the serenity it has or Duskwood because I also got a thing for creepy stuff too.
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    Winterspring. or anywhere theres alot of snow and decently flat-ish land!

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