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    Darnassus probably, but I'd most likely wander around visiting places. Winterspring is gorgeous and Thunder Bluff is amazing.

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    Ashenvale or Elywn Forest I think

    in wow my favorite has to be nagrand tho
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    The Jade Forrest.

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    In Azeroth we face the end of the world like every 2 years... why would i want to live there? but if i had to choose... Twilight Highlands without... you know... all the bad stuff, i love the dwarf towns in that place.

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    Dragonblight or Silverpine Forest.

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    wait, that's not on 'Azeroth'.


    Exodar or Silverpine Forest.
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    That's a really tough question. I'd have to go for a top 5:

    1: Arathi Highlands
    2: Mulgore
    3: Ironforge
    4: Loch Modan pre-kittyclism
    5: Redridge Mountains


    - Howling Fjord
    - Grizzly Hills
    - Storm Peaks
    - Ashzara pre-kittyclism
    - Westfall
    - Silvermoon
    - Stormwind
    - Gilneas (just outside the city)
    - Kun-lai Summit
    - Hinterlands

    So eh, a lot of places.
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    Stormwind park .... altough it wouldn't have been a smart choice

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    All year home - A manor in Lakeshire

    Spring/Summer retreat - Small fishing/boating house&pier on the coast of Jade Forest

    Winter home - Hunting Lodge in Howling Fjord
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    Either Elwynn Forest, Darnassus, or some snowy region.
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    Booty Bay!

    or Ravenhold Manor.
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    Grizzly Hills.
    1. Safest place in Northrend that's not infested with Trolls, Zombies, ZOMBIE TROLLS, Old Gods or Titans.
    2. I'd probably live in a log cabin which is awesome.
    3. Possibly also the warmest place in Northrend (Speculatively)
    4. It's just goddamn majestic. The Trees, the Sky, even the freakin' GRASS is majestic.
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    Nope, I have to shorten down my list. Every time I see it, it has to be it.

    Howling Fjord and Half Hill....

    .. Don't know why.. Half Hill is like... a spell on me.. looks so peaceful and away from everything...
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    Winterspring in the small lodge/house/hut north of Starfall Village.
    Where my main is even currently parked, rest of the peeps are laying all around Azeroth in the next best places, but that's still the number one place.
    Best zone to this date.*
    Zone design in general is arquably amongst the best in MMOs. Beautiful scenery around, although maybe graphically outdated and some current gen games have visually more stunning enviroments.

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    Ashenvale, Feralas, Winterspring or Hinterlands. And as someone mentioned, Quel'Thalas pre-invasion, despite not having a single blood elf character, I do acknowledge especially Silvermoon's beauty.

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    Storm Peaks, but only if the music plays in the background while I live there. If not, then The Exodar.
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    Jade Forest, Elwyn Forest seems like nice places to live... Good weather and nice places to have your own farm and live from the earth.

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    Moon Guard. Yea. Definitely Moon Guard.

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    Jade Forest, Pandaria 68451

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    Darkshore pre-Cataclysm.

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