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    Eversong seems nice, think I'll settle down there. That or Elwynn, a nice little forest'y area with a big city nearby. Only way that'll bite me in the butt is if we got a big war coming and the cities are invaded. :P

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    Uhm, you people realize as soon as you walk out the door you'd get killed :c

    Probably Dalaran or IF since they are the most safest.
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    Grizzly Hills, oh Canada oh Canada.

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    Dalaran. It seems safe, plus it's practically a library.

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    dun morogh, grizzly hills, feralas, moonglade
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    Thunder bluff. They have the best steak house in Azeroth.
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    Although it's not on Azeroth, my choice would be Nagrand. But because of the former, I'll have to say Silvermoon.

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    I'd say a little hut in Tanaris. Lone Rogue stabbing things to eat!
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    Over there --->
    Teldrassil. By far my fav. zone in WoW.

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    Storm Peaks or Winterspring. Probably Storm Peaks, lots of climbing + snowboarding back down. Winner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    The brothel section of the Black Temple.

    Oh wait that's Outland, nevermind.
    There is one in Karazhan as well ^^

    As much as I dislike MoP: The hut-on-a-mountaintop above anglers wharf. There is no other place in the game world, where I feel peace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiift View Post
    Booty bay.
    here only because I'll be able to brag about how much ass I get in booty bay :P

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    The place I liked is destroyed by goblins. Alternative place... Nagrand oh that's Outland well then... Mulgore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelbert View Post
    Dalaran. It seems safe, plus it's practically a library.
    Horde aren't allowed anymore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kryos View Post
    The place I liked is destroyed by goblins.
    That narrows it down...

    Quote Originally Posted by Haeler View Post
    Horde aren't allowed anymore
    Actually, Mrs. "Oh-I-am-so-furious-cuz-my-town-got-vaporized" came to her senses in the "War Crimes" novel, after Kalec threatened to withdraw dragon-humping-rights ^^
    Also, I am a rogue, Archmage Vargoth is a best buddy, and I got a port-ring. 'dlike to see her keeping me out :P
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    Cataclysm Azshara has the beach,the rocket mono rail and a pleasure palace and not far from main city.
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    Quote Originally Posted by starkey View Post
    Cataclysm Azshara has the beach,the rocket mono rail and a pleasure palace and not far from main city.
    Not to mention a cannon the size of stormwind cathedral.
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    Darnassus, Stormpeaks, Icecrown or Crystalsong Forest ... I'd end up having to be slightly nomadic, as there are to many places that I really like~
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