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    Returning to wow. Raf? SoR?

    I played wow last time last december when I got bored and decided to try out mop. I'm getting interested again and I will at least get wod when it comes, but probably going to resubscribe again sometime soon. I talked with my friend about this and he is going to do the same and reminded me that we could use RaF (or is it SoR since we both have old accounts). The discussion ended there, but I decided to go see more details about them and I found that RaF still exists, but it seems like it is to be used when getting completely new account. As far as I could tell it appears Scroll of Resurrection does not exist anymore? Is this true?

    So, if it is gone, I'm supposed buy lvl90 character?? No way. I'm also one of those people who don't like making things easy/fast so I wont even use the free lvl90 that would come with wod (even if its tedious I find it being against the whole idea of playing a game. I never used even heirlooms). I was going to use RaF/SoR only because they give mounts (and pets?). Never used either before and now I can't get the stuff from them without buying completely new account? :/

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    Yes, it appears SoR was removed. I'm not sure why to be perfectly honest, but it is what it is.

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    SoR was used to bring people back for Cataclysm and was removed a while ago.

    RaF is still an option but either you or your friend will have to start with a fresh copy of WoW. Given that you (and presumably your friend) both already have accounts, I wouldn't bother with it.

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    Just resubscribe. If you dont want to buy a lvl 90 there is no reason to do so.

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    I just wanted to make sure Scroll of Resurrection didnt exist anymore. Now that I read again what I wrote there, the part about lvl90 character is kind of pointless that somehow randomly came from my thoughts about the subject when I was trying to understand why would SoR be gone. I would never touch the thing... unless they start giving out mounts and pets for it. In which case I would make character specifically to get them and they wouldt be characters that I would actually play.

    Thanks for clearing up the part about RaF/SoR.

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    SoR is unfortunately gone.

    You don't have to level 90 if you pre buy the WoD expansion you get a free lvl 90 boost.

    Or you level a DK / other to 60 & get both professions boosted to 600 as well as lvl 90 boost.
    Which may not be interesting depending on the profession.
    For example you'll still have to learn end-game Jewelcrafting recipes one per day.

    You are given ilvl 483 stuff which if I remember correctly allows you to start LFR immediately.

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