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    Here's advice from a guy that wanted to pay 90k for boost, but gave up on that and did it alone. You should definitely watch a guide or two it would help a lot (it's A MUST if you are a tank, and melee (optional) because cms are extremely melee unfriendly), you can get away without knowing tactics as a range dps (I was one). I recommend you use OQUEUE because that's how I've done it, it's required that you arm yourself with a decent amount of patience. Skype is always recommended because if u don't know tactics someone who does can fill you in very fast without looking at any guides (I've myself have done half of Cms without watching any guide), if you are ranged dps then it's the easiest for you (if you don't know what to do just follow someone who has similar role to yours and stand where he stand and do what he does, for example if you are warlock you should follow a mage or boomking etc.)
    At the end it's a nice experience and a lot of fun, you will meet a bunch of new ppl as well, because the odds are that if you have done 1 cm you will do another one as well. And if by any chance you are in struggle with time (because of new xpac coming) and you need 2 or 3 cms left to complete achiv, your boost price will significantly decrease. I suggest you giving it a try yourself and see how it works for you.

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    Use OR. Ask friends. Post on forums.

    All you've got to do to get into random groups is to promote yourself as a good player. Cleared a HC raid with a raid group? Been in charge of anything PvE based? Got 2k+ rating?

    Think of it as a CV and you're applying for the position. Unfortunately, that's how games are. People want the best. So make out that you're one of the best.

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    Haven't touched them myself, I liked the idea of a challenge but when it turned out it was skipping and invis potting past stuff to get the best times, meh.

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    I've done 9/9 gold with 7 characters already and this is my tips for you:

    1- Try to do them with friends and guildies first. Pugs won't have nearly as much patience with newbies as your friends, and you can actually get some xp to show.
    2- Join newbie pugs. There are plenty bronze/silver pugs out there, or "learn cms" pugs, that can give you a nice boost as well.
    3- Once you have some xp and you're going for gold, you're gonna have to actually optimize your character for cm's. You gotta be fully prepared not only with gems/chants/consumables, but also with full knowledge of your class, specially stuns and CC. There are plenty of guides about it on the internet though!

    4-Once you start burning through Golds, you'll start to notice that getting Gold is tricky, you might get lucky with a good group and burn through 4 of them in an hour, or you might waste your entire day doing a single 1.
    Which is the thing most people complain about. Some people are assholes about it sure, but if a group isn't working out, chances are that it'll never go anywhere.
    This is specially true if the group isn't fully optimized, you have no hero/lust, lack of stuns, lack of certain classes for certain cms etc.

    Don't give up though. If you really want it you'll get it, it's not that hard once you figure out what to do, and if you do get 9/9 you can join 9/9 only groups with other characters very easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coconut View Post
    The timer isn't corny. It's a way to check that you execute the mechanics correctly, that you don't wipe, and that you can pull a certain level of damage with your class. It makes you treat the entire dungeon more or less as a single encounter, instead of a raid style boss to boss progression.

    Although CC isn't used everywhere, there are plenty of situations where you do have to use it - use it quickly, and maintain it throughout combat. Big AoE pulls help a lot with the time, but they also require intense defensive coordination. They are a lot more challenging than having to CC every single pack.

    MoP CMs will get removed in 6.0, so you should try to get them done before that if possible (perhaps by buying a boost). There will be new ones in WoD, with different rewards. Also, if you only want silver (which is considerably easier), you should know that having a set of Silver on a single char will be enough to get all the 4 phoenixes account wide at a later date (now you have to pick one which is character specific, but the rest will be awarded automatically in 6.0 if you have the achievement).

    If you can't afford a boost, it's worth it to just go for silver with a group of friends or people from OpenRaid.
    Yes I know what the timer is for, i still don't like it. I watched the first initial videos and decided "meh, real corny". I didn't like the Za mount runs either but hey i did it. Still didn't like it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetroStratics View Post
    I'll help you out if you cant find people. I absolutely LOVE doing cms, especially as tank.
    Add me Metrolol#1195 and let me know its you.
    I'll fill whatever role you need and can teach you all the strats.
    Nice offers here.
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