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    BM Stat WGTS!!!! HELP :(

    Hey Guys

    I been talking with other hunters, and even been reading some threads here, and noticed my stat priorities are off ( Agil > Haste > Crit > Mastery ) , i should be switching mastery for crit, now the question is, im clueless on how or what i should change in the askmrrobot "Edit Weights" , with my current gear , gems and enchants, what should be my stat wgts? i looked at the FAQ thread and used the one thats there, but that doesnt make sense..as its telling me to use haste gems over agil etc .......anyway, any help, ideas would be great....you can look up my gear/stats etc on armory Shiallia-Hyjal

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    Lookie here Hunter FAQ.

    Also if it recommends non-agility gems, you have a setting wrong.

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    I replied in the F.A.Q thread.

    The weights work fine, you're doing something wrong:


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    What wgts did u use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiallia View Post
    What wgts did u use?
    The ones you claim to be wrong from the F.A.Q thread.

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    Is WGTS really an abbreviation for weights?

    I was so confused by the title O.o

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