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    I just want the murmur mace spell effect (ripples) as an illusion. I've tweeted and messaged but no response from anybody at blizz about adding it in

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    I wonder what a cool looking ranged weapon enchant would even look like? Maybe like the gun from ToT that makes it look like you sometimes shoot lightning? I'd like it if I could get an enchant that made it look like I was shooting a blaster as in Star Wars Episode IV. Not sure the rest of the raid would appreciate it as much though.

    Or what about an effect that makes your gun explode into more guns? Not like The Mask, more like Iron Man.

    Maybe something that makes it look like you're shooting grenades (an explosion effect, no extra damage) - that'd be pretty cool. Or sometimes your weapon does a (visual only) minigun effect sometimes.

    Anybody else? What would you want to see in an enchantment effect for ranged weapons?

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    That info of the rare mount drops makes me happy, finally no horrible spawn times and everyone can get credit on it to get the mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    read the book warcrimes and ull know more or less what can happen with infinite dragonflight
    Yeah i would but i have ADHD, and dyslexic so although i can read i forget what the last page i read was about when reading the next one on. Plus can never sit still long enough. Do they have audio books or anything?

    EDIT: Ahh got it
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    no more call to arms?
    well i am never touching a BG again then.

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    No more call to arms? God damn it. The whole enjoyment of leveling up alts was hitting AV Weekend and IOC as alliance since they seem to be the only battlegrounds we are capable of winning and the experience is so amazing Q_Q

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    New Infinite lore? I hope so!

    And I will miss Call to Arms.

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    That kind of makes the mounts NOT rare, by definition.

    Not complaining, clarifying.
    Apply blizzards model to any other subscription service,you'd be outraged:
    Netflix adds no new movies for a year, you click a new movie, there's a $5 fee.
    You're in an accident, click your onstar button, but there's an addition $20 fee for them to help.
    You turn on your tv only to find all you get are the infomercial channels. Every other show is pay per view.
    See how dumb that model is?

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    No ranged enchants, yet, I keep thinking of the electric shot looking effect from the ToT weapons hunters get, perhaps an option?

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    I wonder if they will make weapon enchants for all weapons.
    Would really like some cool effect anim on my bows even just for looks not necessarily a dps/damage increase

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