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    What not to do: roll a melee in PVP.

    Especially with oceanic ping

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    See this? This is why nobody should run this most useless of useless talents. Because you have to be awfully stupid to fall prey to it... it's number 6 on the list of the most blatant PvP fails you can commit!
    You don't use it to try to catch people, you overlay it on an existing CC or you put it on yourself to make an exclusion zone melee can't walk into.

    It's actually a pretty BS ability IMO.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    I like this post, dunno why you're getting so much flaming. Obviously the formatting was fixed and it looks pretty cool now. Thanks!

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    Just some class-specific PvP tips...

    1. As a ret paladin, Hand of Protection can be used to break your healer out of physical CC such as blind, gouge, or other stuns.
    2. As a ww monk, Zen Meditation can be used to redirect incoming magical CC on your healer.
    3. Hand of Freedom, Tiger’s Lust, Windwalk Totem, Master’s Call, and Stampeding Roar can be used to get your healer out of a root+beam.
    4. Leap of Faith (aka Life Grip) can be used to move your CC’d healer away from an incoming Freezing Trap.
    5. Intervene/Safeguard, Shadowstep, Blink, Disengage, and other movement effects can help eat your healer’s trap
    6. Mass Spell Reflection can be used to reflect traps
    7. Freezing Traps can also be prevented by Grounding Totem and Zen Meditation.
    8. When bursting against a hunter team, you can silence the hunter’s pet to prevent it from casting Roar of Sacrifice. This often catches them off guard.
    9. As a ret paladin, taking Sanctified Wrath in place of Holy Avenger gives you near 100% uptime during your burst phase against classes who can kite. The downside is that you lose some burst potential, but many ranged classes do not expect this.
    10. As a rogue, don’t cast Marked for Death preemptively. It lets the enemy team know you’re about to burst. You can cast it right before your Eviscerate/Kidney Shot as it is not on the GCD.
    11. Defensive CD management/rotation has a large impact on games. Even if your enemies are bursting you down, you may not have to use defensives at all if your healer is not in CC. Coordinate with your healer.
    12. As a DPS shaman, druid, mage, monk, and paladin, you have the ability to dispel curses and poisons … most importantly Hex and Wyvern Sting.
    13. As a mage, shaman, or druid, decursing an affliction lock’s Agony spell (especially at high stacks) is an effective way to stop their pressure.
    14. Capacitor Totem should be chained off other CC to guarantee it lands. For example, you can Cap off your partner’s sheep, blind, etc.
    15. Use Demonic Gateway, Death Grip, Leap of Faith, Transcendance, and other abilities that change your position to put you in favorable positions to burst, land CC, or survive.
    16. A Warrior’s well-timed Bladestorm (as a result of lag), can break CC on himself.
    17. When bursting a rogue in a stun as a hunter team, it is often wise to toss a Flare just as the stun ends as many rogues will attempt to Vanish.
    18. As a ret paladin, using Devotion Aura (aka Aura Mastery) offensively to land a Repentance or Turn Evil on the enemy healer can be very effective. Devotion Aura also mitigates magic damage for your party (had to mention because most people only know it for the silence and interrupt immunity.)
    19. Purging a Resto Sham’s riptides and killing their healing totems causes them to fall behind in healing and forces them to hard cast more often.
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