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    Quote Originally Posted by Pizzakid2093 View Post
    the biggest shame is what Cata did to the old world. I can never go chill in a lot of my favorite places ever again
    Same here, though with all this crazy time twisting stuff maybe it can be a convenient excuse to give players access to the pre-cata world in its entirety, quests and zones.

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    Sounds unhealthy. Have the forum trolls made you feel guilty lately?

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    I never get too nostalgic when playing, I still talk to all the same people years down the line, and we reminisce about the old days, but never get annoyed of feelings of nostalgia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    Same here, though with all this crazy time twisting stuff maybe it can be a convenient excuse to give players access to the pre-cata world in its entirety, quests and zones.
    That would be awesome and would greatly revitalize this game for me. I would love to be able to go through the original old world, including the old instances as well. But it would never happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    What funny to me, is that back then. I had NO problems getting groups for anything. Now, I can't make friends and guildies that stick. No one seems to want to do ANYTHING but reroll alts and progression raid then log off.
    Feel the same way. Wonder if it's 'cus all the stuff you can do outside of raids don't matter. Only the first two weeks of an expansion. In vanilla, even if you had a full blue set and maybe some drop off Drakki, you were doing pretty good. Sure it took you weeks or months to get this compared to now, but I honestly prefer that, instead of "just go to timeless for a few hours".

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    I just give into my nostalgia - I don't keep an active sub to WoW, but I browse these forums for updates and whenever I get a 7 day pass, I use it (9 accounts) and every two years - at the end of the expansion - I pick up the game for like 10 bucks usually on special somewhere, then I sub for a month, level to max and do all the quests, raids in LFR, scenarios, etc. I think the game is worth 25~30 bucks every two years, just not 410 bucks every two years.

    Warcraft has too many good memories for me, too interesting a world to not level my druid and indulge myself

    at least this way, I don't get burnout and the game remains something fun.

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    I hate feeling nostalgia. It's one of the worst things you can feel. Things that once were and that they will never be again.

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    Ah nostalgia...nostalgia's not what it used to be...

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    Its like missing someone you love that you know wont come back. Damn it hurts and I hate it :/

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    thanks blizzard for ruining nostalgia?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FattGuy View Post
    How do you guys handle your emotions of nostalgia? Are you annoyed of it like myself or embrace it?
    While it's perfectly human to sometimes have nostalgia, I deliberately make efforts not to simply be paralyzed by an impossible to sate yearning for an idealized past. The way to deal with nostalgia is to think about what one is really yearning after in it - what values are present there; then ask yourself how you can best realize those values in the way you live, with an eye to the future. In other words, instead of trying to recreate the past, take what is most essential about your idealized past (not the accidental features of it, like the game you were playing) and transpose it into an ideal future.

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    I fight it with facts checking - just watch old raid videos and see how crappy things really where. We loved them because we had no comparison and didn't know anything better/different. When I played classic WoW I met a guy who came from Dark Ages of Camelot and he was nostalgic about his first steps in DAoC. Then I checked one of the "raid" videos from DAoC and knew that this was all in his head and the actual game experience was .... questionable. Same with classic/vanilla WoW content from todays point of view.

    DAoC video:

    At least they had unicorns.

    WoW classic video:

    great dmg rotation...
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