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    pre orded when it was released and haven't boosted anything.....but then I haven't renewed my sub so...

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    0, damn CE D:

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    1, I had already done most of the work but it was the last class I needed at 90 and it makes 14. It was the free one with WoD, if I had money to waste I would probably buy more but realistically I don't.

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    Just the two, the free one and I bought one because I couldn't be asked to level my warlock, was sitting at 65 for years

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    3 so far.

    Free one on a Priest.

    Than paid for a boosted monk, then a druid. Both leveled to 60 first for the profession boost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Einsz View Post

    You can get to 1-90 in 12h play time if you buy raf acc for 4.99
    4, like anything I did a cost/time analysis in order for me to acquire $60 to do this is less time required than me to do it manually. Thus I am able to justify these types of things easily.

    12 hours of my time is worth significantly more than $60
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    Zero, and I have no plans to use it.
    I'm not a defender of Blizzard, I'm an opponent of stupid.

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    zero and no plans to use it

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    3 paid, 1 with the expansion. I can't stand leveling in pandaria. At all.

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    Zero. Ain't lazy.

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    Just the free one from pre-order. Already have 12 90s Horde so boosted an Alliance for the Double Agent achievement >.>

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