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    Causing problems for you
    The Gaze of the Black Prince bonus is crap! I had 14 chances to get 6 stones today and all I go was 4 out of 14. Just like any normal day without the buff. What is it, a 5% increase?

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    Love the lock shoulders

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    Quote Originally Posted by paflodder View Post
    Again , if you are failing or not you are still only playing a game and you do ZERO WORK , your playing like it or not .
    Why do you play? wel clearly for your amusement (or not ?) . Look at the logo it says "Blizzard Entertainment" not "Blizzard workplace, workshop" . So dont act like your working whilst playing a game , skill ,time and dedication are very different things and they will all differ from person to person . Dont get me wrong i think that people that kill the highest tier (difficulty) should get the reward they deserve for being so good and dedicated to the game they love to PLAY with their freinds .
    Sorry but maybe you misunderstood my point - plain English.

    To help I've taken an extract from the Oxford English Dictionary on the definition of 'work': "Noun. Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result: he was tired after a day’s work in the fields".

    Watching people fail to wipe on mechanics does take some mental effort, especially after prolonged periods, hence the word is very much relevant and hence you are only assuming work in an "occupational" sense. Do I still enjoy the game yes. Does it take mental effort to achieve a result yes.

    I know your mind is probably blown right now - you should have taken the blue pill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomthulsa View Post
    Oh the joys of being unemployed!

    - - - Updated - - -

    That was never WoW to begin with. You must be confused with another game.
    Oh the joys of being able to manage your own life!

    And yeah, that /other/ wildly successful MMO that reached 12 million subscribers and currently still has more subs than most big mmos combined. What a silly man that guy was for getting confused.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jin View Post
    I feel so sorry for your misguided reaction. So much clueless in one post with few words.

    1) The legendary status of the item is not legendary if you can get it with only time, so no, its not about ' omg gief new legendary nou'
    2) I had the whole expansion? Oh thats nice, because I did I would probably have it ?................................ ( the many dots is reflected at the stupidity of that )
    3) Why do you think its their in the first place.. because the original way of doing it is is busted to the core.
    Hey, you're the one that was getting snarky to begin. The fact is you /have/ had the whole expansion to get it, and complaining that you can't just get it NOW when you've come back in the last month is just complaining for the sake of it. It's not Blizzards fault that you decided to wait until the last minute to do something that takes a bit of time. You're right in saying that it's dimished as a legendary....because of the fact that you've had the entire expansion to get it and anyone can do so as long as they spend 2-3 hours a week doing LFR. Because of it being so easy to get, there's nothing wrong with having to wait just a while to get it. Besides, you're clearly not planning on doing any proper raiding if you haven't already got it, so why do you need it in the first place?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adudu View Post
    He's probably right though not quite in the sense he thinks. It's a pretty tell-tale sign that the WoD pre-patch with mythic SoO will be landing soon.
    Or it could just be that hes so excited for the next expansion that any sign at all makes him think its coming. Its typical human behavior to look for signs and hope and shit like that and see any little event as a "sign". It could mean 6.0 or it could just mean the buff has served its use? But no its more exciting to believe a new game is coming out than look at the truth....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veraki View Post
    Sorry but maybe you misunderstood my point - plain English.

    To help I've taken an extract from the Oxford English Dictionary on the definition of 'work': "Noun. Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result: he was tired after a day’s work in the fields".

    And what did the poor guy do after a day's WORK in the fields ???
    He got behind his keyboard to PLAY some wow and RELAX after a day of WORK .
    See the difference between entertainment at free will and being forced to work to feed yourself and others .
    If a game feels like work or it mentaly drains you its no entertainment anymore ,and then Blizzard Entertainment will have failed his goal .In this case the game has proven to be to much for you and then its time to look for somthing else to play that feels less like its draining you .
    If your entertainment after work feels like work you will not get rested enough and get overworked (or in your case overplayed ) and you will need to take lots of pills .
    Take your dictionary and look up playing ,entertainment and fun you will see there is not alot of backbraking work or physical effort involved . If wow really was work it would be shut down for childslabour .Also if a friend arrives at your house and you are raiding , how does your wife , mum , boyfriend ......reply to them ? Sec i go get him "he is working in a game" or "He is playing a game " on the computer .
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    Hammer of the Naaru? Bulwark? Gorehowl? Are we going to get a redo of every memorable BC item?

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    The second Warlock set (purple one) looks really cool!
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    So no matter what button you push, it's always the best one? No matter what you do, you win? That's... horrifying. That's what you want video games to be? That's not a game. I'm not sure what that is.

    Really? Seriously? Because that's honestly what it seems like the game has degraded to over the years. Look at the friggen talent system, FFS.

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