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  • TBC

    216 24.49%

    8 0.91%
  • Cata

    269 30.50%
  • MOP

    280 31.75%
  • WOD

    73 8.28%
  • I'm undecided

    36 4.08%
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    While I dont like the idea of Pandaren or Pandaria in general, the huge slap in the face that was Cataclysm to the Alliance (Night Elves in particular) tops it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamran View Post
    doesnt change the fact that pandas are utter shit lol.
    Sad to see you banned but that's true. Sad to also see blizz pull something out of their asses, while any idea could've been better than lame pandas. OMG Look I am a mighty fluffy Pandaren holding a sword! Inb4 Corgis...

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    I'd say MoP simply because I didn't find it interesting at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enchanted View Post
    Sad to see you banned but that's true. Sad to also see blizz pull something out of their asses, while any idea could've been better than lame pandas. OMG Look I am a mighty fluffy Pandaren holding a sword! Inb4 Corgis...
    Yes, because fluffy pandas swinging swords are so ridiculous compared to anthropomorphic cows and gnomes swinging swords.

    I think that's my biggest objection to all the Pandaren hate....this fantasy that WoW was somehow "a serious game" before MoP. I mean, it's fine to dislike Pandaren, nothing wrong with disliking something, but the "seriousness" argument is just silly.

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    Burning Crusade: I didn't play it, but I can talk about its lore, and It was really......doubtful.
    Just the plot of the beginning explains so much why BC lore doesn't work. Between Alien-World with S.F. technologies, Draeneis come to Azeroth with Spaceshifts, Blood Elves to Horde because of a bad human, and after this glorious star, it'd transformed characters with high potential like Illidan, Kael'Thas, Vash, Zul'jin, etc.. into Big Bad Loot bags for strange reasons....

    Wrath of the Lich King: I didn't play too but for what I've seen, It has a solid lore, and I like Ulduar, but the fact we saw Arthas in each zone, with his "Hahaha I'm the Bad Guy and I'll kill you with my henchmen!" speech, is quite annoying, and Malygos war, I must admit, I didn't care...

    Cataclysm: Honestly, It has not a so bad lore in the beginning. I really like Uldum & Deepholm. I love too Worgen levelling-start and Tauren SunWalker(paladin), I feel It could have a good development. Ragnaros comeback was...ok.
    But, unfortunately, It had "Dragon Soul".
    Cataclysm had cards to have a great lore but It was so rushed, so poorly executed, and especially for the finality of this expansion, that I can understand why people don't like Cataclysm.

    Mists of Pandaria: I'm really dissapointed, but in the same time, I'm not surprised....that's players claim MoP has the worst-lore.

    I'm agree It's not flawless, like why Garrosh turned so quickly a Cata-Warchief into MoP-Power Obessional Tyran, or like to know more about Tushui/Huojin rivality/difference, but overall, MoP has a very nice lore. I'd great pleasures to discover Pandaren and others race stories, Pandaria secrets and threats, the "not-so-soft-and-cute" ambiant, felt Lei'Shen was a REAL Bad Guy, enjoy to travel with Lorewalker Cho and Stormstout family (8 years I've waited Chen! 8 years!).
    I thank too MoP to introduce Lore videos with the Burdens of ShaoHao.

    I know Pandaren were come from a April Fool and It's can be huge to swallow they have an own expansion for them.....But I find it funny. :P
    And I really don't feel they're not deserved to be in Warcraft lore.

    Overall, I feel I didn't miss anything important in Pandaria. It was very enjoyable.

    Warlords of Draenor: It's hard to tell an opinion about a non-release expansion. But in a hand, It's nice to come back in "Warcraft" ambiant but in the other hand, the "Parralel World Time Travel" is....odd and fighting old characters gives me the feeling It's a "Fanservice" strike.

    So, for me, the worst lore is Burning Crusade...
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    MoP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cata > TBC

    MoP lore is so bad it deserve it's own league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    How anyone can choose something other then MOP is beyond me. They added in a Panda people to the game; then made them the foundation for the entire expansion. Something that should have stayed a silly joke.
    I voted cata simply because it truly is the only expansion with worse LORE. I found MoP to be boring overall, but the lore in cata just didn't exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    Yes, yes they are. To be fair, a lot of those races are also retarded but no one disrespects Cthulhu... slut!
    I'll take easy going, heavy drinking panda people over fruit cake elves with the men worrying about their appearance more than the women.
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    Torn between BC and Cataclysm. They both sucked pretty hard. Gonna go with Cataclysm in the end just 'cause Deathwing and the clusterfail that was the hodgepodge of stories they tried to connect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel Tyrael View Post
    Objectively false.
    That would be WotLK.
    I get what you're trying to say but i'm going to have to be 'that guy' and say you can't take something subjective and make it objective, to a degree anyway. I think MoP lore was fine a lot of people are just biased from the fact that since they grew up in a society with kung fu panda movies and the portrayal of cute cuddly pandas they think that pandas are stupid, can't be taken seriously and then thus far somehow that means the lore is bad. That has nothing to do with the lore.
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    Lore wise, they are all pretty decent, but WOTLK was killer.

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    TBC you had to do some really delving in to understand what the hell was actually going on, but when you finally figured things out it's pretty good. I hate how Illidian was disposed of, he wasn't even our primary enemy and would have served as a better ally. The Sunwell Patch made TBC feel so epic closing out the xpac.

    MoP's lore while not as familar was great I don't know what's wrong with people. Cataclysm was by far the worst, most people have no idea who Deathwing is and he wasn't developed at all for people that don't research the old wars. Even then he could have used more character developement because he's really just an evil dragon. Arthas and Kael's corruption was caused by an unwavering commitment to save their people. Deathwing just wasn't strong willed enough to deal with the Old Gods and they drove him mad. Even the ending of Cata makes no sense, why the hell did the Aspect's lose their power? And how the hell did Neferian come back from the dead?

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