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    Looking for Boomkin help (with logs)

    Hey all, I recently brought in an ilevel 570 boomkin to raid with us, who happened to be friends with our main tank. Anywho, he raided with us for the first time on our normal mode cleanup last night, beginning with Malkorok all the way to a normal Garrosh kill (did not get Malk logged, but he did 236k dps). Needless to say, I wasn't very impressed, but after analyzing the logs myself, I couldn't pin point the cause of his low-ish dps. When I say low, I'm talking about 230-250k on most of the fights we did.

    I cant post links yet, but our parses are on Warcraft logs, under the guild "Benefits Included" on US-Sargeras. Look for our log on Sept 1st.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am not very familiar with boomkin stuff.


    (For reference, I did notice the lack of pre-potting/2nd potting, and low usage of defensive CDs)

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    i noticed very good dot uptimes, e.g. on siegecrafter. then i saw, that in order to achieve these he casted moonfire 19 and sunfire 20 times. simple math tells me that this would last for a ~5 minute fight, but your fight was just 2:49 long. big waste of casts and no eclipse movement which results in poor nature's grace uptime (71%), which makes everything even suckier.
    also he played the encounter completely single target, which might be another smell for bad performance, but i don't know about 10m normal mode these days

    btw: link to log http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kd7bw9rgaLfcQ3RT

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    Alot of the fights you listed are pretty poor for balance in general. Looking @ thoks log (thats probably the best of a bad bunch for balance) judging by logs you didn't open bats so it was pure single target.

    His natures grace was awful. In a 3:57 fight you would expect 3 NV, and 2 Inc + CA. He only managed 1 inc/ca and 2 NV.

    So poor cooldown management is definately a thing. The poor NG uptime may be due to him being interupted, in which case I'd call a lack of mechanics knowledge aswell.

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