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    I think people are funny with this stuff....I'm talking about the people that played the game for years and years but now say it sucks or just trash on you confront them and they go "oh well my sub is up" (or the famous "well I'm not hanging around my sub doesn't end until [insert amount of time here]").....Well I feel like saying "so you supposedly hate this game that at one time you played for years and years on , but now even that you "hate" the still can't pull yourself away from the forums dedicated to the game....reading about upcoming expansions, etc..."......and we are supposed to believe from these people that they hate the game.....yeah ok...but its PERFECTLY healthy to admit you dislike something but yet you are still addicted to it.....yeah ok nothing wrong with that.........(tip: see seek out professional help) draw to WoW is for a few reasons ...1) I'm just a huge blizzard fan, I've been following and playing their games (and giving blizzard my for 20 years....I've been around as fan since the original Warcraft 1 release days. I've always liked their style of games and counted them as one of the best game developers on the planet for the PC platform. 2) I got sucked into Warcraft I and II (and eventually III but I didn't play III until AFTER WoW released) once WoW came out that was something that just blew me away -- as a far of Warcraft story/lore I couldn't believe it...and so now its almost 10 years later since my first WoW character was ever created (and I still have him btw)....3) I find WoW excellent for some escapism from my real world problems and stresses....I've played other MMOs (and to be fair btw...I think some other MMO's have better features and raids than WoW).....but as a whole package...I find WoW to win out as what I call the "best".....even though some other games do things BETTER than WoW IMO....I still think WoW wins out.

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    Here's to WoW, for giving me a game that we can argue about. We argue because they do not give us everything needed to tailor the game to our tastes, but they successfully give us enough to bring those with different tastes together in the same game.
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    a century and a half isn't nearly enough time for say English to become intelligible

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    It was great in it's time, and I enjoyed it's time, and have great memories and don't regret the thousands of hours spent, so that would be my compliment.

    Sadly, it wouldn't get one for the current and recent times from me.

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    It has the best tuned reward schedule in the business.
    It lets me play as trolls and minotaurs, something that I hadn't been able to do since my middle school friends and I took turns DMing for each other.
    Karazhan and Ulduar provided the best narratively developed game experiences I've had in an mmo.
    It has some pretty unique critters such as sporebats and clefthooves
    It's the only game I've played where suggestions I made on their forums ended up in the game (for better or worse)
    When I still played, they had some really amazing customer service (no idea about now)

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    It's one of the finest games I've ever had the pleasure of playing/experiencing. A classic.
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    I like the first cinematic they made for the game to showcase it, was pretty epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ytlayol View Post
    I like the first cinematic they made for the game to showcase it, was pretty epic.
    All the cinematic's are amazing.. the Draenor one is my fav out of all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Don't tell me you didn't liked uldum. Funny meymeys are funneh.
    This have got to be the most fun reference ever:

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    I also really love the pop culture references but if I had to choose a favorite, it'd have to be the achievement system. It always feels nice getting a new one, you feel so accomplished.
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    there is plenty blizz could have done differently, but this realistically is probably the best video game of all time

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    best co-op multiplayer of any game ever made.

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    I tried really hard to get into WOW, played multiple times. Just more into other MMO's/Games. But I will say that I can see the appeal and that what those guys (and gals!) developed IS amazing. The amount of people who played and still play it to me is amazing and that tells me they must be doing something right even though for some reason it didn't capture me like I wanted. Some people I know have played it from the beginning and are still playing it, that's an amazing thing to me.

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    I shall remember it fondly.

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    I always like threads of this nature.

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    - Pop culture references
    - Scenery
    - I don't regret any money I spent on it (okay ... I don't regret MOST. Maybe some of those mounts weren't quite worth it...)

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    It runs off my potato quite well.....
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    I'd never compare him to Hitler, Hitler was actually well educated, and by all accounts pretty intelligent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crunk View Post
    best co-op multiplayer of any game ever made.

    I fucking love raiding, it's an experience unlike any other. Just so fun.

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