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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    He does have a point though.
    well, it's hard to hate orcs and be wrong at the same time lol
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    They aren't orky enuff. Need some more choppas and dakka. And less Go'el.

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    Good - They are easy bad guys to hate.

    Bad - The constant flip flopping of a peaceful shamanistic society or a bloodthirsty band of warriors.

    Ugly - Victim card. It wasnt us! It was demon blood! It was Garrosh! We only supported both of them the whole way until it turned around to bite us in the ass!

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    I personally can't believe the Alliance still allows them to exist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninaran View Post
    I personally can't believe the Alliance still allows them to exist.
    So, genocide then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandrox View Post

    The constant flip flopping of a peaceful shamanistic society or a bloodthirsty band of warriors.
    That's my problem with orcs. I just want that bloodthirsty "old horde" mentality back. Let the alliance be white knights.

    Aside from that it's my favorite race in warcraft. Great lore, most badass warriors in warcraft are orcs. Also females looks best in plate armor.

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    The Good: Thrall
    The Bad: Garrosh
    The Ugly: Grommash

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    Orcs are in a really weird place right now.

    They come to Azeroth as barbaric warmongers, out to cause total genocide of all of the races (like they pretty much succeeded with Draenei back on Draenor)

    They're the bad guys, Alliance the good guys.. after much casualties Alliance manages to beat them and force them into camps. (Despite strong protests to just kill them all)

    Then "The Rise of Thrall", it turns out they were actually all controlled by Demon blood the whole time, and are actually really peaceful shamanistic people - And somehow in all this, the Alliance gets painted as crazy xenophic racists for having imprisoned all the poor poor Orcs (who only years ago had tried to wipe them out).

    SO.. this is how we went into World Of Warcraft, mainly because you couldn't have a bad side and good side, so the Orcs were good after all, just misunderstood.. and on demon crack.

    BUT NOW, Because of Blizzards awesome continuity keeping, EVERYTHING seems to point to the complete opposite. The Orcs were in fact barbaric warmongering savages long before the demon blood; who mostly turned on their friends when a new Warchief wanted them to, and who would have been happy to come to Azeroth for the genocide, even without having the demon blood. In fact, I'm not entirely sure what the demon blood even did to their minds anymore, if anything. I also don't know who the hell all of the peaceful shamanistic Horde were as there don't seem to be any in WoD so far (apart from maybe some of Thrall's family).

    TLDR I'm not saying it's BAD that they're blodthirsty warmongers - Just that, because Blizzard wants to paint them as both, they always come across massively hypocritical or contradictory. (And somehow Alliance are made to look the bad guys all the time)
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