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    Question Disenchant or vendor green/blue/purple items from dungeons/LFR?

    Im fairly new to proffessions and was wondering would I make more money disenchanting my loot (instead of vendoring it) and putting it on AH?

    Also if I were to put the mats on AH what quantity would be best? 1/5/10/20?

    Thanks for your help

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    Get an auction addon. I use auctionator. It gets the mat prices from scanning the trading post, it has the disenchant chances programmed in, so it can calculate the average value of disenchanting an item.

    Don't sell dust as 500 auctions of 1 dust each, please :P
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    It depends, but as Erzengel said the best way to know is to get an auctionhouse addon that will then show you in the tooltip how much DE'ing it is worth vs vendoring. In my experience, and with my server's economy, vendoring MoP greens is generally the best option but your server may be different.

    As far as selling enchanting mats, I find its best to just do stacks of 20 (for dust), as more people who are buying dust will want bigger quantities. It doesn't hurt to have a few stacks of lesser amounts, but you'll move the most in a faster amount of time doing stacks of 20. If its older mats that may be more rare or not farmed much, you could do them in lesser amounts and sell for higher gold, but that's something you'll have to determine on a case by case basis.

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