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    WoD Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry Rogue Tips+Tricks

    I have always used things like these to help me when i needed them for Raiding. Considering I actually did some testing this time round i might start one up. If you guys have anything to add post it and i will edit it in if relevant. This isnt a dps guide but rather a rogues guide to the raids for people who either don't have beta or just want to know a bit more than the Fatboss videos we all watch

    Combat/Assass/Sub DPS TIPS (specifically)

    The Damage is shown as - LFR/Normal/Heroic/Mythic

    The Abilities Below are things you need to deal with in some way. I am not including Tank Debuffs/Healer Debuffs. Only things which are relevant to our role

    Number are subject to change and so are abilities i will try and keep this updated.


    Kargath Bladefist:

    Pretty Straightforward fight for melee if you don't need to go up. A pretty good tunnel fight

    Add Mechanics

    Mauling Brew
    (37k/72k/100k/135k) NATURE Damage on impact and a poison pool with 22k/45k/62k/85k ticks of NATURE Damage per second)
    Green Void Zone - Don't stand in it. Pretty obvious. Feint and Cloak of Shadows work.

    Iron Bomb
    (Initial FIRE damage of 10k/20k/28k/43k with ticks of 4k/8k/11k/14k every 2secs for 10secs)
    You cannot avoid the initial damage however you can Cloak of Shadows the debuff off you.

    Fire Bomb
    (Exploding bomb with FIRE Damage of 35k/71k/100k/135k)
    Large circle indicator with delayed explosion
    Feint Works very well here if you are too slow to move. Cloak works too if you don't want to move for some reason.

    Fire Pillar
    (AOE void zone, FIRE Damage of 31k/63k/88k/118k per second)
    Void Zone move away from it. These Stun the boss and are used to interrupt his Berserker Rush

    Boss Mechanics

    Beserker Rush
    (Cone AoE cleave damage from the boss dealing 125% of weapon dmg in front of him towards his Fixated target)
    Make sure you are not in front of the boss when he does this. It has a small cast time and he faces his target, however both Shadow Step and Killing Spree (Unglphed) will place you behind the boss and safe. It is safe to DPS the boss when he does this as long as you are behind him. Feint does work but it is not recommended to remain in front of the boss for any reason. Evasion works on this ability if it is coming at you and you cant move for what ever reason (Thanks nordveien) also glyph of energy flows will return your energy if you face tank this ability.

    Chain Hurl
    (Throws the 5 closest people to the boss into the stands above the arena, LFR is 3 random DPS)
    If it is your job to be thrown into the stands be close to the boss. There is a small Knock back before he casts this so make sure you aren't positioned with your back towards a flame pillar or a pit. You can shadow step the knock back if you need to be close to the boss. If you are going to get knocked into the pits/fire you can Shadow Step the boss and use the small speed boost to run out so you don't get hurled.

    Ravenous Bloodmaw
    (Instant Kill mechanic if you fall into the pit,not included in LFR)
    Don't fall in there. No seriously don't you will get laughed at.

    How to do the arena job

    Drunken Bileslinger:
    Vile Breath
    (Stun in front of him)
    His breath stinks so don't stand face to face

    You need to AoE the adds up there as quick as possible. Pretty Straightforward. Most groups probably with send 4 DPS 1 healer however some may send 3 DPS 1 healer 1 tank. If there is no tank:

    Iron Grunt:
    (Physical damage of 20k and 25% slow for 4sec)

    Pop evasion/ Combat Readiness if you are going to face tank anything.
    Also watch your hp if you fall below 40% you will get thrown back into the arena.

    Difficulty Differences
    LFR - Random chain hurl, no tigers. DPS the boss avoid the fire and Beserker Rush
    Normal - Same as LFR except you might need to go and get chain hurled
    Heroic - More Damage more HP. Abilities are the Same.

    The Tiger comes out of the pit and fixates on people. You need to get it into the fire to confuse it and increase the damage it takes.
    The Iron Bomber and Bilesinger reduce the raids Favor focus these down quickly. Killing more grunts give you lots of favor so do loads of damage hmmkay.
    The Fire bombs get continuously dropped on the raid and a lot stack on melee. You can feint and Cloak of Shadows but it is better to just move out of them. You can stay in melee range even though it is kinda small.

    Spec Strengths

    You pretty much want to play Sub spec here since it is currently our highest single target dps spec.
    However if you are going up combat with Marked for death is very strong. You can get multiple resets from 1 trip.

    The Butcher

    Another pretty straight-forward tank and spank with no adds

    Boss Mechanics

    (Strikes the closest clump of players in melee range and hits them for massive PHYSICAL Damage ?/?/200k/? and applies Gushing wounds)
    This is Physical Damage so it is reduced by armor. Since there is no magic Damage you are free to use Cloak of Shadows (Glyphed) as a cool 40% physical damage reduction.

    Gushing Wounds
    (PHYSICAL Bleed Damage with ticks of ?/?/4k/? for 10secs up to 5 stacks, with stacks causes instant death)
    You can use Cloak of Shadows (Glyphed) to reduce Damage but to not drop the stacks, Your raid will switch clumps when one gets to 4 or once the other stacks have dropped off.

    Bounding Cleave
    (Boss reaches 100 energy and knocks everyone back and does an AoE Charge towards a ranged clump and cleaves them ?/?/50k/?)
    The boss seems to cleaves everyone in between him and the clump too so stay away until he has done that then go back to the boss once it is safe.

    Difficulty differences
    LFR - Low damage still watch your Gushing Wounds stacks
    Normal - Same as LFR more damage and more HP
    Heroic - Same as before more Damage and even more Hp. Duh.


    Night- Twisted Cadaver:
    (Physical AoE 8 yard Bomb which is running at you for 150k ignores all armor)
    This can be soaked if needed with Cloak (Glyphed) or feint

    Pale Vitriol

    (The adds die and leave you their crappy remains which deal 68k SHADOW damage and cause you to take 100% Damage from Cleave and a 30% slow)
    This is a pain in the ass do not stand in it and take a cleave = RIP.

    Spec Strengths

    This is an all out Single target dps fight. You will want to play sub here for the superior single target damage.


    If Malphite and Zac in league of legends had a baby it would be this guy. Hectic fight with lots to do and move from yay.....not.

    Boss Mechanics

    ??????? Of the Living Mountain

    (This boss is Unkillable (great first thing to read) He will gain energy, this energy generation rate increases the more he loses his HP. When the boss is Channeling Tectonic upheaval he loses this buff and becomes kill able(kinda)
    This boss starts out as 1 boss then he splits into 2 motes of himself when he dies then those 2 break into 4 each when they die. The 2 motes share the Unkillable unless casting Tectonic Upheaval. The 8 shards of Tectus do not. They also share his abilities.

    (Gains a 5% damage increase every so often, if the shards or motes are around when he gains this buff so do they. Damaging Tectus removes these stacks.)
    The boss needs to go down fast and needs to lose his stacks so get to stabbing son (or daughter, no sexism here equal opportunity).

    Crystalline Barrage
    (Creates void lines towards a targeted ranged player and does PHYSICAL ticking damage of 20k/40k/55k/160k per second if you stand in it)
    Ouch. This is red mist along the floor, the tool-tip isn't very descriptive.You need to be careful as to where you are positioning yourself try and not be in between ranged and the boss but that is easier said then done considering how little space you get later on. Feint and Cloak (glphyed) both reduce this Damage and of course so does your armor as it is PHYSICAL Damage.
    The melee range of this boss is pretty huge don't be afraid to stay on the very edge to give yourself more room.
    This generally spreads from the center of the boss so be careful when Shadow Stepping and using Killing spree


    (Spike erupts from the ground dealing NATURE Damage of 45k/90k/125k/169k and knocks back)
    You can Cloak and feint this damage. Cloaking the spike will stop the Knock back. This happens fairly regularly in melee so if you are all stacked make sure you are looking out for this. With all the ground effects it can be slightly difficult to see especially since it is a slightly darker shade of the floor but it is fairly visible to anyone paying attention. The timing for this shard is very quick so make sure you move quickly.

    Earthen Pillar
    (Creates a huge mountain from the ground anyone inside the circle when the mountain emerges it will instantly kill you, he uses this ability whenever he gains 25 energy)
    This only ever spawns on ranged players however you still need to look out for it spawning if it is near you when the fight gets a lot more hectic so you don't get insta-gibbed like the scrub I am xD. Oh and check if the Combat res is safe got spawned into another one.

    Tectonic Upheaval
    (Starts causing NATURE AoE damage to the raid at 11k/21k/30k/41k per second, if his health hits 0 he will die/shatter/multiply)
    Big AoE Damage to either Immune with Cloak or reduce the Damage with feint. Don't forget to use smoke bomb as directed too. 10% Damage reduction is still useful yo. Make sure you kill the boss here or otherwise you will need to wait until the next one. Which is unnecessary raid damage.

    Now the easy part.

    Add Mechanics

    Night-Twisted Earthwarper

    Gift of Earth
    (Swirling Vortex towards the boss that gives 10 accretion stacks, You can intercept this but you take 91k/182k/254k/344k PHYSICAL Damage and get Petrification debuff which slows you for 2% and if the boss melees you he heals and gains accretion)
    This is Blizz's form of a tank debuff i guess. You can stun this add and pretty much zerg him before he even gets a cast off anyway. A good stun rotation will do that however in any case if you need to emergency soak this use Feint with Cloak (Glyphed) with a trigger finger on potion or health-stone as the damage is huge on Heroic and Mythic. Good old cheat death is decent for it too i guess.

    Earthen Flechettes
    (AoE Cone ability in front of the add which deals 63k/125k/175k/236k NATURE Damage)
    Needless to say don't stand in front of it. So don't stand in front of it. HERP DERP. This has a cast time so it is super easy to see. No need to be in-front of it anyway Rogues like to go in from behind Gigigigitty.

    Night-Twisted Berserker

    Raving Assault
    (This add will fixate on a random target and dash at them if you stand in its way it will deal 26k/52k/74k/99k PHYSICAL Damage)
    Just watch where it fixates kinda like Kagarath and stay of out its way. The usual Damage reduction works too.

    Difficulty Changes
    LFR - Unsure but i doubt the Earthen Pillar is an Instant Kill
    Normal - Probably and instant kill + more hp and damage
    Heroic - Even More HP and Damage


    So far the boss spawns again after we kill him with less hp. This causes adds to still spawn and he has the same abilities. However he does not have the unkilllable debuff. Just AoE like crazy. Current Strat is to kill both his spawns at the same time and so they spawn 8 little adds. Make sure you continue to move the whole time. If you are going to Killing spree make sure you cloak first.

    Spec Strengths

    You will want to look and sub spec or combat here just for the aoe damage required at the end.
    Pros - Amazing aoe/cleave dps
    Cons - Suffers if you need to move alot and the situational Killing spree. Bad single target ( Which really isnt much of the fight)

    Pros- Amazing Single target, Good aoe damage with FoK and CT Spam. You can be very mobile while Fok Spamming.
    Cons - Not the best 2 target spec, Damage has to ramp up with bleed ticks from CT.


    Roll undead and you got plants vs zombies. Cleave damage fight with some quick target switches required and another boss where space is limited. But we can control the space a bit better this time.

    The area is Covered in

    Creeping Moss
    (Inflicts 13k/25k/35k/? NATURE Damage every second plus 50% and heals all fungal stuff (all enemies) for 2% every 2 secs)
    Need to use flamethrowers to burn this crap around us. You can cloak and feint this. Most likely a ranged/healer job you keep stabbing away buddy.

    Boss Mechanics

    Necrotic Breath
    (Inflicts 13k/26k/30k/51k NATURE Damage to things in front of it and reduces healing taken by 99%)
    Jeez another mob with bad breath, they must not get good dental working in Highmaul. This is a tank debuff so if you get it is all on you good luck getting heals now. Better hope you got some light feet.

    Infesting Spores

    (Inflicts 1k/3k/4k/6k NATURE Damage every second and stacks up to 10 lasts 3 seconds)
    You can cloak the damage+ debuff off you plus the application of this debuff. Stings a bit doesn't it. Vanish works too.

    Add Mechanics

    Spore Shooter:

    Spore Shot

    (Shoots a exploding spore at a random player dealing 18k/36k/50k/68k NATURE damage in 8 yards on the first thing it touches)
    This can be soaked with all our damage reduction goodness feint and Cloak. However it will prob have a ranged soaker standing in front of it while it lives so they can still DPS easily.

    Mind Fungus:
    Mind Fungus
    (Mushroom that slows casting speed in the area by 75%)
    This needs to be killed asap by us cool sword swinging, dagger stabbing, axe wielding melee guys since those fools in dresses cant cast quick enough to do damage to it. Go run to it and save the day. That is about it really.

    Fungal Flesh-Eater

    (Inflicts 36k/71k/100k/135k NATURE Damage to all players)
    This is interruptible so kick him in the shins and stop him casting this spell. You can feint and Cloak it but ideally you want to do an interrupt rotation for everyone.

    Spore Mechanics

    Rejuvenating and Living Spores

    (Two mushrooms which need to be healed so you can get high on its goodness, Living Spores: Heal around 20yards for 23k every second. Rejuvenating Spores: 30% haste and Mana Regen increase)
    More swing speed and higher energy Regen sweet buffs. This needs to get healed ASAP but it is a healers job so don't sit there bandaging it go kill something.

    Difficulty Changes

    LFR - Kill the Mushrooms, Kill the Spores, Kill the Flesh Eater Kill the Boss while stacked in mushrooms
    Normal and Heroic - Same but more hp and damage


    Call of the Tides
    Periodic Waves spawn and advance across the room starting from the swamp. Dealing 362k FROST Dmg.
    These waves have large gaps in between them so go towards the gap that way you wont get hit. At some point the Fungal Flesh eater might need interrupting during a wave. You can cloak and feint this wave if you need to kick it. Popping sprint will help you in a tight pinch but the raid will most likely move the boss towards the gap anyway. Shadow stepping through is also one way to deal with this but make sure the middle of the boss isn't covered by the wave.

    Exploding Fungus
    Sprouts mushrooms out of the ground dealing 361k FIRE Dmg.
    You can cloak and feint this damage. The shrooms are fairly visible however they can sometimes hide inside the bosses feet. Make sure there aren't any directly on top of you and you will be OK to continue dpsing the boss

    Spec Strengths

    Combat - Good two target dps if you are assigned to sit on the boss and fungal to interrupt. Can have good spawns with mushroom, shooter boss and fungal to cleave down. Haste mushroom has most benefit to comabt.
    Assassination - Good for killing spore shooters with energy returns from venomous wounds. Strong 2 target dps with venom rush giving very good energy regen.
    Sub - Decent 2 target damage. Poor at switching to shooters without a Cooldown.

    Twin Ogron

    Looks like we got to kill these two cyclops brothers. More single target goodness. The bosses here all have a visible cast bar showing which ability it will cast. You need to watch this bar to determine what you are going to do.

    Boss Mechanics


    Shield Charge
    (Charges to the furthest away player inflicting PHYSICAL Damage based on the distanced traveled. Then an AoE smash at the location again doing PHYSICAL Damage and knocking back)
    Just back up for a second to not get hit by this ability on the way back to the tank and towards the target. Make sure to not be standing in between the Boss and that target, Otherwise you will get hit by injured. This is completely avoidable so don't get hit

    (Shield Charge applies a bleed to everyone hit for 0/9k/13k/33k every second for 18seconds)
    Don't get hit by shield charge and you wont get hit by this. It again is completely avoidable Damage you shouldn't be taking.

    Interrupting Shout
    (Raid wide Physical AoE damage for 21k/43k/60k/81k and interrupts spell casting ( lol what is that?) for 6 seconds)
    Unavoidable raid damage. You can use both feint and cloak here to reduce the damage taken.

    3 Tier ability all PHYSICAL
    (1. Unavoidable raid wide AoE damage)
    (2. Circles on the floor which eventually deal large damage within 8 yards)
    (3. Huge Circle on the floor which deals unavoidable raid damage the closer you are to the center)

    Just make sure you are ready to move if the Pulverize are underneath you. Tier 2 can be completely dodged so get your dancing shoes on. Tier 3 you need to move away from this as far as you can. Considering we could feint this damage you will prob just be able to stay in melee range with feint up.

    Other Boss Mechanics


    (Spins around in a circle dealing PHYSICAL Damage around him)
    This guy must be a warrior because it looks like he has blade storm. The tank will most likely kite this away you just need to make sure you don't get hit by running away. I am unsure of the damage of this ability at the moment so I'm unsure if you could just keep feint up and stay in melee range with the boss. He applies a debuff but that relates to tanks only. You can evasion this ability and use glyph of energy flows to return some energy. (thx m0bieus)

    Enfeebling Roar

    (Shout debuff with applies 300% dmg taken for 300seconds, this is split by the number of targets within 20yards)
    Your raid will need to stack up to make this ability manageable. Most likely the boss will be taken to ranged since they cant DPS and move as easily (What idiots they cant even walk and talk at the same time). You cant really do anything about this debuff just try not to take unnecessary damage when you have it.

    (Raid wide AoE Nature Damage per second)
    You can cloak the majority of this damage. Feint works well here too. You can take 1/2 ticks then cloak to not take any more damage.


    (Fire lines on the floor dealing FIRE damage to anyone it comes in contact with, plus it applies a FIRE debuff which deals 3k/5k/8k/10k per second for 12 seconds. This effect stacks)
    Don't get hit by these fire lines use everything you have to dodge them. Either sprinting, rocket boosting or Shadow stepping over them. Cloak will immune you to this damage and stop the debuff applying, it will also drop the debuff if you gain too many stacks. Again useless avoidable damage.

    Difficulty Changes

    LFR - No Injured Debuff and Interrupting Shout only spell locks for 1 second
    Normal - Shield Charge debuff + More hp and dmg
    Heroic - Even more Hp and Dmg


    Arcane Charge
    3 smaller arcane versions of Pol spawn inside pols hitbox. These 3 will charge outwards in the direction they are facing. Dealing the same damage as Pol but arcane. At the end they do an arcane smash within 11 yards of them.
    Just dodge Pol's charge and position yourself inbetween 2 of the 3 mini pols so you wont get hit. Not really hard and no excuse to get it. Im assuming Cloak works on it since it is arcane damage.

    Arcane Vortex
    Whirlwind now pulls players towards it
    Use sprint glyphed to get away from this safely. You can also shadow step pol if you get too close.
    Remember evasion works on the whirlwind so if you need to evasion tank it. Not advised though. The raid should be popping druid Roars to help out.

    Arcane Volatility
    Marks Players in the raid with arcane volatility. After 6 seconds it deals high amount of Arcane damage to the target and within 8 yards.
    You can still be in boss range and safely have this out of melee just move around the boss a bit the hit box is gigantic. If you are stacking for enfeebling make sure to move out properly just because you can cloak and feint it doesn't mean others can.

    Spec Strengths
    Combat - Can cleave the 2 bosses alot. You do no damage to the other boss when it goes for whirlwind though.
    Assassination - Very good 2 target dps with rupturing both bosses and venom zest. You can dot the bosses and maintain dmg while needing to move from fire/charge.
    Sub - Decent Damage no real strong points other than Dots and Higher single target dps.


    This boss has a magical absorption shield which requires the raid to have a slightly magic based DPS setup but the physical DPS is still very valuable to lower boss hp and fight duration

    Nullification Barrier

    (Boss absorbs 3M/4M/5M/13M MAGIC damage, this absorb is based on raid size)
    Pretty straight forward this boss absorbs all magic damage. I suppose we can chose what we need for our raid here. If we need to help take the shield down you could play Assassination since poison damage is all spell damage. If your raid is OK with that then combat is good for the physical damage requirements.

    Boss Mechanics

    Breaker's Strength

    (While his shield is up he gains 8% more damage every 10secs, this stacks and is removed when the shield breaks)

    Caustic Energy

    (Being inside the rune deals 8k/32k/45k/90k ARCANE damage per second which pierces all Damage reduction and immunities as well as reducing healing taken by 5%/35%/35%/35%. Once the Boss recharges the player will receive their own nullification barrier proportional to the amount of time spent inside the rune up to 15M)
    Be careful when the boss reaches 0 Shield because he will rush to the center of the room and start channeling. Do not be close to the boss as he starts this because if you are the closest to the boss you will be the only one who will be able to step into the rune until the next charging. You can still melee the boss once he starts channeling as long as you are at max melee range outside the rune. However he is going to knock you back in you try and step in there.

    Suppression Field
    (Charges to a location and deals ARCANE Damage in 8 yards of the location for 29k/57k/80k/108k and additional 17k/34k/48k/65k per second if you stand inside it, this void zone silences everyone stood inside it)
    This usually charges a player at range so you wont have to worry about this ability too much. However you can cloak it if you need to Killing spree inside the zone. This area is used to kill adds inside of.

    Expel Magic

    There 4 (5 on mythic) spells which the boss casts periodically

    (FIRE debuff inflicting 5k/11k/15k/20k per second for 10seconds, when the debuff expires it inflicts 29k/57k/80k/108k around 5 yards of the player)

    This can be cloaked off however it will deal its AoE damage when you cloak it off. With an accurate timer I'm sure you could preemptively cloak to stop this debuff even applying. This mechanic requires the raid to spread so you don't have people chaining explosions however the explosion can be feinted if the melee are just going to get dispelled to save DPS.

    (ARCANE debuff marks the target players location every 0.5second for 10 seconds after 1.5 seconds the marked area explodes dealing 71k/143k/200k/270k within 5 yards, this also increases physical damage taken by 100%)
    Even though the dungeon journal doesn't say it this debuff is only ever applied to the tank. So the tank needs to run away from melee range so it can safely explode. So for some reason if you are on top of the tank when this happens run out as soon as possible. It is an insane amount of damage which is cloakable but considering it is completely avoidable this isn't necessary.

    (Expel FROST a large frost orb that pulses dealing FROST Damage to all players for 32k/64k/90k/122k every 2 seconds for 20secs , the players within 30yards of the orb are slowed by up to 85% this diminishes the further you are from the orb)
    This is pretty large raid wide damage and it is recommended you cloak it or feint it. Burst of speed can be used to exit the orb without being slowed, however it is likely guilds will use windwalk totems and or stampeding roars.

    (SHADOW raid wide debuff that absorbs 50k/100k/140k/189k healing taken)

    You might be able to use health potions/healthstones on this debuff to help out the healers if required however just don't take unnecessary damage during this debuff as it will be alot harder on your healers to top you off.

    Overflowing Energy
    (Balls of ARCANE energy fall towards the ground periodically throughout the fight anyone who comes in contact with this ball takes 150k/1.5M. If the ball reaches the ground it deals 24k/50k/68k/91k ARCANE Damage to the whole raid, this damage goes through all immunities and damage reductions)
    Unless you have the Nullification Barrier you cannot do anything about this, just trigger fingers on healthstones.

    Add Mechanics

    Volatile Anomalies
    These adds spawn in 3s every 8 secs during the boss recharge phase.
    (Explode on death doing raid wide ARCANE damage for 14k/28k/40k/54k)
    This damage is insane when lots of adds die together however we have a convenient way to deal with it. The Suppression field void zones on the floor. They silence the adds and stop them from exploding saving a lot of raid damage. This damage is cloak and feintable. Most adds will either be AoE gripped or vortex knock backed into the zones, you can help this by Tricks of the trading adds over to that tank if any get stray.

    Difficulty Changes

    LFR- A Lot less damage and hp, you could probably soak the balls without the shield as long as you get topped again
    Norm and Heroic - More Hp and Damage

    Mythic Changes

    There can be 2 soakers per recharge phase so take special care to not be the pleb who walks into the shield which will wipe you.

    Expel Magic: Fel
    Marks 3 Random players and after 12seconds places green fire on the ground between their current spot and the spot they gained the debuff on. Deals 98k per second and the fire lasts 1min 30 (or 1min 50)
    Easiest way to deal with this is to go to the spot you got this debuff when it expires so you create the smallest fire patch possible. Remember it in your head take a screen shot whatever you do remember that spot.

    Dominating Power
    When a player soaks an orb they will become mind controlled only breaking when they reach 20% of their hp.
    Fairly simple you need to kill/stun/interrupt them with everything you got. As the fight goes on more people will soak so melee will be assigned to a ranged soaker to interrupt and dps.Nice chance to take out some anger on people. I got my Guild master for our progression lucky me xD. They start casting this -

    Forfeit Power
    Mind controlled players cast this in order to forfeit 5% of their shield to give the boss 5% of his shield back.
    Very bad if this goes off lots of dps wasted for no reason. Make sure you can interrupt properly worse comes to worse just stun them. Keep track of your assigned ranged player so you know where to run to.

    Towards the End of the Fight the boss will be very low on Hp but high on shield. The magic damage people will be useless so it is better to sacrifice them to the orb god and the physical damage people kill the boss. Melee supreme!

    Spec Strengths
    Combat - No real outstanding value maybe add dps if needed.
    Sub - Best single target dps spec
    Assass - You can use this spec if your guild needs help with magic damage on the shield. Not amazing single target dps though.

    Imperator Mar'Gok

    Well last boss of the raid and let me say it looks a doozy

    The premise on this boss is that he has his normal abilities, which then become powered up when each rune is active. The boss can only have 1 rune active at a time, this is not the case on mythic. The boss starts to activate his runes at 90% (Displacement), 60% (Fortification), 30% (Replication). The 30% and 60% runes will activate 1 min after you have pushed the boss over that HP. The 90% rune will activate instantly, this phase happens very quickly with the opening burst anyway. I will talk about how to deal with each version of the mechanic within each rune phase after explaining the basic abilities.

    Boss Mechanics

    Arcane Wrath
    (Debuffs a player to be Branded. When branded expires it causes 23k/46k/65k/88k ARCANE Damage this then jumps to the closest enemy within 200 yards. The damage is increased by 25% per jump and range decreases by 50% (200,100,50,25,13,7 yards)
    This debuff will be handled differently depending how you raid composition is and your healers being able to keep up with the debuff damage. The idea is to get specific people to soak this to reduce the Damage increase per jump being too high and 1 shotting or spiking players as other damage is coming out too. As this debuff jumps around the range will eventually allow you to move away from people and remove the debuff from the raid and stop it jumping.

    Destructive Resonance

    (Summons an ARCANE mine for 1min, if this mine is triggered it deals 0/60k/84k/113k ARCANE to all raid members plus 100k/140k/196k/264k ARCANE Damage to the idiot (Sorry i mean player) who triggered it on top of increasing your ARCANE Damage by 45% for 1min. But wait there is more You get stunned for 1.5 every time you take Arcane Damage.)
    So if you trigger this mine it is pretty much a wipe for you in possibly Heroic and definitely Mythic. If this mine goes off at the wrong time it very hard to recover if other damage is coming out too. The mine itself is pretty easy to see and looks like it has about 6-8 yards of range inside it.

    ARCANE aberration

    (Add which spawns and deals 5k/9k/13k/17k ARCANE ticking Damage every second to all players )
    Pretty annoying add, kill is Asap to reduce raid damage.

    Mark of Chaos
    (Tank debuff with causes the tank to explode for 70k/179k/251k/339k ARCANE damage after 8 seconds 35 yards around him)
    Just watch where the affected tank is standing at the time and don't be within his range. You can cloak and feint this damage if you are too slow to move. But it is likely the tank will move out with it on its own (until the rune anyway)

    Force Nova

    (Nova going outward from the boss dealing 13k/26k/36k/49k ARCANE Damage every 0.5 seconds to anyone on the outer ring.)
    Well this guy has a priest halo pretty much. You can cloak this Damage to immune it's damage. Also if you are quick and stand at max melee range once his Nova has started you can shadow step the boss to avoid the push back. You will take damage since the circle has an inner radius in which you can get hit.

    Transition Mechanics

    Gorian Warmage

    Dominance Aura
    (Buffs allies within 25yards with 50%/50%/50%/100% more damage and melee/range/spell haste by 50%/50%/50%/100%)
    The 2 Mages currently spawn separately from each other so this can be largely ignored however just look not to stack the boss and or adds on top of the mages as the boss will come down no matter what after 1min regardless if the 2 mages are dead.

    Nether Blast
    (Blast a player with ARCANE Energy doing AoE Damage of 23k/46k/65k/88k 5 yards around the target)
    This will usually be targeted on the fixated player. If you are fixated just stand slightly away from the other melee or get them to move away from you. Feint this if it is in melee.

    (Slows a random player reducing their movement/attack/spell casting speed by 50% for 45 secs)
    This is for a healer to dispel, however you can cloak it off. You can also burst of speed the slow off but not the attack speed debuff.

    (Fixates on a random player for 15secs)
    Fixates on a player and fires nether blasts on it for 15secs. The player needs to move out of the raid group. In between fixates the add seems to hit the person tanking it at the time.

    Volatile Anomalies

    Every 12 secs for 1 minute these adds spawn and they are exactly the same as Ko'Ragh adds

    (Explode upon death for 14k/29k/40k/54k ARCANE Damage to all players)
    AoE Damage feint can be used here. These adds have small hp atm and tanks can solo them. As long as multiple adds don't die at the same time it shouldn't cause too much of an issue.

    Gorian Reaver

    This add only spawns during the Replication transition.

    Devastating Shock wave
    (Inflicts PHYSICAL Damage in a frontal Cone to all players within 20 yards for 90k/179k/251k/339k)
    You shouldn't be in front of this add so you shouldn't have an excuse to get hit by this. Straight forward.

    This add needs to be quick since it deals pretty hefty tank damage.

    Holy ARCANE Damage Batman. Well that is the mechanics out of the way lets talk of they get changed during runes.


    Arcane Wrath: Displacement - The branded player cant move more than 10 yards around him.
    This will need people to either come to you to receive the buff or the whole raid to move from you when you want to drop the debuff instead of you running out.

    Destructive Resonance: Displacement - The mine grows to double it's size in 30seconds

    Just make sure you move even further away from this mine and give it room to grow.

    Displacing Arcane Aberration - This add will knock players back on death.

    You can cloak this or you can quickly shadow step to avoid it. However watch your positioning as such that you wont get knocked back into a mine.

    Mark of Chaos : Displacement - The tank will teleport to a random location with this debuff.
    If the tank spawns in a place 35 yards close to you make sure you move and are ready to react to where ever he spawns. Remember you can both feint and Cloak this.

    Force nova - Displacement - The Nova will push players away as the nova grows outwards.
    This means you will need to either out run it so you don't take continuous damage or Shadow step over it. Cloak works just as well too.


    Arcane Wrath: Fortification - The range only goes down by 25% with each jump.

    This will most likely require people with big CDs to get the Branded debuff as it will take twice as long to clear now. You may be asked to use cloak to go soak.

    Destructive Resonance: Fortification - Any new mines spawning will last for 2 mins.
    The old mines are still 1 min. Just watch to not step on them

    Fortified Arcane Aberration - The add has 75% more hp and cant be cc'd
    This therefore makes it a priority target when it spawns since it will need more people to DPS it down to stop the raid taking too much damage.

    Mark of Chaos: Fortification - The target is rooted into place.
    The off tank will need to drag the boss outside of the range of that tank. It is likely with a decent timer you could either grip the tank away or he will move out when it comes to stop the boss needing to move but it doesn't really matter with melee being able to DPS on the move. Just follow the boss.

    Force of Nova: Fortification - The boss will now release 2 more novas 8 seconds apart from the first one. So 3 novas 8 seconds difference.

    Save Cloak and Shadow step for this. You will not lose as much DPS this way by by passing the first 2. Your shadow step should be up close to the 3rd nova. Just feint if you are a bit low.


    Arcane wrath: Replication - 1 more person will get branded each time it jumps.
    This will create so many branded i am a bit unsure how it will work i assume each branded will retain the dmg and range of a new branded. So it will have to be tracked which branded is which so it can be removed safely.

    Destructive Resonance: Replication - When a mine runs out or is exploded it will spawn 2 more nearby.
    Just don't blow one up plain and simple. You will be limited by space however the room is quite large so i don't anticipate a problem ATM.

    Replicating Arcane Aberration - When the arcane Aberration dies it splits into 7.
    Whoo only bit of actual AoE damage this fight.

    Mark of Chaos: Replication - When the mark explodes 8 orbs will fly out dealing 72k/143k/200k/270k ARCANE Damage to who ever they pass through.

    Just get your dancing shoes on. You can feint and cloak this damage.

    Force nova: Replication - People who are damaged by nova will deal 13k/25k/35k/47k ARCANE damage within 5 yards.
    Just stay spread for nova. If you are going to Cloak/Shadow step you will be OK. Otherwise feint the extra damage if you need to.


    =Coming Soon=

    BLACKROCK FOUNDARY. (so late but better late then never right?)

    Inferno Slice
    Large radial slice in 1 direction dealing large physical damage to the tank and increasing their damage taken by 20% for the next slices. The slash also deals large fire damage in that radius split by the amount of people hit by it. Applies a fire dot which ticks every 3 seconds.

    Since the boss casts this ability fairly often there is no way you can cloak everyone. However feinting it will allow you to take reduced damage without increasing the damage taken by everyone else in the slice. Depending on how your guild decides to deal with this mechanic you may want to save your cloak to the point of 2/3 stacks of the debuff so you can remove the debuff and immune the slice.

    Dont bother trying to solo soak this as the boss will gain more energy if less than 4 people are hit by it.
    Cave in
    Void zone on the floor which deals physical damage every second as long as you stand in it.

    There is no need to stand in this crap just move ASAP. That rhymed xD. Doesnt really do anything too menacing. Just make sure you are within the cone for a slice if you need to when it comes.

    Overwhelming Blows
    Deals large physical damage around the tank every melee swing the boss does and increases the damage taken by it by 10% per blow.
    Ask your raidleader to put a mark on the tank's heads. Just stay away from the tank at all times. When the tank turns the boss for a slice i suggest giving yourself some space and moving over slightly incase the tank moved too early or goes back too slow. Just because people mess up doesnt mean you have to get caught by it. Predict and think what can happen before an ability. As usuall expect the worse case scenario everytime or that every ability will be on you.

    Petrifying slam
    Knocks up players and begins to petrify them. Applies a debuff which stacks over time slowing you and eventually will stun you. The boss will shatter everyone with this debuff dealing nature damage to everyone around them in an 8 yard radius.
    You can cloak this ability as it goes out to be immune. However you will want to save cloak for the slices tbh. However if you feel like you want to rank this week cloak the debuff when it comes out to dps without interruption. It is aoe damage and magical so if people dont move in time feint/cloak as usual.

    Overhead smash.
    Oh look annihilate. You should be accustom to something like this now. Boss turns to a random direction and does a smash in a line going from the middle. If you get hit you will get knocked up.
    There is absolutley no reason to get hit by this as a rogue. We can shadow step the boss if you are slow to move. Feint will save if you are fast enough but again why lose that dps uptime.

    Destructive Rampage.
    This bosses phase 2.
    He will repeatedly overhead smash and deal raid wide aoe damage. Just feint through if you need to otherwise let the healers heal this is really low damage and almost not worth your energy on normal or hc.

    Fight is the same pretty much. Except everyone gets the petrify.
    It differs in the way your guild handles it. In my guild we do a 2 group tactic with 3 mages 1 rogue as group 1 and the majority of the others as group 2. 1st slice mages and rogues. 2/3/4 Raid. 5/6/7 Mages. 8/9 Raid. But again it all depends on your guilds strat what works for us may not work for you.

    As any single target fight goes you should play subtlty as it is our best single target spec and the gearing for combat and sub is the same. Ofc sim yourself though as this might change from person to person.

    If you do play combat just be careful of killing spree into the tank but otherwise this is a tank and spank.


    Acid Torrent.
    Sprays the raid with acid dealing high physical damage to the closest person to the boss and then large nature damage to the rest of the ranged dps. The damage taken by the raid is based on how much mitigation the person taking the physical damage had.
    Well shadow if this hits all the ranged why should i care?
    Well if you are the closest to the boss the ranged will take a hell of a lot more damage than they should and potentially 1 shotting you. Cheat death OP.
    Just dont worry about this ability at all be max range at all times.

    Retched Blackrock.
    Fires an Void zone at a ranged player causing nature damage if you stand in it.
    Well another ranged ability pretty much. This fight seems easy so far. But dont worry the melee stuff is coming up.
    Depending on your guilds strat for this boss you might have to run through one of these at some point. So just try and cloak/ feint if you have to run through. Shadow stepping over to someone works well too. I wouldnt take burst of speed here because if you know where the boss is likely to roll you shouldnt have to BoS out of there.

    K now the melee stuff.

    Explosive shard.
    Launches a shard at the melee dealing physical damage to them and knocking back. After 3 seconds the shard explodes and deals high fire damage and stunning anyone hit by it.

    You can feint the intial damage and cloak the explosion if you are in a pinch. However the best way to deal with this is for the melee to be in 2 groups spread apart. This way the shard will hit 1 group and not the other reducing the overall damage taken by it. Then after it lands the group that got knocked back moves over to the other one to avoid the stun. Simples.

    Blackrock barrage.
    The boss gains a buff which gives him stacks of blackrock spines. He will attempt to cast barrage and deal physical damage to the whole raid. This is interuptable.

    So the way the phase 1 works is that the boss as 100 energy. Every ability costs him 5 energy. You want to keep this phase going for as long as possible to deal as much dps as you can before he goes all rolling thunder on your sorry behinds. A way to do this is to interupt every single cast thus causing him to gain energy. You only need 3 interupts on hc and normal. 5 on mythic. So i suggest you make a rotation and maco system saying who kicked and who is next to kick. You can monitor who needs to kick with the stacks the boss has.

    Acid maw
    Tank debuff who cares.

    Feeding Frenzy
    Well the boss is tired and fed up after playing with you. He is gonna throw a tantrum and roll everywhere collecting the ore in the boxes you have killed.

    This phase depends on your tactic ofc. Some raids like to spread out and zerg a Free for all method while others do a route. For hc and normal it doesnt really matter but in mythic use a route as you can fully control where the boss will be at all times. Look up any video for this. Alot of guilds execute it well.

    Rolling Fury
    Rolls down the lane dealing large physical damage to anyone hit by it and stuns them.
    Dont get hit by this ability. You can evasion it if you are a deer in the headlights kind of rogue. Just learn how the boss rolls.
    He will never go back on himself and he will never zig zag around the middle areas only the 4 outside lanes. There you go i taught you the secret to never dying on this boss.

    Earthshaking collision.
    When the boss collides with a wall he deals large raid wide aoe damage.
    If you know he is going to collide soon just feint it isnt like you are doing much else in this phase anyway you can spare the gcd and energy.

    Hunger drive.
    The longer the rolling phase goes on the more damage the boss will do with collisions 5% per application stacks 100 times.

    Mythic mode.

    5 interupts needed instead of 3. Make sure you interupt properly since the ranged will be taking so much damage they cant afford for this to go through.

    When the rolling phase happens the boss shits out fire eggs at the points where he collides. This is exactly like bomberman if you are old enough to have ever played it. When the boss collides at the same spot again the egg will explode causing waves of fire to go down the lanes. If these waves hit another egg they will cause a chain reaction and cause it to explode too.

    You will survive getting hit by maybe 1/2 of these but more than that you are a deadman. Use cloak and feint if you have to kill a box. With the correct tactic you will never be in danger of these eggs so dont worry about it too much. Just listen to what your raid leader tells you to kill.

    Another spec to play Sub as it is all single target damage. Just remember to redot the boss when he stops at a collision zone.

    Beast Lord Darmac.

    Well this boss is kinda fun. Lots of things to remember / do.

    Boss works like every 20% from 85% the boss will get onto a new mount. When the mount dies the boss gets one of the mounts abilities.

    The stuff Darmac does

    Pin down.
    Hurls spears into the air causing them to crash down and pin anyone caught underneath it. It deals raid wide damage to anyone within 25yards of the spear.

    Dont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever get pinned down by this. You have plenty of time to move away. It also doesnt spawn in melee range so unless a ranged is stupid enough to stand there wacking the boss with his staff you dont have to worry about it. You can feint if you feel like depending on how the raid damage is at that point. I would reccomend feinting this towards the end of the fight especially on mythic mode.

    Call the pack
    Summons lots of adds for you to cleave and dps down.
    These adds honestly do very little. You only have to watch out when the boss has the rylak because then the adds corpses will do fire damage to anyone standing on them. Just AoE stun these crappers. Dont bother saving cds for them.

    So now the 3/4 mount bosses

    Rend and Tear
    Leaps to a random raid member dealing a bleed to that target and anyone within 7 yards of that target. Then it jumps back to the tank dealing the same dot within 7 yards. This ability stacks.
    Make sure you run out when the boss is jumping back to the tank. This dot hurts above 2 stacks. If you get 3 stacks ask your paladins for a BoP and it will remove the dot from you.

    You can shadow step the boss once he lands at the ranged member and avoid the bleed to continue dpsing. Use the shadowstep speed to get back quickly and it would be like nothing happen.

    Savage howl.
    Deals moderate physical damage to the whole raid and enrages the boss causing him to gain 75% attackspeed.
    As a rogue you can do 2 things here. A. Feint the damage if you have to. B. Shiv the boss to remove the enrage. Since the energy cost of shiv is pretty low you are the best class to deal with this so step up and volunteer.

    Cruelfang Swiftness.
    When the beast dies the boss gains the ability to cast rend and tear so dodge you fools.

    Inferno Breath
    Deals Fire damage in the direction the boss is facing and applies a dot dealing damage every 3 seconds for as long as you stand in it. This stacks.
    Move out the way. You can tell when the boss and mount will cast this so just stay behind them all the time. You can cloak this mechanic if you are slow to move or dont want to for some reason.

    The adds corpses will be set on fire so move.

    Dazes the target with it dealing fire damage to them and within 8 yards of that person. Just wait for a healer to dispel if you get this debuff. Dont need to yell/cry about it in raid chat im sure they see you have it.

    Dreadwings flame.
    Boss gains superheated shrapnel when dreadwing dies. This ability is the same as inferno breath but just a little harder to see since the boss doesnt have a gigantic head.

    Ironcrusher (Dumbo the elephant)

    Raid wide nature damage every second for 5 second.
    Pretty low damage on heroic and normal. This ability is pretty ignorable unless you are really low for some reason. But since it is nature damage you can cloak the entire duration.

    Stomps on the ground knocking everyone around him back. Then charges towards a random raid member and stomps again doing the same thing and damage.
    This ability sucks and contains alot of rng at times. If the boss charges towards a raid member where you land you can and will get double stomped.
    You can deal with this in a couple ways. Feint to reduce the 1st and possible 2nds damage. Have your back away from the raid so you dont get knocked back again since the boss charges away from you or Just shadowstep the boss while you are in the air to avoid the 2nd stomp.

    Ironcrusher's Rage
    The boss gains tantrum once Ironcrusher dies.
    Just feint once he gains the damage increase.

    Pretty straightforward fight. Deal with the 3 mounts with their 1 ability then deal with the boss with his new ones nothing really changes at all towards the end. Just save lust for the end and potion.

    Once the mounts drop to 40% Hp the boss will jump of it and you will have to deal with both at the same time. This doesnt really impact you until cruelfang. The boss will become enraged as well as the mount so you need to shiv both. Just coordinate this with your raid.

    The boss has a 4th mount in mythic. Faultline


    Cannonball Barrage.
    Fires cannonballs into the air which then rain down onto the raid dealing fire damage to all targets within 2 yards of each impact.
    You dont need to use a defensive for this ability at all. Just dodge it is pretty straightforward and you get lots of time.

    Boss creates a void zone from the middle of his hit box which deals Nature damage every 1 second to anyone caught in it. It also slows by 25%.
    You can cloak this if you get caught in a bad epicenter. The best way to deal with this is it maintain max melee range at all times so you will not be caught in the middle.

    Heavy Smash.
    Splits 200% of normal melee damage between the tank and its nearest ally.
    Dont ever be on top of the tanks while they are tanking this boss.

    deals low physical raid wide damage and slows the raid by 50% for 3 seconds.
    This ability usually goes out at the same time as Barrage so you need to move quickly. Use sprint to counteract this. However most raids will use Windwalk totems or Stampeding roars to remove the slow. I suppose Burst of Speed works just fine here too.

    Faultline's Determination
    The boss gains epicenter when the mount dies.

    Spec Stuff.
    You should either play combat or sub for this fight. This depends on your raid comp to be honest. If your raid is plentiful with AoE you can sub if they are struggling with mount/boss kill speeds. But generally combat is just fine. Strong AoE and decent single target.

    Anticipation + Venom Rush

    Anticipation + Shadow Reflection.

    Hans'Gar and Franzok

    This fight looks very fun on paper but on Normal and Heroic it is quite boring on farm. The 2 bosses have their own abilities but the fight is centered around the Room's abilities.

    Searing Plates.
    Hot plates come out from the conveyor belts. Moving from one side to another. Deals large fire damage every second to anyone caught touching them.
    If you stand on the middle between 2 belts and shuffle to each side you can avoid these without stepping onto the belts. This takes a while to get used to but once you have it you wont worry about stampers or plates. You can Cloak if you need to run across one for some reason.

    Scorching burns
    The ends of each belt burns anyone touching them for high fire damage per second.
    Blizz way of telling us to not stand at the end. So dont.

    Stampers crash on the ground dealing very very very high damage.
    The belt section will glow yellow to indicate the stamper coming down. Just move out of this asap. Unless there are 2 stampers side by side you can use the same method for the Plates to stay off the belts if you can. But it ends up with you moving to stay in dps range of the boss anyway. Always use the belts to your advantage if you can and run on the middle part not against the belt.

    On to these twins

    Both bosses cast

    Body Slam
    The boss jumps towards a target dealing physical damage to everyone around that target for 12yards.
    You can vanish this ability if it is on you and the boss will not deal the damage.

    Shattered Vertebrae
    Body Slam applies this debuff increasing physical damage by x amount. This ability can stack.
    Just watch for how many stacks you are on. Use feint if you are going to get body slammed again.

    The body slam causes you to take physical damage every 2 seconds.


    Deals large physical damage to everyone caught by this hammer.
    It hurts not much you can do about it just damage taken. Since the damage on the raid isnt high anyway you shouldnt die to this ability.

    Both Bosses share Hp so cleave is strong so is multi dotting and bleeds.

    Just dodge every stamper and avoid the hot plates and you will be fine. The boss phases so you wont get both stampers and plates at the same time.


    Smart Stampers
    Standing on a section will activate and a stamper will fall on it after 6 seconds.
    You need to move as a group to do this. So dont move ahead of the group unless you are meant to activate. A weak aura or addon will help show you when you need to move.

    Body Slam
    Inflicts 500k damage split with everyone hit by the slam. The area is 12 yards around the person targeted. Just feint if you see this coming and help soak.

    Every spec is pretty viable here to be honest it is what you prefer playing for this fight. Combat seems to pull out ahead a little.
    Just ensure you dont killing spree into a stamper or plate. Time them well.
    If you play sub / assass ensure you maintain all dots (Deadly poison,rupture,hemo). Watch for when a boss will go and become immune dont waste your time rupturing close to when that boss will become immune.

    Flamebender Ka' graz

    This is undoubtedly the easiest mythic boss within the whole instance. It is a shame you cannot get to it first.

    The boss has an energy bar and casts ablities at 25energy intervals.

    Molten Torrent
    After 6 seconds a meteor will land at a target dealing large fire damage. The damage is split between everyone 8 yards of that target.
    Feint everyone of these as the person targeted will run into melee to soak. You can cloak too but try to save cloak for the dog phase. Bomb is good to help reduce damage.

    Summon Cider Wolves

    Summons 2 Wolves on HC and normal. 4 on Mythic.

    These dogs are linked by a fire chain which applies singe to anyone caught by it.

    The little dog fixates on a random ranged member and will chase them.
    Just watch for the fire chain attaching each dog while the person is kiting.

    Deals Fire damage every second for 8 seconds. This effect stacks.
    It is best to save cloak for this point if you need to drop your stacks or on mythic mode to safely dps all dogs while using killing spree.

    When a wolfs hp reaches 0. It begins to cast rekindle. If the cast completes the dog will gain 100% health.
    You need to kill these dogs within roughly the same time and try to evenly dps them down. They DO NOT share Hp.

    One dog becomes overheated and needs to be tanked.
    The dog gains 50% extra damage and can cast Charring Breath

    Charring Breath
    Inflicts large fire damage in a cone infront of the caster. Increases the damage taken by the next charring breath by 300%. This stacks.
    Requires a tank swap.
    Just dont be infront of the empowered add you will die if not careful.

    Blazing Radiance.
    A dot which inflicts fire damage every 2 seconds and to everyone within 10 yards.
    This only affects ranged plebs but just make sure that person doesnt run into the stack for firestorm.

    Inflict raid wide damage every 0.5 seconds for 12 seconds.
    If a cinder wolf is ailve it will also channel firestorm.
    You need to stack and outheal the damage. Use feint/bomb/cloak if you have it. Trigger fingers on health tonics.

    Magma Monsoon
    Fire will rain from the furnace every 2 seconds for 30 seconds. These are indicated by the pools on the floor. The deal large fire damage on impact.
    Dodge these it is very easy to avoid and you can sprint for it.

    K now for the boss abilties.

    Lava Slash
    Creates a fire line on the floor towards a ranged player. It chains to anyone within 7 yards. This line stays and deals damage to anyone caught standing in it.
    Ranged need to be spread out 7 yards. However if a ranged is in melee they will cause it to chain to the entire melee. So yell at the ranged to move out.

    Summon Enchanted Armaments.
    Weapons will land near a ranged player.
    Unquenchable Flame
    The weapon swings dealing fire damage every 3 seconds to anyone 6 yards of it.

    The next guy is completely useless and will only mention him by name.
    Aknor Steelbringer.
    The achievement add.
    Just kill him off super fast. He is annoying since he jumps around and knocks people back and has no health anyway.
    Incidentally if you are going to do the achievement dont stack during firestorm.

    Focus the boss most of the fight. Focus on the empowered dog when it is up. Stay out of the lava slashes. Stack in the Torrents. Feint/Cloak the firestorm. Collect free loot.

    Spec Choices.

    For HC and Normal you can play Sub for this fight as there is only really 2 dogs and they arent up for very long.
    For mythic play combat as the cleave on 5 adds is very very strong. Save your Cooldowns for the dog spawns and try line up deep insight for them. Feint during the dogs to reduce the fire line damage while staying in cleave range the whole time. Save cloak to drop your singe stacks if they get too high.

    Mythic Mode.
    4 Dogs instead of 2. Moar damage that is it really.


    Pretty awesome fight works very well with Subs low Cooldowns as large burst is needed for the pillar phases.

    Fists of Stone
    Splits the boss melee attacks between the 2 tanks.
    This isnt something we really need to worry about unless one of the tanks die. You can jump on top of the remaining tank and feint through the damage just so your tank isnt receiving the full damage from it.

    Stone breath
    Deals raid wide nature damage to the raid for 6 seconds.
    You can both cloak and feint this do so to reduce damage taken and help healers.

    Deals raid wide physical damage based on how far you are from the tanks. Spawns reverberations.
    Feint the damage if you are low or on mythic mode.

    Spawns Rings which slowly move towards the back of the room.
    If you stand in the melee spot at the far left of the boss near the boxes you will not get hit by any of these. Otherwise just dodge. They have a small 3 second arm time so you have time to move if they spawn on top of you.

    Rippling smash
    Kromog Smashes the ground dealing nature damage to anyone caught in the path of it. Spawns reverberations.
    Again standing in the special melee spot will allow you to completely ignore this mechanic.

    Rune of Grasping Earth
    Summons runes around the room which will grasp a player standing on it after a certain period of time. Anyone rooted by a hand will be immune to physical damage but take increasing ticking nature damage every second.
    Be careful to not break anyone out too early so hold dps for a couple seconds. As sub doesnt have very strong aoe you are better off single targeting down your own hand.
    You can cloak the damage but it isnt worth it as the damage is very low anyway. Just redot the boss before you go into the hand.

    Thundering Blows
    The boss casts this at the start of a Rune of grasping earth phase. Kromog smashes his fists dealing Large physical damage to the raid and knocking anyone hit by it into the air.
    Standing in a rune will save you from this damage completely.
    You can feint and Combat readiness this damage to try and survive. Shadow step the knock up so you dont die. The benefits to staying out of the rune isnt very worth it to be honest so it is up to you.

    Rune of Crushing earth.
    Summons a pair of hands which will eventually clap stunning for 5 seconds and dealing large physical damage.
    A ranged ability which wont concern melee anyway but if they are up during a hand phase wait for them to clap before breaking someone out near them.

    At 30% the boss will soft enrage causing him to deal 20% more damage, attack speed increased by 20% and casts his abilities more often.
    Make sure you cloak and feint when you can since the damage is alot higher.

    Spec stuff.
    Play sub for this fight since it is a single target encounter.
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    Thank you very much for your so far !

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    Thank you for this compilation, Shadohw. This info belongs on EJ, would you by any chance consider taking upon yourself creating and maintaining a thread there?

    Also, Kargath Bladefist, Berserker Rush - Evasion works to counter it if it's coming your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nordveien View Post
    Thank you for this compilation, Shadohw. This info belongs on EJ, would you by any chance consider taking upon yourself creating and maintaining a thread there?

    Also, Kargath Bladefist, Berserker Rush - Evasion works to counter it if it's coming your way.

    Hey. Yeh i will get round to that. Just starting uni stuff so i havent looked at it in a while but i will maintain this as much as possible. I cant post on elitest jerks yet but I will also post it on Ravenholdt ( rogue specific site). But probably only after I have written the BRF half. Thanks for the evasion tip will add that in.

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    You can cloak the wave on Brackenspore

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    Can't send a PM yet, so will just post here. Would you mind fixing the typo in "Imeprator Mar'gok" so that it's easier to find that one with Ctrl+F? Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nordveien View Post
    Can't send a PM yet, so will just post here. Would you mind fixing the typo in "Imeprator Mar'gok" so that it's easier to find that one with Ctrl+F? Thank you.

    Whoopsie fixed now. BRF soon just writing in in notepad before putting it in here.

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    Does anyone try to use Glyph of Energy Flows in Twin Ogron fight when Phemos using Whirlwind?
    I have tried, but the energy I got not the same as fast as I thought.And I forgot to toggle on the Advanced Combat Log, so WCL didn't show anything.
    I just want to know if it really works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrysimon View Post
    Does anyone try to use Glyph of Energy Flows in Twin Ogron fight when Phemos using Whirlwind?
    I have tried, but the energy I got not the same as fast as I thought.And I forgot to toggle on the Advanced Combat Log, so WCL didn't show anything.
    I just want to know if it really works.
    Hmm in line with that maybe evasion on bladefist fixate for cheese. But no i didnt have the glyph since i copied the char over i dont think i have it.

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    Nice guide, thank you.

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    High Overlord seraphbreak's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    First of all, great writeup! Very helpful for all rogues. Would you mind adding which spec you feel would be best for each fight? Or planning to stick to one spec for the entire raid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seraphbreak View Post
    First of all, great writeup! Very helpful for all rogues. Would you mind adding which spec you feel would be best for each fight? Or planning to stick to one spec for the entire raid?
    Yeh at some point. I have been pretty bust starting Uni this year BRF is almost finished and I can add that if you wish.

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    Thanks for this guide. I plan to refer to it often!

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    Great job writing this up!

    Only issue I've got right now is that the yellow text is incredibly hard to read on that background, at least on my monitor...

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    The yellow you used for Normal is pretty much impossible to read.

    Other than that great post.

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    Phemos whirlwind best to counter with glyphed Evasion (-30sec CD). You still get the increased shield charge damage stacks, though you can avoid the charge, too :P

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    The Energy Flows cheese is strong this tier it seems.
    I am the lucid dream
    Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    The Energy Flows cheese is strong this tier it seems.
    Seems like a mandatory glyph on certain fights.

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    Thanks for posting this! Great for tonights raid and taking an sneak peak between the bosses

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    Quote Originally Posted by m0ebius View Post
    Phemos whirlwind best to counter with glyphed Evasion (-30sec CD). You still get the increased shield charge damage stacks, though you can avoid the charge, too :P
    Thx i have added it but i prob wouldnt recommend it just stick on the other boss.

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