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    Upcoming Beta Build, Warlords CE Upgrade, 6.0.2 PTR Notes Update, Raid and CM Testing

    Warlords of Draenor - Upcoming Beta Build
    Yet another beta build is headed our way tonight.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    The Beta realms are currently shutting down for maintenance in order to deploy a new build. I'll be updating this thread with information and time estimates as I receive them. I don't have an ETA yet, but these pushes usually take at least 8 hours, if not more. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Get Warlords of Draenor Now, "Upgrade" to the Collector’s Edition Later
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    For those looking to receive the free character boost now, but also want those sweet Collector’s Edition physical items, we’ve set up a process to ensure you can do both. Just follow these steps!

    Check with your local retailers for Collector’s Edition pre-orders as inventory is limited.

    The Warlords of Draenor Collector’s Edition includes:

    • World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor — Get the full version of Warlords of Draenor on DVD-ROM.
    • Behind-the-Scenes DVD and Blu-ray Two-Disc SetMeet the development team behind the creation of Draenor and its savage warlords. This two-disc set includes over an hour of creators’ commentary, insider interviews, and developer roundtables.
    • Collector’s Edition Soundtrack Immerse yourself in the sounds of war with the complete Warlords of Draenor orchestral soundtrack on CD.
    • The Art of Warlords of DraenorWitness the visual evolution of the expansion in this beautifully bound tome of exclusive Warlord of Draenor art. Through 160 pages of concept pieces, finished illustrations, and CG images, you'll delve into the art team’s vision for a Draenor under siege by the apocalyptic threat of the Iron Horde.
    • Blackhand Mouse Pad Arm yourself with a special-edition mouse pad emblazoned with the deadly warlord Blackhand.
    • Epic In-Game Content
      • World of Warcraft Dread Raven Mount and Dread Hatchling PetDescend from the skies on the back of a black-winged Dread Raven mount, a mortal progeny of Anzu. Then devour your prey in your next pet battle with the adorably ferocious Dread Hatchling.
      • StarCraft II PortraitsSummon the strength of two deadly Iron Horde war chiefs—Grommash Hellscream and Blackhand—as you take on the Dominion with these two StarCraft II portraits.
      • Diablo III Warsong PennantDon this battle-worn pennant and channel the rage of the Warsong Clan against the demonic forces of Sanctuary.
      • Hearthstone Card BackYour adventures in Draenor will be the talk of the tavern after outfitting your champion’s deck with this custom card back forged in the fires of Blackrock – available to Hearthstone players just in time for the launch of Warlords of Draenor.

    Remember, one character boost to level 90 is included in the Collector’s Edition, retail and digital standard editions, and Digital Deluxe Edition of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. For more information on the content and features, check out our Warlords of Draenor web page.

    Patch 6.0.2 PTR Notes - Sep 18 Update
    It looks like the current Brawler's Guild season will end with Patch 6.0.2, so be sure to get any achievements before they become Legacy achievements.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    World Environment
    • Access to Ordon Sanctuary or eligibility for loot from Ordos no longer requires players to have completed the Legendary Cloak questline.

    Legendary Cloak Quest Line
    • As part of the transition from Mists of Pandaria to Warlords of Draenor, players who are not already on the Legendary Cloak quest line will no longer be able to begin it.
    • Players that are already on the Legendary Cloak quest line have until November 13 to complete Wrathion's tasks and challenges. Once Warlords of Draenor launches, the Legendary Cloak quest line will be gone entirely—the quests and the cloak will no longer be obtainable, and any related in-progress quests will be cleared from the quest log.
    • Characters will continue to be able to repurchase rewards they've already obtained (such as the epic cloak and Legendary metagem) from the quest line.
    • A Test of Valor has been removed. Players on Wrathion’s Legendary quest line will now skip ahead to the next step.
    • Full details of the changes can be found in the blog titled: Legendary Cloak Quest Last Chance – Black Prince Buff Extended.

    Raids, Dungeons, and Scenarios
    Siege of Orgrimmar
    • Garrosh Hellscream
      • Siege of Orgrimmar achievements will be relabeled according to the new difficulty structure (e.g. “Heroic: Malkorok” will now be “Mythic: Malkorok”). Credit for these achievements will be retroactively awarded to players who earned them prior to Patch 6.0.2.

    Battlegrounds and Arenas
    • PvP Season 15 comes to an end with the launch of Patch 6.0.2. (Date has not been determined yet.)
      • Conquest Points will be converted into Honor Points, and any Honor above the cap of 4,000 will be converted into in-game currency at a rate of 35 silver per point.
      • Season 15 items will have Conquest costs converted into Honor Points equivalent to their previous Conquest Point cost, with the exception of any items that have a rating requirement.
      • Season 15 items with rating requirements will no longer be available for purchase.
      • Note that Arena and Rated Battleground matches will not be available until PvP Season 16 begins.

    • Vendors who sell PvE Heirloom items for Justice Points have taken a vacation. PvE Heirlooms will continue to be available at the Darkmoon Faire and Trial of the Crusader, and PvP Heirlooms will still be able to be purchased for Honor.
      • Shield and off-hand Heirloom items will be added to PvE Heirloom vendors at the Darkmoon Faire.
      • Discussion for this topic can be found in the forum thread titled: Heirloom Vendor Change in Patch 6.0.2.

    Brawler's Guild
    • Season 1 of the Brawler's has come to a close and associated achievements have been converted into Feats of Strength.
    • Fights will be unavailable while the Brawler's Guild is being refitted in preparation for Season 2 (available after Warlords of Draenor has launched.)
    • Account-wide membership in Brawler's Guild will carry over to Season 2. Once a brawler, always a brawler!

    Mount Journal
    • Grand Expedition Yak’s reforge vendor (Mystic Birdhat) has been replaced with a vendor that offers transmogrification services.

    Upcoming Raid and Challenge Mode Testing
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    FEEDBACK: Challenge Modes
    Starting with this beta build, all Challenge Mode dungeons are accessible. You can access them either by zoning in manually, or by setting difficulty to Challenge and speaking with Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade (in major cities or your garrison).

    Tuning is definitely a work in progress. Some things are brutally hard, bordering on impossible. Some of the mob kill counts are off, and we'd like to hear about that - if you fall short of the kill count without using Invis/Shroud to skip any packs, or if you're completing the kill requirement well before the end of the dungeon, let us know. And of course, Gold/Silver/Bronze times are very much placeholder.

    Please use this thread for any feedback and reports of issues you encounter. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Raid Testing Schedule - September 19
    On Friday, September 19, we will continue Warlords Mythic raid testing. As always given the nature of beta, it is quite possible that there will be technical or gameplay issues that disrupt the testing. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

    Mythic difficulty is designed for a fixed-size 20-player group.

    Each encounter should be available at approximately the listed times below on all Beta servers.

    Friday, September 19

    Beastlord Darmac - Mythic Foundry
    10:30 PDT (13:30 EDT, 19:30 CEST)

    Iron Maidens - Mythic Foundry
    15:00 PDT (18:00 EDT, 24:00 CEST)

    As always, this testing schedule is very fluid and subject to the realities of a beta environment. We might have to change the time of a testing session, change the boss being tested, or cancel a test entirely, due to bugs, fire, server hardware issues, etc. Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

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    Iron Maidens Mythic :| Please no. I want nothing to do with that fight ever again.

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    wished for a one month sub instead of a free copy of WoW when buying the CE

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    Sure... i should then waste 45 euros in the digital version and another 70 euros for the CE right? Fuck you Blizz seriously....

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    For those looking to receive the free character boost now, but also want those sweet Collector’s Edition physical items
    Should read "for those of you willing to pay for 2 copies because you are too impatient to wait."

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    That is so stupid. I read the headline and thought maybe they were going to stop inconveniencing people who wanted the physical collectors. Chaud you should really reword the title. It isn't an upgrade if you are really just buying both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanux View Post
    wished for a one month sub instead of a free copy of WoW when buying the CE
    No an issue there. Do like I did with MoP, D3, and RoS: Ask them in the support ticket to convert the digital copy's cost to game time. It works out to being like 80 days. Is exactly how I plan to handle it this release too.
    Games are not necessarily "easier" today. You are just a better player.
    It takes more now to impress many gamers than it did 2-5 years ago, because so much has already been seen and done.
    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Am I reading the upgrade thing correctly? They want you to pay for both the standard and the CE, and then just give the standard copy away to a friend later?

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    Uhm, while loving your friends is great, how many would just "give" 70$/60€ (assuming you got the digital CE because of the mount&pet, otherwise still 50$/45€) to a friend? So some kind of exchange of goods or money is definitely involved. Not to mention the most avid WoW players among your friends will already have preordered - those that want the CE don't want a digital CE after the actual release of WoD.

    Nope, this is going to cause Ebay etc. get overloaded with people trying to pawn off their reclaimed digital CE keys, for of course way less than it would cost on the Store, considering cheaper online stores such as G2A - people looking for a bargain won't pick up something from Ebay that's only 5-10 bucks cheaper than on the official store, when there are even cheaper options.

    Can't we just get game time, like they did if you got the D3 CE after already getting D3 via the Annual Pass? At least that'd be a fixed value. You could still buy your friend a digital CE from the money you don't have to spend on the subscription, if you wanted.

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    ...well, won't be going for that. The price for the CE is quite enough and all my friends that play have already bought the digital edition...<.<

    Argh, time, y u move so slow??

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    So basically it's just a fancy way of going "If you buy two copies of WoD you will then have two copies of WoD!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forumchibi View Post
    Am I reading the upgrade thing correctly? They want you to pay for both the standard and the CE, and then just give the standard copy away to a friend later?
    That's what I'm reading. It's really quite funny. Blizzard is trying to sell you two copies and gift one to a friend later. Kinda reminds me of the annual pass awhile back except far far worse. When signing up for the annual pass you got D3 for free, but if you wanted the CE of D3 and bought that you got a few months free of WoW to compensate for the extra cost. That made sense. But this, this is just too funny. "Pay twice, give one to friend, we get more subs." All the while making it read like a big promotion. lol

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    dang mang, blizz and their new deals

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    The "if you buy the collector's edition later on, we'll give you back the key for copy you bought previously" is something you've always been able to ticket them about I think, or they'd give you gametime equal to the MSRP of the standard edition.
    Funny that they're advertising it as if it's a special deal, and not just buying an extra copy for a friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forumchibi View Post
    Am I reading the upgrade thing correctly? They want you to pay for both the standard and the CE, and then just give the standard copy away to a friend later?
    As a guildie of mine has offered to buy me a copy as a gift, this would work out wonderfully for us both.
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    Haha I died of laughter, epic marketing strategies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanux View Post
    wished for a one month sub instead of a free copy of WoW when buying the CE
    Considering that you are paying $50 extra for getting both instead of just CE. You should get 3 1/2 months.

    But, yea, a time extension would be better than an extra copy.

    On the plus side if your willing to wait a week or so after WoD comes out, you might be able to pick up a cheaper copy from those that took advantage of this and wanted to resell it.

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    20 secrets and 12 runestones in 4-5 weeks?

    assuming someone is stuck at the valor step when 6.0 lands. how many of those people would get to finish?

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    Oh Blizz

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    Blizzard..."We really want/need your money, Blizz drones buy 2 copies of our game instead of one, for no good/other reason then giving us more money." Blizzard is just getting more and more shady and disgusting with bad business practices. To think they used to be about quality and integrity, how far they have fallen.

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