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    Blood DK Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2 Guide (Long but has TLDR Version)

    7.0 Pre Patch guide here:

    **Last updated June 21st for Patch 6.2**
    *Updated again Feb 18 to finally get rid of some of the legacy pre 6.2 stuff that I never updated because frankly the way the game is in 6.2 for tanks just made me not enjoy the game and not want to bother.
    *Mini-Update Oct 27 to slightly update talent and trinket recommendations, although not a very clean update, mostly just added some notes in some parts.*

    This guide will be split into two parts: the basic 'what should you do' which will cover all the main points of Blood DK play for the average player, and a second part containing both the 'why should you do this' part, and that will go into further detail on different alternative talents, rotational choices, ect for the more advanced player who wishes to understand things more thoroughly. The first part is for people who want to keep it short and sweet. It won't go into detail on the reasoning behind any of the suggestions, that is covered in the longer guide.

    This guide is always in the process of being updated as things change over time, so parts may be updated or completely rewritten over time (as some parts are still in my opinion not of high enough quality).

    Patch 6.2 Changes Summary

    -Due to the increased cost (and lack of Icy Runes), BoS now is even more dependant on stacking very high amounts of multistrike (2000+ is advised) and having as many mobs melee you as possible. BoS is straight up not viable on some fights but should still be useful on a few and will likely see a resurgence on farm. Most players should probably just stick to Defile in all situations as BoS usage requires far more gear and far more luck to see any real gains now. This part was written before 6.2 came out, after actually playing around with it more, BoS is still better with enough MS and if you are good with it, just takes more work to get there now. Finally getting around to updating it now.

    -If you do plan to use BoS, you should use an alternative set of gear for it then for Defile as non-BoS Blood has trouble utilizing Multistrike past a certain point. The guide has two BiS lists for this exact reason.

    -NP is still complete trash and is infact even worse now due to overall higher multistrike and haste levels.

    -The four trinkets you should be looking to use in 6.2 are Anzu's Cursed Plume + Warlord's Unseeing Eye/Blast Furnace Door (Yeah really) for mitigation and Empty Drinking Horn + Vial of Convulsive Shadows (BoS Only) + Unending Hunger for doing damage. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit.

    -Set bonuses are mediocre, but there isn't really a reason to skip 2p. Skip 4p for more MS if planning to use BoS, get it if you can as Defile, but it isn't mandatory by any means.

    The Short/Basic/TLDR Guide to WoD Blood DK

    Every part of this basic guide will be explained and analyzed in greater depth in the advanced section. So if anything seems overly simplified I would recommend checking out that part of the guide.

    The long guide will generally cover everything from this short guide (ie it stands on it's own), so if you prefer more detail I recommend skipping to it else you will be getting a lot of the same information twice.

    Major Changes from MoP

    -Heart Strike is replaced by Blood Boil and Pestilence has been merged into Blood Boil as well.

    -Rune Strike is replaced by Death Coil.

    -Scent of Blood stacks are now gained via Blood Boil and Soul Reaper rather then auto-attacks, dodges and parries.

    -Due to the removal of Scent of Blood RP gains, you have far more downtime in the rotation.

    -RP gains from Anti-Magic Shell soaking are massively nerfed, contributing to the above.

    -Horn of Winter no longer has a cooldown and does not generate RP, so you should no longer use it rotationally.

    -Multistrike and Haste are the way to combat the above issue; Multistrike provides a lot of RP and Haste provides rune regeneration rate.

    -All your tanking cooldowns are significantly nerfed.

    -Mastery: Blood Shield has been cut by about 3-3.5x but now grants % Attack Power as well.

    -Vengeance has been replaced with Resolve, which instead of granting AP, grants % increased self healing. Resolve is far more volatile then Vengeance and spikes right after you get hit, decaying fairly rapidly until the next hit, replacing the old Death Strike 5 second window in this manner.

    -Death Strike and Rune Tap have been completely reworked; Death Strike's base healing is determined by Attack Power, then Resolve acts as a further multiplier based on how hard the boss hits. Rune Tap is now an active mitigation tool, providing 40% damage reduction for 3 seconds after usage with a 40 second base recharge (30 seconds with a leveling perk, but you won't have that at 90).

    Stat Weights

    Defile Recommended Stat Priority: Strength = Bonus Armour > Mastery > Multistrike = Crit = Vers >> Haste*

    Breath of Sindragosa Recommended Stat Priority: Strength = Multistrike = Bonus Armour > Mastery > Crit = Vers > Haste

    Legend: '=' means they are about equal but the one to the left is VERY VERY SLIGHTLY better overall, '>' means the one on the left is noticably better, '>>' means there is a huge gap between the left and right stat.

    Notes on the above:

    -These recommendations are based on approx Mythic BRF to Heroic/Mythic Hellfire gear, so 700+ ilvl. They do change somewhat if you are below that.

    -Both the recommended priorities attempt to balance DPS vs mitigation (but the BoS one is a little more DPS favoured). If you only care about one or the other, check the advanced guide for more specific stat priorities.

    -Bonus Armour is more mitigation, Strength more DPS but both are very similar in value.

    -Crit vs MS vs Vers for Defile is HIGHLY subjective. Basically Vers is the best for mitigation, MS for DPS, but Crit is very close in both regards. Crit is probably the best balanced, BUT if you are not GCD locked yet, MS is noticably stronger for DPS then Crit (it's still better past GCD lock, but not by much). So in reality, if you care about DPS, it's something like MS up to about 2500ish, then Crit. Obviously for BoS MS is king always.

    -Haste has gotten much weaker in 6.2 due to the threat of GCD lock, but is not 'useless', just generally weaker then other stats.


    For the Cloak/Ring/Neck enchants, you should pick either Gift of Multistrike or Gift of Mastery enchants depending on what you prefer (as mentioned above). For your weapon, use Rune of the Fallen Crusader.

    For Gems, pick the stat you want to stack ; either Immaculate Mastery Taladite or Immaculate Multistrike Taladite, and gem only that. Like above, the choice is basically DPS vs Mitigation. You CANNOT gem Bonus Armour.

    For Consumables, use Greater Draenic Strength Flask, and either Multistrike or Mastery food (again, your choice). Use the Draenic Armour Potion to pre/in fight pot as they are 50% stronger then the Draenic Strength Potion.


    Level 56: Plague Leech (if you can handle the rotational complexity, otherwise it doesn't matter what talent you pick here because they are all useless to Blood, however PL is a sizable gain if used well)
    Level 57: Purgatory
    Level 58: Death's Advance (Other talents can be worth it situationally)
    Level 60: Blood Tap (or Runic Corruption if you have a lot of trouble using Blood Tap, but I highly recommend learning Blood Tap)
    Level 75: Death Pact
    Level 90: Completely situational for the fight/dungeon/preference
    Level 100: Defile or for more advanced players with enough multistrike* Breath of Sindragosa

    *What 'enough multistrike' for BoS means heavily depends on how well you play BoS and how good the fight is for it (number of mobs hitting you for parry haste is a huge factor), but a rough number would be around 2000+ Multistrike rating. Ideally you would have 3000+, but more is always better for BoS.

    *If you are good enough with it and have at least decent multistrike amounts (2000+), BoS is pretty much always better then Defile, but it does take much better knowledge of the spec to pull off. Vial of Convulsive Shadows helps a lot when learning, and is useful even past that.


    Pick 3 of these:

    Glyph of Outbreak (Only if using Plague Leech, but you should be, so yeah. Also don't need it on AoE, because you can just PL then Blood Boil and re-spread the disease that way.)
    Glyph of Regenerative Magic (For additional usage of AMS, somewhat situational since AMS soaking is a joke now)
    Glyph of Blood Boil (Nice to have if picking up adds or AoEing spread targets or just general QoL)
    Glyph of Dark Simulacrum (Amazing if used on a fight where you can use Dark Simulacrum)
    Glyph of Runic Power (Amazing for fights where there are slows being applied to you, otherwise useless)
    Glyph of Absorb Magic (Highly situational but occasionally good on a few fights)
    Glyph of Icebound Fortitude (Like above, highly situational but occasionally good on a few fights)

    Glyph of Vampiric Blood is a terrible glyph and should never be used; the max HP of baseline Vampiric Blood is what even makes it useful in the first place, while the healing bonus is extremely weak and usually just goes to overhealing. Also, the max HP boost on the unglyphed ability helps increase the effect of the T17 4p bonus.

    Generally you should default to Glyph of Outbreak, Glyph of Regenerative Magic, and Glyph of Blood Boil, with others being subbed in for either Blood Boil or Outbreak if they apply in the given situation.


    You want to prevent any of your resources from capping as much as you can; you have 3 rune pairs and runic power to worry about, and blood charges if you use Blood Tap.

    -Keep diseases up.

    -Use Death Strike to spend Frost and Unholy Runes, but always try to leave one pair of them ready so that you can do an emergency Death Strike if you dip low.

    -Use Death Runes on either Blood Boil for AoE damage or Death Strike for mitigation/single target damage (this is a decision you have to make based on the situation).

    -Use Blood Boil or Soul Reaper (if target is below 35%) to spend Blood Runes. Soul Reaper takes priority over Blood Boil below 35%, unless there are 6+ targets to AoE.

    -Use Crimson Scourge procs on Defile or DnD, or Blood Boil if Defile/DnD is not up.

    -Use Death Coil to spend Runic Power.

    -Use Plague Leech when you have at least two fully depleted runes, and Outbreak is off cooldown in order to quickly reapply the diseases again (if you have Glyphed Outbreak, can pretty much do it any time). If there are 2+ targets, you don't need to Outbreak (since you can just Blood Boil to re-spread the diseases back).

    Death Strike Usage

    Ideal Death Strike usage can really be summarized with two rules:

    -Use if you are going to cap resources (as not using it then is just a waste of free healing/shield/damage)

    -Use it you are 'likely' to die (obviously maybe you get a lucky parry or last second heal from a healer, but you can't really predict that in advance) in the next GCD, and don't have some other way to prevent it via CDs ect.

    Now the second one is the 'hard' part, and the 'skill in DS timing' that people talk about. Knowing if you are going to die is something that comes from fight knowledge and tanking experience. Obviously if you aren't as comfortable with the spec, don't know fights, or in general are a less experienced player, it's better to play it a little safer.

    If you don't have the experience or comfort level to be able to make the 'will I die' determination with any real accuracy, I recommend something like 'Death Strike if below 40-60% HP depending on the burst damage levels of the fight', which will at least limit overhealing if nothing else. This isn't ideal usage, because using it this way will often lead to cases where while YOU may not be overhealing, you are healing when you aren't in any danger of death, and this will cause healers to overheal you and waste their time and mana. But it is obviously much better to even do this 'basic' timing then just spamming aimlessly, and for most content this will serve you just fine as long as you are doing other things generally right.

    *Obviously you can spam or at least get away with less efficient usage if you outgear the content you are doing (and to be fair at this point in the patch, pretty much everyone does due to 2/2 upgrades), but I am assuming actually doing stuff in appropriate gear.

    Rune Tap Usage

    -Use right before any burst damage; this ability is basically a reverse Death Strike.

    -If there is no specific burst damage in the encounter, you can use it as just a weak cooldown, or as a 'bridge' between two Death Strikes.

    -If you plan to use it at specific points in the fight, remember to bank the required Blood Rune in advance.


    Important: Trinkets are pretty complex in 6.2. I touch on this here by offering the DPS alternatives, but I do recommend reading the advanced guide trinket section for more information.

    Hellfire Citadel 'Defile BiS' List

    This list is oriented towards using Defile (not much focus on Multistrike), and is biased towards mitigation over DPS, but does not COMPLETELY ignore DPS. I will also give a 2nd BiS list below, oriented towards BoS and DPS at the cost of mitigation. You pretty much cannot use BoS with this gear list as your Multistrike will be too low.

    Head: Demongaze Helm (Kromrok)
    Neck: World Ender's Gorget (Archimonde)
    Shoulders: Doomcrier's Shoulderplates (Archimonde) or Demongaze Pauldrons (Xhul'horac)*
    Back: Void Lord's Wizened Cloak (Xhul'horac)
    Chest: Demongaze Chestplate (Mannoroth)
    Wrists: Wristplate of the Wretched (Shadow Lord Iskar)
    Hands: Demongaze Gauntlets (Socrethar the Eternal)
    Waist: Annihilan's Waistplate (Mannoroth)
    Legs: Demongaze Legplates (Gorefiend)
    Feet: Stompers of Brazen Terror (Kilrogg)
    Ring: Sanctus, Sigil of the Unbroken (Legendary Quest line)
    Ring: Mannoroth's Calcified Eye (Mannoroth) or Zakuun's Signet of Command (Fel Lord Zakuun)
    Weapon: Calamity's Edge (Archimonde)
    Trinket: Anzu's Cursed Plume (Shadow Lord Iskar)
    Trinket: Warlord's Unseeing Eye (Kilrogg) or Blast Furnace Door (The Blast Furnace) (Yes really)*

    DPS Trinkets (give almost no mitigation, but a lot of DPS, so don't use if you are having survival problems):
    Trinket: Empty Drinking Horn (Mannoroth)
    Trinket: Vial of Convulsive Shadows (The Iron Maidens) for BoS, otherwise you can use Unending Hunger (Gorefiend) or Discordant Chorus (Fel Lord Zakuun) (For AoE)

    *You can also use Chestguard of Ill Fate (Shadow Lord Iskar), or Crimson Throatgrabbers (Kilrogg), or Blastproof Legguards (Hellfire Assault) as offpieces. Or you can even use 3 out of these 4 offpieces and only use 2p, since the 4p isn't that strong. However these offpieces are all a DPS loss over the tier pieces, so only do this if you don't care about DPS.

    *Honestly all the 2nd trinket options suck if you don't care about DPS, so unless you cannot stay alive without a 2nd mitigation trinket, I would wear one of the DPS trinket options in the 2nd slot.

    *Keep in mind differing ilvls on gear means this doesn't exactly follow stat priorities to the letter as higher ilvl pieces with worse itemization can still be better (and vice versa).

    Hellfire Citadel 'BoS/DPS BiS' List

    This BiS list is oriented heavily towards maximizing Breath of Sindragosa and your overall DPS via stacking a lot of multistrike. You can use this list with Defile as well for more DPS at the cost of mitigation, but if you aren't using BoS, swap the weapon for Calamity's Edge.

    Head: Casque of Foul Concentration (Socrethar the Eternal)
    Neck: World Ender's Gorget (Archimonde)
    Shoulders: Demongaze Pauldrons (Xhul'horac)
    Back: Void Lord's Wizened Cloak (Xhul'horac)
    Chest: Demongaze Chestplate (Mannoroth)
    Wrists: Hot-Rolled Iron Bracers (Iron Reaver)
    Hands: Gauntlets of Derision (Tyrant Velhari)
    Waist: Ravenous Girdle (Gorefiend)
    Legs: Legguards of Grievous Consonances (Fel Lord Zakuun) or Demongaze Legplates (Gorefiend)
    Feet: Treads of the Defiler (Archimonde)
    Ring: Sanctus, Sigil of the Unbroken (Legendary Quest line)
    Ring: Zakuun's Signet of Command (Fel Lord Zakuun)
    Weapon: Hellrender (Fel Lord Zakuun)
    Trinket: Empty Drinking Horn (Mannoroth)*
    Trinket: Vial of Convulsive Shadows (The Iron Maidens) (Yay for last tiers trinkets being BIS)

    Alternative trinkets for more mitigation if you can't stay alive with these DPS ones:
    Trinket: Anzu's Cursed Plume (Shadow Lord Iskar)
    Trinket: Warlord's Unseeing Eye (Kilrogg) or Blast Furnace Door (The Blast Furnace)

    *You can use Anzu's Cursed Plume or Warlord's Unseeing Eye or even Vial of Convulsive Shadows instead of these trinkets, but generally speaking if you are using this BiS list, it is because you care about your DPS a lot even at the cost of mitigation, so I just put the DPS trinkets here as defaults. Anzu's is much better then the others, so if you are only using one mitigation trinket, use Anzu's over any of the others.


    That about sums up the short guide to Blood DK. If you want to see more information on alternative options, or just reasoning behind a lot of what I say, I recommend reading the Long/Advanced part of the guide.

    The (Way way way way) too Long Guide to WoD Blood DK

    This part of the guide is much more detailed and wordy. Here I will explain all the alternatives, advanced options, details about how things work, and go more in depth about how you should be looking to play. Without further ado, let us begin!


    Before we more get into stat weights (which are very confusing for Blood ATM), it would be beneficial to understand what all the stats actually do for Blood Dks and what has changed from MoP.

    Multistrike (MS)

    This is our 'attuned' stat, meaning we receive 5% more of it from all sources. It's baseline function for all classes and specs is to grant you TWO chances equal to the multistrike % to 'hit' again for 30% of the damage or healing of your abilities. This means if you have 50% multistrike, every attack you do will have two 50% chances to deal an additional 30% damage. So you would have a 25% chance to not deal any extra damage, 50% chance to deal 30% extra, and 25% to deal 30% extra twice (60% total).

    Multistrikes will not proc anything unless it explicitly states in the proc that it can be triggered by multistrikes.

    If something cannot crit, it also cannot multistrike. This means Death Strike/Death Pact healing cannot Multistrike (but the damage of Death Strike can).

    People often look at Multistrike and say 'it is just a weak version of Critical Strike'. Well this actually isn't true; it is numerically equal to critical strike if not accounting for special bonuses from it. It takes 66 Multistrike rating to get 1% multistrike at level 100, and 110 Crit rating to get 1% crit chance.

    So let us compare 3300 critical strike rating to 3300 multistrike rating. This would give us 30% crit chance, and 50% multistrike chance.

    Crit: 30% chance to do 200% damage, 70% chance to do 100% damage. 200%*0.3 + 100%*0.7 = 130% normal damage on average.

    Multistrike: Two 50% chances to strike for 30% extra. This means you have a 25% chance every hit to strike for the normal 100% damage, 50% chance to strike for 130% damage, and 25% chance to strike for 160% damage. 100%*0.25 + 130%*0.5 + 160%*0.25 = 130% damage on average.

    As you can see, Multistrike is actually exactly equal to Crit by default. Now, obviously it isn't that simple. If you already have some of either stat, then adding more is relatively SLIGHTLY devalued based on how much you already have. Also in the specific case of Blood, you get 5% more MS from gear by default, and 10% base MS from passives.

    So with all this math out of the way, what does Multistrike actually do for Blood other then increase our damage?

    The Blood Rites passive grants you 15 Runic Power per auto-attack multistrike; meaning you can either get 0, 15 or 30 RP from an autoattack, the odds being based on your MS chance.

    What this means is it is a huge source of Runic Power. Blood Death Knights have a lot of downtime in the rotation baseline, and getting more Multistrike helps fill the gaps. More RP means more Death Coils and more Breath of Sindragosa (if talented). Both of these grant Blood Charges for more runes, and Shadow of Death, which is a stacking max HP buff. Basically the way Shadow of Death functions is the more RP you are spending per 30 seconds, the higher the % HP buff goes.

    More specifically, Shadow of Death grants 3% max HP per Death Coil for 30 seconds. Now, this does not just stack to infinity; the way it works is similar to Ignite; the remaining amount from the previous buff is added to the new one. What this means is if you Death Coil once, you get a 3% max HP buff for 30 seconds. If you then wait 15 seconds, and Death Coil again, you will have a 4.5% max HP buff for 30 seconds. What happens is the original 3% is divided by the remaining duration (in this case half) and added to the 'fresh' buff. This is constantly done for every 'stack' every time you Death Coil. It also means that you can actually LOSE effect on the buff if you wait a while before using Death Coil. The way to look at the buff is it's size is based on the number of Death Coils you have cast over the last 30 seconds.

    What this means is if you spent every single GCD using Death Coil, you would have a 90% max HP bonus (3% times 30 Death Coils divided by 30 seconds). Technically it could be higher then this if you also used Breath of Sindragosa, but obviously this is a completely unrealistic scenario, even if you had the RP generation to pull it off, as you would be unable to do anything but cast Death Coil over and over to maintain the buff. In reality, the buff will likely be between 20-40%, depending on your MS value. It also fluctuates a good bit in combat since there are natural gaps between using Death Coil.

    Because multistrike is baseline as good as crit for increasing damage, and has a 5% attunement bonus, AND lets you use more Death Coils, Multistrike is an amazing DPS stat. It is also very good if running Breath of Sindragosa. However it's direct tanking benefits are practically non existant, as it gives only a small amount of runes for DS/RT via Blood Charges (this is very inefficient; it takes 75 RP to bring back only one rune via Blood Tap), and a moderate max HP bonus.

    In 6.2, you start to easily hit GCD lock in good gear. Past GCD lock, Multistrike has no mitigative benefit at all, but still continues to have significant DPS benefit due to simply making your attacks hit harder. However it's benefit is less at this point then in Pre-GCD lock levels, which means Crit starts to catch up for DPS value. If using BoS this obviously doesn't apply, just stack MS through the roof in that case.


    While this is not our attuned stat, it is very important for how Blood functions and is one of the most critical stats to the spec. Every 110 Mastery rating gives a 1% Attack Power bonus, and 2% more Blood Shield from Death Strike.

    Keep in mind that Death Strike healing is now based on attack power, so Mastery improves both the healing and absorb aspect of the ability, meaning it 'double dips' as the absorb is based on the heal. You may also note that the mastery conversion is more then 3 times lower then in MoP; there the same (relative, obviously the stat squish messes with it) amount of mastery would give 6.25% shield instead of 2%. This is partly because of the whole AP double dipping thing, but also partly to nerf active mitigation across the board.

    Basically the differences for this stat from MoP are that it now gives DPS via the attack power bonus (but still not that much compared to other stats), and it is generally weaker, but improves overall healing, not just absorbs (this also means it is now directly rather then indirectly effective against magical damage, since you can heal that back better with more AP from Mastery). It is still however an amazing mitigation stat (pretty much twice as good as anything but Bonus Armour and Strength), but a weak DPS stat (generally the worst).


    Another new addition in WoD, this stat lives up to it's name by basically doing a little of everything. Every 130 Versatility rating provides 1% extra damage, 1% extra healing and 0.5% reduced damage taken from all sources. Now at a glance this stat looks very powerful since it basically improves everything, but it is very expensive per % compared to other stats.

    The % healing bonus does apply to Death Strike, but it does not apply to % heals like Death Pact (not that it really matters in that case). [/s]It does not double dip the bonus for Death Siphon; the damage is increased, and then the healing is based off the damage; Versatility does not also multiply the healing afterwards.[/s] No longer true apparently, not that it matters for anything. Something else to note is the damage reduction is magical damage as well; not only physical damage reduction like armour or Blood Shield. It is also flat consistent mitigation, so it is completely reliable.

    Having said all this, this is not the best stat for anything; it provides a decent DPS bonus, and a decent mitigation bonus, pretty much falling right in the middle. This is not a bad stat to have on your gear, but it will not be your #1 priority either.


    A lot of people assume Haste isn't really good for Blood (because it wasn't in 5.4). This isn't quite true. The Blood spec itself is different from MoP; you are no longer nearly GCD locked by default, and you no longer get so much RP from AMS soaking for 'free'. This raises the value of haste drastically; in patch 5.4 you basically didn't want more then a few % haste because you could not actually make use of it due to being GCD locked. In WoD, while it is not the best stat, it is definitely much more useful with the much higher base downtime.

    Something else to consider is that Haste has a multiplicative benefit with Multistrike; MS grants RP on autoattack multistrikes, and Haste speeds up your autoattack, meaning more chances to Multistrike. This doesn't mean you should stack Haste for RP gains (directly getting MS is better for that), but it is a small synergy to note. Also, while MS gives RP, Haste gives runes directly. Generally speaking, runes are better then RP, unless you want to increase your max HP. So Haste's mitigative benefit is significantly greater then Multistrike.

    DPS wise, Haste is weakened a lot by not affecting all your damage. Diseases do not scale with haste, neither do Soul Reaper or Defile. However it has good synergy with Breath of Sindragosa: it's not a good DPS stat normally but speccing BoS drives it's DPS value up noticably.

    Haste is also somewhat devalued by Plague Leech and AMS soaking (although much less then in MoP), since those are 'flat' benefits not increasing with higher haste.

    In 6.2 due to GCD locking being more of a problem, Haste has become significantly worse and is generally your weakest stat.

    Critical Strike

    Critical Strike is a stat that was traditionally a DPS only stat in MoP; it provided the highest possible damage, but had no mitigation benefit. This has changed in WoD. Riposte is now a passive that gives you Parry rating equal to your Crit rating; basically it is no longer a proc and has been reversed. Note that 1% parry is more expensive then 1% crit, and Parry also has diminishing returns, so you do not get 5% parry from 5% crit. Also something to note is that temporary crit procs (such as Skeer's Talisman) do not give parry for whatever reason (and this is supposedly intended by Blizzard, although I have no idea why).

    Honestly this stat is kind of awkward for WoD Blood. It provides less DPS then Multistrike, due to not having the 5% attunement and not also generating resources for you. It's defensive value only works on autoattacks from the boss, not working on most boss specials or any magical attacks that cannot be parried. It does not have any synergy with other stats.

    Having said that, this is the 2nd best DPS stat out of the 'main' secondary stats (not including Bonus Armour as that is limited to only some items). So for a pure DPS build, you would get MS and Crit. Also, it does reduce damage taken fairly well, assuming most of your damage intake is autoattacks on a given boss (which is true on some bosses). So this is not a stat that is 'useless' by any means. It is just that it's mitigative value is somewhat dependant on the boss fight, and even in the best case scenario cannot really compare to Mastery.

    In 6.2, once you have hit GCD lock, Crit starts to creep up on Multistrike in DPS value, but is usually still a little worse (but not by much). Obviously doesn't apply for BoS.


    While this is not a secondary stat, and is primarily based on your ilvl (you can only get 'extra' strength from trinkets), I mention it because of the changes to it. First of all, you only get 1 AP per 1 Str now (but AP ratios are doubled now). Second of all, with Vengeance being gone, most of your attack power now comes from this stat. And finally, like I have said about 3 or 5 or 15 times, Death Strike scales with attack power now. This means Strength has gone from being a throwaway stat in MoP to an amazing stat in WoD, rivaled only by Bonus Armour (which it is roughly equal to in most ways).

    Mostly what this means is you should not be ignoring Str procs and passive Str on trinkets in WoD, as they are about as valuable as Bonus Armour on average (and that is your best secondary stat).

    Something else that is often overlooked is that Strength gives you Parry %. Note that Parry % is different from Parry RATING (which is what Critical Strike gives), so the only way to see this benefit is to see that your total parry % is higher then your parry rating + base parry would indicate. While the amount of parry given by Strength is not very high, it does help it's defensive value (and this is why it is very similar to Bonus Armour, as it gives AP and a secondary defensive benefit, just like Bonus Armour).

    Bonus Armour

    Another new stat on the block in WoD, and frankly the best way to describe this stat is that it is basically Strength that gives Armour instead of Parry. Every point of Bonus Armour gives 1 attack power (multiplied further by Mastery of course), and obviously, one point of armour as well. Since attack power increases Death Strike healing, this makes this an amazing stat for survivability. Also, while 1 AP doesn't sound like much, keep in mind in WoD all AP values are halved and AP ratios doubled, so this is actually a lot more then it seems.

    Basically this is the best secondary stat for both DPS and Mitigation. The trick is that this stat is only available on Amulets, Rings, Cloaks, and Trinkets. Generally speaking, you want this stat on all those slots over anything else (trinkets are often an exception however, since they can also have Strength). This is basically Blizzard's way of making 'tank' gear in some slots, since every tank class wants this stat pretty badly.

    Stat Weights

    Now that we have gone over what every stat does, let us summarize this by giving some stat weights.

    Note that these stat weights were gathered from a combination of using Simcraft, and my practical experience Mythic raiding; there is definitely some opinion put into these stat rankings (and trying to just blindly use various mathematical metrics to evaluate tanks is a futile proposition: see this giant post for what I mean by that:

    Here is the quick version of the stat weights (snipped from the short guide):

    Defile Recommended Stat Priority: Strength = Bonus Armour > Mastery > Multistrike = Crit = Vers >> Haste*

    Breath of Sindragosa Recommended Stat Priority: Strength = Multistrike = Bonus Armour > Mastery > Crit = Vers > Haste

    Legend: '=' means they are about equal but the one to the left is VERY VERY SLIGHTLY better overall, '>' means the one on the left is noticably better, '>>' means there is a huge gap between the left and right stat.

    Notes on the above:

    -These recommendations are based on approx Mythic BRF to Heroic/Mythic Hellfire gear, so 700+ ilvl. They do change somewhat if you are below that.

    -Both the recommended priorities attempt to balance DPS vs mitigation (but the BoS one is a little more DPS favoured).

    -Bonus Armour is more mitigation, Strength more DPS but both are very similar in value.

    -Crit vs MS vs Vers for Defile is HIGHLY subjective. Basically Vers is the best for mitigation, MS for DPS, but Crit is very close in both regards. Crit is probably the best balanced, BUT if you are not GCD locked yet, MS is noticably stronger for DPS then Crit (it's still better past GCD lock, but not by much). So in reality, if you care about DPS, it's something like MS up to about 2500ish, then Crit (if not using BoS, and honestly if you care about DPS, WHY AREN'T YOU USING BOS?).

    -Haste has gotten much weaker in 6.2 due to the threat of GCD lock, but is not 'useless', just generally weaker then other stats.

    DPS Stat Weights:

    *All these weights are based on approx Heroic Hellfire gear, so 700+ ilvl. They do change slightly if the gear level is higher or lower.

    Defile: Strength: 5.51 > Bonus Armour: 4.24 > Multistrike: 3.76 > Critical Strike: 3.40 > Versatility: 2.81 > Mastery: 2.44 > Haste: 2.29

    Breath of Sindragosa: Strength: 6.12 > Multistrike: 5.43 > Bonus Armour: 4.64 > Critical Strike: 3.88 > Haste: 3.42 > Versatility: 3.14 > Mastery: 2.85

    Mitigation Stat Weights:

    Note that mitigation weights are always somewhat subjective; I actually do have exact numbers for these but I choose not to include them because of intangibles these numbers don't include. For example, Vers is about the same numerically as Crit for mitigation (slightly better), but Crit only works on parryable attacks. On the flip side, sometimes you can parry debuffs on some fights. So how do you judge them against each other? I generally rate Vers higher for these reasons, but the point is that any numbers I gave wouldn't show the whole picture, and there is always subjectivity involved here. Boss fights are different, one may have more magical damage which favours Vers, another may have a parryable debuff which favours Crit.

    Few more examples of subjective issues: How much is Max HP worth? For example is 20k max HP better then increasing your HPS by 5k? What about 10k? or 2.5k? What about 100k Max HP? Another example might be 5k damage taken reduction vs 5k HPS increase. Logic would tell us the damage reduction is generally better, but by how much? Again, a subjective decision.

    My point with saying this isn't to say these stats can't be evaluated, but to explain why I am leery of giving exact numerical weights to all of these stats. I rate these stats via a combination of math, and my own extensive experience tanking, and you really can't do it accurately with just one or the other.

    Defile Mitigation: Bonus Armour = Strength > Mastery > Vers > Crit >> Haste >> Multistrike*

    For Defile, because you are nearly GCD locked, MS has almost exactly 0 mitigative value in this gear level. Haste suffers from this too, but is still somewhat useful because even when GCD locked, more Haste allows you to replace Death Coils with Death Strikes.

    Breath of Sindragosa Mitigation: Bonus Armour = Strength > Mastery > Vers > Crit > Haste > Multistrike

    With BoS, Haste and MS go do up in mitigative value slightly (MS is still VERY poor), but this highly depends on how much raid damage there is that can proc Mark of Sindragosa. Increasing BoS uptime can sometimes give a significant amount of healing, but this is massively dependant on the boss fight. The other reason MS is somewhat better for mitigation with BoS is that less RP is wasted to overcapping, so you get slightly more rune regen via Blood Tap. Having said that if you are caring this much about mitigation when using BoS you are really doing it wrong; the point when going BoS is to stack MS and rely on good CD and DS usage to stay alive, rather then relying on crutches like Mastery. This is one of the reasons it's a 'more difficult' talent.

    As you can see, with all these differing lists, I had to make some judgement calls to give the 'recommended weights', but from my experience this should be the correct way to go. This time around however I did include more detail in the DPS/mitigation weights because some people have been asking for it for a while.


    You should be using Fallen Crusader. Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle is completely worthless in comparison now due to the fact that Death Strike healing is now based off attack power (and Resolve), and there is no more Vengeance to massively inflate your attack power, so Strength is no longer devalued.

    For the Cloak/Ring/Neck enchants, you should pick either Gift of Multistrike or Gift of Mastery enchants depending on what you prefer (Damage and less downtime or Mitigation, the eternal struggle of the Blood DK).

    For Gems, pick the stat you want to stack ; either Immaculate Mastery Taladite or Immaculate Multistrike Taladite, and gem only that. Like above, the choice is basically DPS vs Mitigation. You CANNOT gem Bonus Armour.

    For Consumables, use Greater Draenic Strength Flask, and either Multistrike or Mastery food (again, your choice). Use the Draenic Armour Potion to pre/in fight pot as they are 50% stronger then the Draenic Strength Potion.


    Snipped from the short guide, here are my talent recommendations:

    Level 56: Plague Leech (if you can handle the rotational complexity, otherwise it doesn't matter what talent you pick here because they are all useless to Blood, however PL is a sizable gain if used well)
    Level 57: Purgatory (Anti-Magic Zone can be a good alternative if you want more utility, Lichborne can act as an awkward version of Death Pact via Death Coiling yourself, although it's not supposed to work that way anymore, so who knows if it will randomly get 'fixed')
    Level 58: Death's Advance (Other talents can be worth it situationally)
    Level 60: Blood Tap (or Runic Corruption if you have a lot of trouble using Blood Tap, but I highly recommend learning Blood Tap)
    Level 75: Death Pact
    Level 90: Completely situational for the fight/dungeon/preference
    Level 100: Defile or for more advanced players with enough multistrike* Breath of Sindragosa

    *What 'enough multistrike' for BoS means heavily depends on how well you play BoS and how good the fight is for it (number of mobs hitting you for parry haste is a huge factor), but a rough number would be around 2000+ Multistrike rating. Ideally you would have 3000+, but more is always better for BoS.

    *Having said all this, the fact is BoS > Defile always if you have decent Multistrike and can play it without making mistakes in other areas because of it. So it mostly comes down to how well you play it. Vial is pretty helpful if learning it (and remains good even past that).

    More details about each talent tier and why I make these recommendations:

    Level 56 (Plaguebearer, Plague Leech, Unholy Blight)

    Basically, Plaguebearer and Unholy Blight do nothing for Blood unless you take Necrotic Plague. Unholy Blight can have minor use as a second Outbreak, but if you aren't using Necrotic Plague, you should not have problems spreading and maintaining diseases since Blood Boil does all of that for you as long as you disease at least one target manually.

    Plague Leech on the other hand provides you 2 'free' runes every 25 seconds. Now the issue is you don't want to leave your diseases off the target (lose DPS and Crimson Scourge procs, which are basically +20% healing to your next DS if used on BB) for more then a few seconds, so you have to reapply them quickly. Doing this via Icy Touch + Plague Strike is a waste, because you effectively end up spending the runes you just gained for nearly no gain at all.

    What this means is you should only use Plague Leech if you have Outbreak avaliable, either because it is off cooldown, or because you glyphed it to have no cooldown (but cost 30 RP). The latter is generally slightly better but a bit harder to use. This is because in WoD, Glyphed Outbreak will still generate 2 Blood Charges just like Death Coil for the same cost. This means you only lose the Death Coil damage (and you get way more damage out of 2 runes then 1 Death Coil), and the small amount of Shadow of Death stack (which got nerfed and you'll only be losing about 1% max HP in practice due to how it works as described previously).

    Effectively, you can cast Plague Leech every 25 seconds if you Glyph Outbreak, and every 60 seconds if you don't (because you are waiting on the Outbreak CD). Realistically, Plague Leech won't be used exactly on cooldown; you need a 'gap' in your rotation to spend 2 globals to get the runes, and you obviously need to actually have depleted runes.

    Something else to keep in mind: Plague Leech will only refresh fully depleted runes, and if you only have one fully depleted rune when you cast it, it will only give you one. So make sure you have two fully depleted runes before you cast this ability. Also, when AoEing, keep in mind you can basically just Plague Leech and let your next Blood Boil re spread the diseases back, without having to use Outbreak.

    If you are using Plague Leech with Necrotic Plague: You want to Plague Leech in the last 1-5 seconds of Necrotic Plague's duration, because you would have been reapplying it soon anyways. Since Necrotic Plague can be reapplied 'manually' with only one rune, Glyphing Outbreak is less important, but still a good idea. Note that using Plague Leech + NP is superior to using Plaguebearer or UB + NP in both DPS and survivability, as long as you don't Plague Leech a fresh NP; wait till it was about to expire anyways. This can be very cumbersome to do, since sometimes you are busy with other things when NP is expiring, and this is a big reason NP can be annoying to use.

    Level 57 (Lichborne, Anti-Magic Zone, Purgatory)

    Lichborne: This talent is supposed to only give 10% Leech/make you Fear/Charm/Sleep immune, however currently it still maintains the functionality of making you undead and able to Death Coil yourself (this is not intended AFAIK). This means it has decent utility as a self-healing tool as you can activate it and Death Coil yourself at a slight DPS loss. Using DRW at the same time can increase the healing, but because of the nerfs to DRW's AP coefficient, and the fact that the Rune Weapon doesn't benefit from your Resolve, it isn't that effective at doing this.

    You can use this macro to automatically Lichborne and Death Coil yourself with the same button, without having to target yourself:

    #showtooltip Lichborne
    /cast !Lichborne;
    /cast [target=player] Death Coil

    Anti-Magic Zone: This talent is a small utility (20% magic damage reduction for 3 seconds and requiring everyone to stack can hardly be called 'great'), but can be good on some encounters. It is up to you to decide if you need Purgatory for the encounter, or if AMZ would actually be more beneficial.

    Purgatory: This is a great default talent, but is primarily useful only on hard hitting encounters where you can be killed quickly from high HP. It has not changed much from live, although Death Pact is less effective at getting you out of it due to the healing absorb leaving you more vulnerable.

    Level 58 (Death's Advance, Chilblains, Asphyxiate)

    Death's Advance is the default choice for this tier, being the only reason DK 'mobility' even exists. However on specific encounters/dungeons and Challenge Modes it can be beneficial to take Chilblains to kite, or Asphyxiate as a stun. Again, this is a choice made based on the situation. Something to note is that in MoP Death's Advance was multiplicative with all other speed buffs; in WoD it is additive, meaning it is slightly nerfed from MoP.

    Level 60 (Blood Tap, Runic Empowerment, Runic Corruption)

    I'm going to be honest, if you can handle using it, Blood Tap is far and away the best choice. For why you should use Blood Tap I HIGHLY recommend reading my article about it:

    That article is for MoP; in WoD Rune Tap being an important AM tool is yet another reason why Blood Tap is superior since it can more reliably provide an on-demand Rune Tap. Defile also favors Blood Tap if you choose to cast it outside of Crimson Scourge procs; if you are using Runic Corruption, using an Unholy Rune on Defile will 'desync' your runes, which will be a huge problem for you. So if you use Runic Corruption with Defile, I recommend only casting Defile with Crimson Scourge procs.

    Necrotic Plague also favors Blood Tap if you choose to not Glyph Outbreak; since it only takes a single rune to refresh, you will have the same orphan rune issue as with Defile using it with RC. For Breath of Sindragosa there is no special preference either way, although BT can be more reliable for maintaining the breath for longer.

    The only reason I don't tell absolutely everyone to use Blood Tap is that a lot of people screw up managing the resources of Death Knights properly without capping; managing Blood Tap in addition to that can be way too much to handle for some people. So if you honestly struggle with using Blood Tap, you have two choices; keep practicing until it is second nature, or you can use Runic Corruption instead as the easier choice. Ultimately using Blood Tap badly is worse then using Runic Corruption properly, and it is much easier to play Runic Corruption properly.

    For reference on what I mean by 'playing them correctly', here is my mini-guide to using the rune regeneration talents:

    While it was written for MoP, pretty much everything should still apply to WoD.

    Level 75 (Death Pact, Death Siphon, Conversion)

    Death Pact: This is the 'staple' choice, however unlike in MoP it creates a healing absorb on you for half the amount healed. Basically it heals you for 50% of your max HP, then gives a 25% max HP healing absorb. Effectively it heals you only 25% of max HP now, however it provides more 'burst' healing. Honestly even with relatively higher HP pools, this talent feels worse then on live, however unless I find a way to make Death Siphon work, this will be the choice taken by 100% of Blood Death Knights.

    Death Siphon: On paper, this talent looks strong, but it does not proc Blood Shield via Mastery, so it actually ends up healing less in total then Death Strike in most cases. It's healing scales with Multistrike and Crit unlike Death Strike, and it still slightly scales with the AP bonus from Mastery. It MIGHT be usable in some weird no Mastery high MS/Crit build, but the problem is that even then it probably won't be significantly better, and it absolutely kills your DPS to use this talent as it's damage is pathetic.

    Conversion: This talent costs a ridiculous 30 RP per 2% HP for Blood, basically meaning you shouldn't use it in most situations. While you do get rune regeneration talent procs from the RP spent, you do not get Shadow of Death procs, and the healing is very minor for the cost. Obviously you also lose significant DPS from not Death Coiling. In theory this talent might be useful in later tiers if we can stack enough Multistrike, but in the current tier it isn't really worth it. Consider that even with the absorb, Death Pact heals 25% of your max HP, or 12.5 Conversion ticks, or 375 Runic Power worth of Conversion healing. It is not generally going to be worth it to pay 375 Runic Power for a REALLY slow Death Pact heal.

    Having said that, the talent is still usable in it's current state; you will definitely lose DPS, and it's a pain to manage turning it on and off all the time (making it basically not usable for most people), but you do end up doing more HPS then without it. But you lose the burst heal of Death Pact.

    Level 90 (Gorefiend's Grasp, Remorseless Winter, Desecrated Ground)

    There isn't much to say about these talents; they are mostly unchanged from MoP (Desecrated Ground now removes roots as well). You pick the one that is best for your situation, or if none of them are essential for the situation, the one you like the most.

    Level 100 (Necrotic Plague, Defile, Breath of Sindragosa)

    Necrotic Plague

    Honestly this talent is STILL undertuned even after getting a 20% damage buff (Patch 6.1). It isn't a DPS loss anymore at least, but it still has a hard time competing with Defile. While I generally scoff at math this basic (as it ignores the realities of boss fights), I think it will illustrate my point well:

    Let us assume the best case (actually impossible, but I'll talk about that later) scenario: Necrotic Plague has 100% uptime and is always at 15 stacks. It deals 3.2% AP per stack and ticks every 2 seconds, so it does 3.2%*15/2 = 24.0% of your AP in damage every second per target in this case.

    In order to be better then Defile, it needs to do more damage then Blood Plague + Frost Fever + Defile combined, since it replaces the two diseases, and is being compared as a talent choice against Defile. So how much damage does all that do?

    Blood Plague and Frost Fever deal 23.64% of your AP per tick, and tick every 3 seconds. Defile deals 33% of your AP per tick, and ticks 10 times over it's duration, with a 30 second cooldown. Since we assumed the ideal case for NP, assume the ideal case here too: 100% BP/FF uptime, and Defile cast perfectly on CD every 30 seconds with all of it's ticks hitting the target(s). This means you deal 23.64%*2/3 + 33%*10/30 = 26.76% AP per second in damage per target.

    Now, this seems like NP is about the same, but the issue is that the 'ideal' case for NP is actually impossible for Blood; you cannot have 100% uptime on it with 15 stacks the whole time. Your uptime on NP will always be slightly lower then BP/FF since it falls off on it's own unlike those diseases, and while Blood can apply extra stacks with BB, realistically only about 35-50% of the duration of NP will be spent at 15 stacks (depends how much you BB). And if you use Plague Leech (which you should even with NP), you will have to take off your 15 stack during it's last few ticks, further causing it to do less damage. So in reality NP does a lot less then this math indicates.

    Now, on AoE NP's problems are reduced. You Blood Boil way more on AoE, meaning 15 stacks are reached much faster. Plague Leeching one target on AOE is less costly, and can pretty much be done at any time freely, since the other Necrotic Plagues will automatically spread back to the target. Also, even the application cost of the disease every 30 seconds can be somewhat circumvented: if you allow it to naturally spread it will spread to the target at the same duration/stack count, but if you BB before the next tick, it will spread a fresh NP to the target, meaning you can 'bounce' NP back and forth forever if you BB at the right times between 2+ targets, and never have to manually reapply it, which helps it a lot as well. However sometimes this bug doesn't work (or I guess doesn't bug), so it's not reliable from what I can see. So you still want to have glyphed Outbreak ready incase it falls off.

    Note on Plaguebearer/UB with NP: Basically you would already never use NP on ST anyways, and on AoE the 2 Death Runes every 25 seconds from Plague Leech are completely insane since you can use them to Blood Boil, so Plaguebearer and UB will simply never match up. UB might be useful if it had a 30 second CD for Blood on AoE with NP, but 90 seconds is just too long. Plaguebearer only affects 1 target, so will never be good until NP is good on ST.

    Note on the RP gains of NP: The talent sucks on ST, and on AoE you tend to already be GCD locked, and more importantly, Death Coil is a terrible spell for AoE so even if you aren't GCD locked already, casting a few more Death Coils on AoE makes little difference (mostly done for the Blood Charges to BB more with). Also, in 6.2 with HFC gear, you pretty much WILL be GCD locked, so the extra RP from NP is completely irrelevant.

    Summary: Honestly this talent (still) just sucks. It's closer now, but it's not quite there and I still don't recommend it for anything.


    The reason I recommend Defile in this tier is because it is the easiest to use. If you are very comfortable and experienced at playing Blood you should get Multistrike gear and try your hand at Breath of Sindragosa instead.

    On the topic of procs; you can either use this talent on CD regardless of if you have a Crimson Scourge proc, or you can wait for the proc before you use it. The difference is that if you only use it only via Crimson Scourge, you can cast more Death Strikes (since Defile consumes DS runes normally). However you will be casting this spell less often due to having to wait for a proc after it comes off cooldown, so you will lose a small amount of DPS. In addition, the 10% damage reduction having a higher uptime can help offset the loss of Death Strikes. The difference either way is small; you gain a little DPS using it on CD, you gain a little mitigation waiting for procs. If you are running Runic Corruption, I highly recommend waiting for Crimson Scourge procs before using Defile to avoid orphan runes. However honestly whichever way you choose to do this, doesn't really matter that much.

    Also note that if the boss/enemies will not stay in the Defile for it's full duration (for example if you need to move them often for some reason), it is a good idea to use a different talent instead. Or at least in theory. In practice you don't really have a choice on talents, as BoS is gated by multistrike (and is better in every way if you have enough + are good with it), and NP is worse even if you miss half your Defile ticks.

    Patch 6.2 Note: Every tick of Defile adds a stack of Fel Burn from Empty Drinking Horn. Currently DnD does not do the same, so Defile has extra synergy with this trinket. Since the burn lasts 15 seconds, and stacks gained earlier deal more damage, you want to cast Defile exactly as the stack resets (ie 15 seconds left), every second reset (since Defile has a 30 sec cd) to maximize the damage gains. Make sure you try to bank runes in advance so you don't push your Defile cast back.

    Breath of Sindragosa

    This is the other talent I recommend in this tier, it is basically the more 'advanced' talent and has some gear requirements (about 2000+ MS, Vial is very helpful too). It's mitigation value is highly situational; it heals you for 10% of the spell damage done by the target while the Mark of Sindragosa debuff from it is active. Note that this is 'spell' damage, not magical. This means for example a physical spell (like Butcher Cleave) will still heal you. But on the flip side, magical damage autoattacks (like Imperator adds) do not count. Also note that this healing scales with Resolve (so at the 240% resolve cap, you heal for 34% of the damage done by the target). Having said that on some fights this healing will trivialize entire phases.

    Note that some mechanics do not work with Mark of Sindragosa; for example if the boss casts a spell on the 'environment' and the environment deals damage to players, you do not get healed (example: Demolition on Blackhand). In practice this pretty much means what works and doesn't is completely arbitrary and you just need to test it case by case to see what does and doesn't work. On the flip side, 'shared health' mechanics appear to proc the mark, meaning you get healed for the entire damage your raid is doing to the boss (example: Hans'gar and Fransok). So basically the strength of Mark of Sindragosa is completely dependant on the details of the fight. Sometimes it will heal you for ridiculous amounts (for example if the Boss AoEs your whole 20 man raid, you get healed for 200-700% of the damage done based on Resolve), sometimes it will do literally nothing.

    The way the 'deals reduced damage to secondary targets' works: it does 100% of the listed damage to the 'primary target' (not sure how that is determined, but I think just by proximity), and then another 100%/number of targets to every additional target. So you deal 100% damage to one target, total 150% to two (100% to the main target, 50% to the other target), 166% to three targets (33% to each of the non main targets) and so on. While the total damage does slowly increase with more targets, it will never reach even 200% total (it will get infinitely close with an infinite number of targets however). This means this talent is actually more like a cleave then a true AoE; it's damage does not really scale very much with more targets.

    The above however does not mean that more enemies isn't a good thing for BoS; the more enemies there are actively meleeing you, the more parries you will get, which speeds up your autoattack and therefore runic power generation. This means Breath of Sindragosa is MUCH easier to maintain if there are 2+ enemies meleeing you constantly, while if you only have one mob meleeing you that stops to cast a lot, or none at all, it is very difficult to generate enough RP.

    Patch 6.2: Due to the increase in cost to 20/s, BoS is MUCH MUCH MUCH harder to maintain for any decent length of time. This means you need about 2000-2500+ Multistrike for it to start becoming worthwhile (Vial is very helpful if you have it), and even then you should keep in mind that if you have to range the boss a lot or get knocked away/stunned, your breath uptime will suffer. On the flip side, as mentioned above, the more mobs there are meleeing you, the easier it is to keep Breath up. And obviously, good AMS soaks will help a lot too if the fight allows for them.

    Because of all this, in 6.2, BoS is HIGHLY fight dependant; you basically need good conditions for it to be effective (having said that it's better then Defile on every fight if you play it properly and have enough MS). You also may need your other tank to help you out by for example doing some mechanics for you so you don't have to range the boss during your breath, or have him let you tank as many mobs as possible to help you keep breath up. Either way, 100% uptimes aren't really possible in 6.2, so your goal is between 20-30%, depending on gear. Multistrike is ESSENTIAL; as said above, you need about 2500+, and the more the better. So if you plan to use BoS, you have to STACK multistrike to the exclusion of anything else. This is why I have a 2nd BiS gear list for BoS specifically that stacks as much multistrike as possible. Sockets are also very important for extra 75 MS gems.

    *Note the 2000-2500+ MS number is an estimate. In reality, the specifics of the encounter affect this MASSIVELY, and you may find success on some fights with lower values, but struggle with higher values on others. Vial of Convulsive Shadows is worth quite a bit of 'effective multistrike' as well.

    Some general tips on using BoS:

    -Obviously you should try to bank 80-90 RP before you start channeling it.
    -You obviously shouldn't cast Death Coil during the channel at all, nor Glyphed Outbreak.
    -This means if you use Plague Leech during the channel, you either need to use Unlyphed Outbreak to reapply diseases, or you can Icy Touch/Plague Strike if there isn't another target to spread from, just to do a little damage/generate 20 RP, but this should only be done when you have free globals (admittedly you usually will while BoS is running).
    -You should try to line up any procs/trinkets/lust with it.
    -You should try to channel it when there are at least 2 targets, but this is not a hard rule even on fights with more then 1 target. Depends on the fight.
    -You should try to have as many mobs meleeing you during the breath as possible, to give you more parry haste to generate more RP.
    -You should try to AMS soak during the channel to extend it. This is HUGELY important.
    -You should do your best to maintain it as long as possible; this usually means spending your runes as you get them, and using abilities like Empowered Rune Weapon as well; this can lead you to not have a banked Death Strike for emergencies, so if you are in a dangerous situation be wary of this temptation; it's better to let Breath end then die obviously.
    -Stacking Multistrike/Haste helps maintain the breath longer, at the cost of mitigation. This also means any multistrike/haste procs from trinkets, or even better actives (Vial of Convulsive Shadows anyone?) are MASSIVELY helpful if they happen/are used during the channel.
    -Pray to the RNG gods that you actually get procs so you can maintain it. Some times it will just suck because it ends after like 10-15 seconds regardless of your efforts. Note that a 15 second BoS if you have a Legendary ring is still significantly better then Defile.

    As you can see, some of these may conflict with each other on many encounters. This is why I say this is a difficult talent to use; you have to think about all these things, just for this one ability. Fight mechanics further complicate this in some cases.


    Glyph of Outbreak if using Plague Leech is very good, otherwise is only useful if chain pulling in 5 mans. Having said that, you should have Plague Leech and be using this Glyph unless there are 3 other glyphs that are significantly useful on a given encounter. Having said THAT, don't need it on AoE, because you can just PL then Blood Boil and re-spread the disease that way.
    Glyph of Regenerative Magic is pretty good for general play, although AMS soaking is much less important these days, so this is far less mandatory then in MoP.
    Glyph of Runic Power is very powerful in cases where it activates, but obviously worthless otherwise
    Glyph of Blood Boil is good for a bigger radius/general quality of life if other Glyphs are not needed
    Glyph of Dark Simulacrum is very good if you are using Dark Simulacrum in a given situation.
    Glyph of Absorb Magic and Glyph of Icebound Fortitude can be situationally useful on specific fights for soaking massive bursts of damage

    Glyph of Vampiric Blood is a terrible glyph and should never be used; the max HP of baseline Vampiric Blood is what even makes it useful in the first place, while the healing bonus is extremely weak and usually just goes to overhealing. Also, the max HP boost on the unglyphed ability helps increase the effect of the T17 4p bonus.

    Generally you should default to Glyph of Outbreak, Glyph of Regenerative Magic, and Glyph of Blood Boil, with others being subbed in for either Blood Boil or Outbreak if they apply in the given situation.

    Glyphed vs Unglyphed Outbreak: While pretty much all of this is said in the talent sections, I feel like summarizing it here is beneficial. First of all, if you don't take Plague Leech, there isn't really any point to glyph Outbreak. However you pretty much should always take Plague Leech. If a fight always has more then 1 target, there also isn't any point to glyph Outbreak, because you can just respread the diseases via Blood Boil. If taking Necrotic Plague, you should still glyph Outbreak, even though it is cheaper to apply it. If using Breath of Sindragosa, it can sometimes be better to not glyph Outbreak, if your uptime is good enough on a specific fight, since you cannot use glyphed Outbreak during BoS (but you can use unglyphed, or Plague Leech > Icy Touch + Plague Strike to do a little damage and gain 20 RP, although this is only a very small gain and uses 3 GCDs... on the flip side you will likely have the spare globals). However this depends heavily on the fight.


    You want to prevent any of your resources from capping as much as you can; you have 3 rune pairs and runic power to worry about, and blood charges if you use Blood Tap.

    Here is a rough order of priority:

    1: Use Death Strike to spend Frost and Unholy Runes if the second pair is up/is coming up in the next GCD (ie you are overcapping). Do not spend your last pair of F/U runes (at least on content that is even remotely difficult), as you should always hold a Death Strike in reserve for an emergency heal whenever you happen to need it.

    2: Use Blood Boil or Soul Reaper (if target is below 35%) if the second Blood Rune is up/is coming up in the next GCD (ie you are overcapping). Soul Reaper takes priority below 35%, unless you have 6+ targets to AoE with Blood Boil. Note that if you primarily care about DPS, Soul Reaper pretty much takes priority over everything else as it's damage per cast on single target is only matched by Defile.

    3: Apply diseases if they aren't up.

    4: Use Crimson Scourge procs on Defile/DnD, or Blood Boil if Defile/DnD is not up.

    5: Use Death Coil to spend excess Runic Power. Try to keep it below 40-50, as anything above that risks randomly overcapping as you can instantly gain 50 RP from MS Procs + Death Strike. Note that when AoEing, you will often be GCD locked due to using Blood Boil a lot (which is a 1 rune spell, meaning it spends resources slower then Death Strike), so on heavy AoE it's usually better to just Blood Boil/DS and let yourself RP cap if you don't have the spare globals. Obviously don't use it during BoS.

    6: Spend your other Blood Rune, unless you are planning to save it for Rune Tap.

    7: Spend the rest of your RP, unless you are banking for BoS usage.

    8: Use Plague Leech, making sure you have at least two fully depleted runes, and Outbreak is off cooldown in order to quickly reapply the diseases again (if you have Glyphed Outbreak, can pretty much do it any time). If there are 2+ targets, you don't need to Outbreak (since you can just Blood Boil to re-spread the diseases back).

    What I mean by 'spend the rest of your RP/other Blood rune' is basically because they are lower down on the priority list, you only do this if no other resources are in danger of capping soon; ie you have wait time. As mentioned, you do not spend your remaining F/U pair in this way, as that is banked for an emegency death strike.

    On the topic of Death Runes: you have to treat them like the rune type they have 'taken over', in the sense that you never want a pair of runes to be both up. However the ability you spend them on will vary. You use Death Runes on Blood Boil for AoE damage or Death Strike for mitigation/single target damage (post hotfix, Death Strike does noticably more single target per rune then Blood Boil)

    On Army of the Dead usage: This ability should only be used pre-pull, about 8-6 seconds beforehand so your runes have time to be up (don't have to exactly be up, as you will take a few gcds to spend resources, but should be close). It's damage is too low relative to it's resource usage in WoD to really make it worth using during the fight.

    How to Pull: Since people have asked about this topic; you want to pull using Taunt (Dark Command) into Blood Boil when you get into it's range, into Death Strike. If you will not be able to close in close enough to Blood Boil the target before taunt wears off, then you pull using Taunt into Icy Touch into Plague Strike into Blood Boil or Death Strike as needed. Afterwards in both cases, you apply diseases. Putting up diseases is NOT a high priority right on the pull, so it's okay to have it wait 2-3 GCDs. They don't do that much damage right away, and their only utility is the Crimson Scourge proc which is not critical to have on the pull.

    You SHOULD NOT pull with Outbreak, glyphed or not, as it gives you 0 threat until diseases tick 3 seconds later, and this will not hold threat off anything stronger then a stiff breeze. The only time pulling with Outbreak is fine is if you know for sure nobody will do anything to the mobs for at least 1 GCD.

    Death Strike Usage

    In Warlords of Draenor, Death Strike timing is similar to live, but slightly changed. Basically, in MoP, the Blood Shield amount is greater then the raw healing amount from Death Strike. In WoD, this is reversed; the heal is the larger portion of the total effect. This means greater emphasis needs to be placed on avoiding overhealing with Death Strike. Therefore, you want to only Death Strike when it will NOT overheal (obviously, as the rotation above says, you should Death Strike anyways if you are resource capping, since not doing so would just be a waste at that point regardless of overhealing).


    1: Don't overheal with Death Strike; try to use it at sufficiently low HP. Below 75%-65% is usually a good number, but it varies heavily with how much Resolve, AP and HP you have. The ideal usage of Death Strike is when you are likely to die in the next GCD but if you are not very experienced this can be hard to evaluate accurately so it may be easier to just try to go by HP% to start out.

    2: Use it anytime you are in danger of dying; either critically low HP or when you know burst damage is coming and your health/cooldowns are not enough. This is always going to be a judgement call, but this is basically what you save the Death Strikes for.

    3: Even if neither of the above are true, use Death Strike if you would otherwise cap on Frost/Unholy runes by having both pairs be off cooldown.

    Rune Tap Usage

    Rune Tap is the new form of 'active mitigation' added in Warlords of Draenor for Blood Dks. It has been reworked from a 10% max HP heal to a 40% damage reduction for 3 seconds (up to 2 charges, 40 second cooldown, 30 seconds with the leveling perk). At a glance, this means you have to use it at the right time; preferably right before a large spike of damage, to maximize the damage reduced by it.

    A good way to look at Rune Tap is like a reverse Death Strike; you typically want to Death Strike right after a spike, but you want to Rune Tap right before a spike instead. This means you may need to learn a somewhat different playstyle if you are used to the reactive play of Death Knights.

    Another way to look at it is like another cooldown that is available much more often, but has a very short duration. It can also be used as a 'bridge' between Death Strikes; if you are worried about dipping low before your next Death Strike is up on a high sustained damage encounter, but the cooldown prevents this from being a sustainable long term.

    Using this ability correctly is going to be HEAVILY encounter and situation dependant; you have to figure out when the spike damage will be coming and proactively use this ability.

    The biggest issue with using this spell is the fact that you need to have a Blood Rune to use it. Always make sure that if you plan to use this at a specific time, that you remember to bank the required rune in advance.

    Cooldown Usage

    Quite simply, there are two reasons to use tanking cooldowns; to prevent burst damage (ie prevent a fast death), or to close the gap between healing taken and damage taken to prevent a slow death that is looming. Another way to put it is proactive cooldown usage to prevent burst deaths vs reactive cooldown usage when you notice you are starting to dip low to sustained damage, although it doesn't always perfectly line up like this (there are cases you proactively CD to prevent high sustained damage, like solo tanking or challenge mode pulls).

    Generally you don't have to worry about burst damage on difficulties below Mythic, unless you are already dipping low before it comes. So in most content, your cooldown usage will be primarily reactive, when you notice your health dropping over time to let healing catch up.

    You never want to overuse cooldowns; you want to use just enough to prevent burst damage from killing you/lower damage taken below healing taken. Overusing cooldowns means you don't have them later in the fight, the next time you need them. Also, when choosing between cooldowns, you want to use the shorter cooldown ones first, as they will be back up quicker incase you end up needing them again; you want to use abilities like Bone Shield/Vamp Blood often, while IBF should be saved for when it is most needed.

    Honestly for most players, you will typically hit cooldowns due to 'random' events that cause your health to dip as a way to recover; a healer having to move due to a mechanic, a misplay in your rotation ect. In this case you want to just use one at a time, unless you really think more are needed. For example if you are doing 5 mans, and you start dipping low, you might pop Vampiric Blood. Next time it happens, maybe Bone Shield. Maybe if you had magical damage coming in, you would use AMS instead. Learning this type of 'cooldown weaving' is very useful for non bursty content.

    External CD Usage (Advanced/Mythic)

    On the topic of cooldown weaving, during really high sustained damage, you may want to have a cooldown up the entire time (There were many cases in MoP 25 Heroic where I would stay cooldowned for over a minute straight to avoid the risk of randomly dying). External cooldowns are MASSIVELY helpful here as your own cooldowns will not be enough. This is also where the whole idea of not overusing cooldowns comes in; you don't want to just use everything all at once because then you have nothing left for later.

    A good example is something like solo tanking 25H Thok in 5.4; You might use a cd rotation like this:

    0-2 Panic Nothing
    3 Panic: Ironbark
    4 Panic: Sac + Vamp
    5 Panic: Sac + Vigilance + Refresh Bone Shield
    6 Panic: Sac + Vigilance + DRW
    7 Panic: Sac + Pain Suppression
    8 Panic: IBF + Ironbark (back up by this point)

    Then use another Vig + Vamp Blood on the Jailer until stack drops.

    This is probably the most extreme example of cooldown weaving + stacking, but I think it illustrates well what I mean about planning ahead as much as possible and not wasting too much too early.

    I'll probably be expanding this section later to talk about addons and such to help with external CD usage (as frankly trying to manage them without addons is a waste of your attention which is needed in other places). But for now, all you will get is this enormous weakaura that pretty much handles every personal and external CD for all tanks but Druid (and a bunch of other random stuff that you probably don't want, but hey, it's what you get):

    *I recommend Exorsus Raid Tools, which if you set it up, has a pretty good external CD tracker and will help you a lot to see who has what up without having to remember yourself or track timers.

    Comments on Specific Cooldown Abilities

    Bone Shield expires much more rapidly now (1 second ICD on consuming charges instead of 2), so it is not always advisable to use it on cooldown anymore. You should still use it pre-pull, but during the fight I would consider using it more like Vampiric Blood; situationally, rather then just using it on CD as was best in MoP. Generally better used against sustained damage then spike damage if you have a choice, but only because it tends to last longer.

    Vampiric Blood hasn't really changed; it is a good EHP boost before a spike, and can assist you in healing yourself. With the T17 2p, the effective cooldown on this ability becomes fairly low, so if you have it, you should try to use it shortly after it comes off cooldown (although obviously don't just completely waste it trying to 'get rid of it'). Unglyphed, amazing vs spike damage, and in general very good versus sustained damage, especially with the T17 4p.

    Dancing Rune Weapon is used similarly to live; mostly as a DPS cooldown. It's duration is much shorter however, and it's damage has been reduced to about 33% of your damage for no real reason. Having said that, even if used as a DPS cooldown, use it as part of your cooldown 'weaving'; if you have DRW up, don't use other CDs with it unless needed. This ability is useless against spike damage, but good at reducing sustained damage intake.

    Icebound Fortitude is much shorter in duration now, but is still used the same; for very high periods of damage or in emergency situations where you need more breathing room. Great against both burst and sustained damage. Glyphed IBF is amazing against burst damage, but inefficient vs sustained damage.

    Anti-Magic Shell's runic power gain aspect has been massively nerfed in WoD. While it can still give a decent amount of runic power if used at the right time, it will no longer overflow your runic power bar constantly, and weak magical dots will no longer give significant amounts of runic power. Therefore, AMS soaking has become massively dumbed down; you should primarily use AMS to soak heavy magical spike damage (where you will still gain a decent amount of RP) instead of trying to use it on cooldown on every little puddle/dot to gain free RP.

    Empower Rune Weapon is used to either get emergency Death Strikes if you are out of runes and need to DS NOW, or to help extend the duration of Breath of Sindragosa. Due to it's long CD, it's not generally that impactful, but if used well can save your life in a punch.


    I will not be covering trinkets in this section, they have their own section after this.

    Hellfire Citadel 'Defile BiS' List

    This list is oriented towards using Defile (not much focus on Multistrike), and is biased towards mitigation over DPS, but does not COMPLETELY ignore DPS. I will also give a 2nd BiS list below, oriented towards BoS and DPS at the cost of mitigation. You pretty much cannot use BoS with this gear list as your Multistrike will be too low.

    Head: Demongaze Helm (Kromrok)
    Neck: World Ender's Gorget (Archimonde)
    Shoulders: Doomcrier's Shoulderplates (Archimonde) or Demongaze Pauldrons (Xhul'horac)*
    Back: Void Lord's Wizened Cloak (Xhul'horac)
    Chest: Demongaze Chestplate (Mannoroth)
    Wrists: Wristplate of the Wretched (Shadow Lord Iskar)
    Hands: Demongaze Gauntlets (Socrethar the Eternal)
    Waist: Annihilan's Waistplate (Mannoroth)
    Legs: Demongaze Legplates (Gorefiend)
    Feet: Stompers of Brazen Terror (Kilrogg)
    Ring: Sanctus, Sigil of the Unbroken (Legendary Quest line)
    Ring: Mannoroth's Calcified Eye (Mannoroth) or Zakuun's Signet of Command (Fel Lord Zakuun)
    Weapon: Calamity's Edge (Archimonde)

    *You can also use Chestguard of Ill Fate (Shadow Lord Iskar), or Crimson Throatgrabbers (Kilrogg), or Blastproof Legguards (Hellfire Assault) as offpieces. Or you can even use 3 out of these 4 offpieces and only use 2p, since the 4p isn't that strong. However these offpieces are all a DPS loss over the tier pieces, so only do this if you don't care about DPS.

    *Keep in mind differing ilvls on gear means this doesn't exactly follow stat priorities to the letter as higher ilvl pieces with worse itemization can still be better (and vice versa).

    Hellfire Citadel 'BoS/DPS BiS' List

    This BiS list is oriented heavily towards maximizing Breath of Sindragosa and your overall DPS via stacking a lot of multistrike. You can use this list with Defile as well for more DPS at the cost of mitigation, but if you aren't using BoS, swap the weapon for Calamity's Edge.

    ***If you plan to use BoS AT ALL you pretty much need this gear set. But your mitigation will kind of suck with this gear***

    Head: Casque of Foul Concentration (Socrethar the Eternal)
    Neck: World Ender's Gorget (Archimonde)
    Shoulders: Demongaze Pauldrons (Xhul'horac)
    Back: Void Lord's Wizened Cloak (Xhul'horac)
    Chest: Demongaze Chestplate (Mannoroth)
    Wrists: Hot-Rolled Iron Bracers (Iron Reaver)
    Hands: Gauntlets of Derision (Tyrant Velhari)
    Waist: Ravenous Girdle (Gorefiend)
    Legs: Legguards of Grievous Consonances (Fel Lord Zakuun) or Demongaze Legplates (Gorefiend)
    Feet: Treads of the Defiler (Archimonde)
    Ring: Sanctus, Sigil of the Unbroken (Legendary Quest line)
    Ring: Zakuun's Signet of Command (Fel Lord Zakuun)
    Weapon: Hellrender (Fel Lord Zakuun)

    Tier 18 Bonuses

    T18 2P: This bonus is pretty straight-forward. You don't have to do anything special to activate it, and it does not change your playstyle (Blood Boil/Soul Reaper aren't going to give you more healing then Death Strike even with this bonus). You should get this bonus if you can, because as you can see above, no matter what stats you want, at least 2 tier pieces will be 'usable', so you may as well get this bonus for 'free'.

    T18 4P: This bonus works a little strangely, because it rounds the stacks up and does not keep track of partial stacks. What this means is if you have 1 Scent of Blood stack, and you Death Strike, you go to 0 stacks. If you have 2-5 stacks, and Death Strike, you go to 1 stack. If you have 6-10, you go to 2 stacks after Death Striking. What this means is to maximize this bonus you have to 'game' it. Get to 2 stacks of Scent of Blood. Then Death Strike down to 1. Then Blood Boil or Soul Reaper to get back to 2. Death Strike again down to 1. Ect. This way you are affectively making this bonus retain 50% of your stacks instead of 20%. The problem is this means you have to perfectly alternate DS and BB/SR. Keep in mind Rune Tap doesn't generate stacks for example, so using that can mess up your 'rhythm', or having to DS twice in a row for some reason. If you don't game this bonus like this, then it basically does almost nothing. However if you do game it perfectly, it effectively generates an SoB stack every Death Strike, which is actually pretty decent. This bonus isn't game breaking, and honestly wearing 4p is going to cost you stats, so it's kind of subjective if it's even worth wearing, but if you do have this bonus, make sure you use it correctly.

    Summary: Both bonuses are pretty weak but you will get 2p just for the stats on the gear. You should not purposely aim for 4p unless the tier happens to be your best gear at that moment.


    General Notes about Trinkets

    If you didn't read it in the stats/simcraft part, I recommend reading this post:

    It pretty much explains my philosophy on survival, and talks about how trinkets play into it. Some of this following part will probably make more sense if you have read that post.

    *Trinket evaluations are based on a combination of sims/practical experience. Like I explain in the stat weights section, things are generally more complicated then just being able to assign a number to things.

    Trinkets Breakdown

    Anzu's Cursed Plume (Shadow Lord Iskar)

    This is the best mitigation trinket in the tier (well Warlords can be SLIGHTLY better in specific situations), and therefore if you plan to use a DPS trinket + mitigation trinket, this is your trinket of choice. Also isn't too bad for raw DPS, but obviously loses to the Burn/Cleave trinkets (below) in that regard. It's high uptime (about 55%) means you can use CDs while this trinket is not up to 'cover' the gaps, and effectively have a 'cooldown' up all the time, which is part of what makes this trinket so strong (but it is the best in terms of raw numbers for mitigation as well).

    Warlord's Unseeing Eye (Kilrogg)

    Passive haste is very poor for Blood in 6.2, but the secondary effect is quite strong. The problem is that you need to be at low HP, and DKs tend to bounce up and down a lot. This is a good mitigation trinket, but does basically nothing for DPS (this is why Anzu's is better overall). It's exact mitigative value highly depends on the encounter however. One thing to note is that this trinket is very strong in P2 (and Mythic P3) Tyrant Velhari, and since that fight is so unfriendly towards DKs, this means you likely want to wear this trinket on that fight specifically.

    Imbued Stone Sigil (Kromrok)

    This trinket is laughable. It has less stamina then the 685 Pillar of the Earth from Tectus. Now admittedly it has more Vers/BA, but the fact is this trinket doesn't even have ENOUGH stats for it's ilvl. On top of this, stamina is generally poor for DKs. Even if stamina is needed for a specific fight, with the way stamina trinkets are in 6.2, you are literally better off just flasking and gemming stamina instead and using other trinkets.

    Tyrant's Decree (Tyrant Velhari)

    Oh god. Someone at blizzard must have heard how I said Battering Talisman is the 'worst designed trinket ever', and decided to try to one up it. Let us think about this trinket for a minute; the reason you usually want stamina is because you are being spiked down hard. And if you are being spiked hard, you are probably dropping below 60% pretty often (else it's not really spike damage). Hence you are losing all your stamina stacks from this trinket. So this trinket is a stamina trinket that isn't even good in the normal situation where you would use a stamina trinket. Meaning it literally has no purpose in the game. Why the hell would you want stamina if you are not dropping below 60% HP? And if you are, this trinket does nothing stamina wise. The best part of this trinket is the passive Bonus Armour, and the fact that you can inflate your HP while sitting in town. Never actually use this trinket for raiding.

    Reaper's Harvest (Archimonde)

    This trinket has good intentions but is just not strong enough numerically. First of all obviously if you are using BoS, don't bother. Secondly, while this trinket looks very strong because it gives a TON of healing, and makes Death Coil hit hard, you have to realize it does literally nothing else. Every other trinket buffs every ability you have (via giving actual stats). In addition, reducing damage is far better then healing it back (ie Warlords/Anzu's actually help prevent damage), as it is VERY easy to overheal with this trinket. Anzu's outperforms this trinket for both mitigation and DPS, and Warlords is better for mitigation. The other problem this trinket has is on 2+ targets, you are naturally using Death Coil less, further making it weaker. The only reason I even recommend this trinket at all is if you want a 2nd mitigative trinket, but are on a fight where Warlord's isn't that great. It can also be good in cases where you have no healer (if they come up in fights). I was really trying to be 'fair' to this trinket before 6.2 came out, but honestly I was grasping at straws: this trinket is terrible. This trinket is overall weak even in the best case (1 target, GCD locked, little overhealing) and only gets worse in the non ideal case. It's DPS value is also not that great, and only worse on 2 targets. Basically just skip it. I have more words to say about how it sucks but frankly it is just beating a dead horse.

    *Note on the mechanics; the healing is affected by Resolve and Death Coil multistrikes do proc it, but it does not 'double dip' crit or MS. You will see quite a lot of healing from it, the problem is overhealing and the fact that like said above, it does literally nothing else. Also, this trinket DOES NOT make Multistrike a good mitigation stat even if you are wearing it; first of all you hit GCD lock too easily, second of all Mastery is still way better.

    Empty Drinking Horn (Mannoroth) (AKA Burn Trinket)

    This trinket does quite a lot of damage*. All your direct damage spells proc it, but multistrikes do not. Diseases/NP/DnD do NOT proc it (DnD might in the future), Defile procs it every tick, BoS procs it every tick (keep in mind BoS replaces Death Coils, so this isn't as strong as it may seem). Note that Improved Blood Presence does increase it's damage by 15%, on top of this because of a Blood DK's high MS, this trinket can actually be stronger in your hands then a DPS players (but it really depends on the specific spec). It's problem is it's mitigative benefit is very limited due to just having passive strength. This trinket is a little weaker on AoE then Single target, but Blood Boil does proc it on every target hit, so it is still pretty effective even on mass AoE. Note that because stacks gained early do more damage then stacks gained later, you want to use Defile at the start of a new stack.

    *With the 50% nerf the day before 6.2 it doesn't really do as much as it 'was going to' back when I updated pre 6.2, but it's still decent

    Discordant Chorus (Fel Lord Zakuun) (AKA Cleave Trinket)

    Pretty much as above*. Again, it is affected by Improved Blood Presence (meaning you make better use of it then some DPS specs do), does a lot of DPS, ect. It is very strong on AoE, but it's range can be a little limited, so you should be careful with how you position (since it pretty much goes off randomly) to make sure you hit as many targets as possible every proc. Like the Burn trinket, it has little mitigative value, so it can be dangerous to equip, but it does pretty good AoE Damage. For more single target oriented fights, you want to use Drinking Horn and Unending Hunger or Vial instead of this one. Generally speaking it should be hitting 2 targets per proc on average before you consider it (average meaning if you hit 10 targets 20% of the time, that still counts as 2 on 'average').

    *Like EDH, got a 50% nerf except this one took a week into 6.2, I just never really updated it.

    Rumbling Pebble (Kromrok)

    This seems like it would be good for BoS, but the stats on it are simply too low. It is very mediocre for mitigation, and on DPS heavily loses to the Burn and Cleave trinkets, meaning this doesn't really have any use to a Blood DK.

    Unending Hunger (Gorefiend)

    Like Pebble, this suffers from being generally mediocre. It is the best DPS trinket outside of Burn/Cleave trinkets however, so if they are nerfed, this trinket might become better. It's mitigative value is actually decent, but it is almost all in avoidance, so it can be poor on some fights. This + Anzu's actually isn't that bad of a combination if you aren't using the Burn/Cleave trinkets.

    *Well they nerfed Burn and Cleave, so this is actually good now. Definitely better then Chorus for ST fights at least and competes with Drinking Horn overall depending on your RNG. Basically this is one of the 'main' DPS trinkets now, and it's pretty decent overall. If it had passive MS, would be much better obviously, but overall this trinket is somewhat overbudget even with it's non perfect stats, which is what makes it pretty good, although SLIGHTLY RNG dependant (but honestly unless you have the worst luck in the world it's always pretty damn good).

    Blast Furnace Door (The Blast Furnace)

    Deserves a mention in 6.2, just because the mythic version is better then most of the heroic HFC trinkets, although it loses to the mythic ones for mitigation. Obviously this is a mitigation, not a DPS trinket.

    Vial of Convulsive Shadows

    Should be used with BoS (and only BoS) until you reach over about 105% MS with it active, then you should swap it for EDH or UeH (whichever one you aren't already using).

    So what trinkets should I actually use?

    The above section mostly looked at each trinket individually, but now we are going to consider synergy and anti-synergy in different trinket combinations. Some general things to keep in mind that you generally want to avoid having two actives, since they will share a cooldown, meaning you cannot use both at once. Two actives can be good defensively (spread them out for CD coverage), but DPS wise are extremely poor. Also, typically you won't need a 2nd active for defensive reasons as one good one will be enough. So in general for a good balance of DPS and survivability you want to use one active and one proc trinket.

    *Note that in 6.2 the above is mostly moot, as there isn't a SINGLE active trinket, so have fun with those procs/passive effects.

    So lets look at some trinket combinations:

    Anzu's Cursed Plume + Empty Drinking Horn: A solid all-around combination (I would recommend starting here and adjusting as needed), but again keep in mind that the DPS trinket gives almost 0 mitigation. If you are worried about survival, this may be problematic.

    Anzu's Cursed Plume + Warlord's Unseeing Eye: The best mitigation combination, esp for Tyrant Velhari, but very low DPS. Not a bad choice if you don't care about damage.

    Anzu's Cursed Plume + Reaper's Harvest: I mean Reapers pretty much sucks, so NO.

    Empty Drinking Horn or Unending Hunger + Vial of Convulsive Shadows: The trinkets of choice for BoS play (if you are using BoS, it's because you care about damage and don't have too many issues staying alive) before you reach very high MS levels. Once you hit over 105% MS with Vial active, you might want to consider swapping it out for whichever of the first two you aren't already using.

    Empty Drinking Horn + Unending Hunger: The DPS trinkets of choice, for Defile, or BoS once you reach a high enough MS level that Vial significantly overcaps you on MS.

    Empty Drinking Horn + Discordant Chorus Full yolo trinkets, you pretty much kill your survivability but you will become the 'Procbearer'* (RIP 'Chains of Sindragosa'). Relevant quotes:

    "We feel Blood DKs don't have enough melee attacks in their rotation.... so we added the Cleave trinket to the game" -Blizzard
    "This world will BURN!" -Blood Death Knight/Archimonde

    Note that these trinkets do flat damage, meaning they are much stronger then your weak tank abilities (since they are tuned for DPS specs, and yes this is a sad commentary on the state of tanking ATM). This means if you wear both of these, a lot of your damage (about 35%) will come just from them. As mentioned in the stat weights section, this skews the dps value of MS/Crit/Haste/Vers up considerably, and Str/BA/Mastery down, because of how strong these trinkets are (since their procs scale with the first 4 but not the last 3).

    Honestly this is really a case of if you can get away with these trinkets. They are very good and do a lot of DPS. But you may struggle to survive wearing both of these on hard encounters. It really is going to be up to you and your raid if you can afford to do this.

    Due to this being written before the early 50% nerfs to these trinkets, this no longer applies. DC is pretty much for AoE only now, while EDH is still a 'decent' damage trinket but no longer that OP. Use the above Vial + Horn/Hunger or Horn + Hunger combinations for DPS instead.

    Vial of Convulsive Shadows + Rumbling Pebble: This combination sounds good on paper if using BoS, but in reality falls short of the Burn + Cleave trinkets. I only mention it here because if I don't someone will ask about it.

    Tyrant's Decree + Imbued Stone Sigil: The purpose of these trinkets is for Blizzard to troll players with them when they drop.


    Frankly I was hesitant to even add this section, because people way overblow the importance of race selection. For literally 99%+ of players you should just pick the race you like the most. Especially since the WoD changes, the races are closer in power then they ever were before, so the differences are much smaller.

    Having said that, while for most races the numerical differences are tiny, there are certain 'utility' racials that make certain races very powerful in specific situations.

    First I will go over what all the relevant racials actually are. I will be omitting profession racials or stuff that is basically irrelevant for character power (Rep Discount for Goblins, Troll Regeneration)


    Orc: Blood Fury, Hardiness, Command.

    Troll: Berserking, Da Voodoo Shuffle.

    Tauren: Brawn, Endurance, War Stomp.

    Undead: Touch of the Grave, Will of the Forsaken.

    Blood Elf: Arcane Acuity, Arcane Torrent.

    Goblin: Time is Money, Rocket Jump/Rocket Barrage (Share a cooldown).


    Human: The Human Spirit, Every Man for Himself.

    Dwarf: Might of the Mountain, Stoneform.

    Gnome: Nimble Fingers, Escape Artist, Expansive Mind.

    Night Elf: Quickness (this stacks with other run speed buffs), Touch of Elune, Shadowmeld (mostly useful for dropping combat).

    Draenei: Heroic Presence, Gift of the Naaru.

    Worgen: Viciousness, Darkflight.

    Pandaren cannot be Death Knights, so I will not include them.

    Note that numerous races have 1% damage reduction from specific elements; generally they don't matter much as different bosses have a variety of damage types present.

    In terms of numerical power, the races are pretty close to each other. DPS wise, the best race is Blood Elf, while for survivability, Night Elf is the clear winner.

    Notes on specific races

    Tauren: While commonly considered a good tank race, are still fairly lackluster; crit damage is nearly useless since Blood DKs have so little crit (and do not stack it), and stamina is not a particularly valued stat (although can rarely be good). War Stomp is almost useless because it diminishes with every other stun, making it hurt you more then it helps in group play (Using War Stomp then Leg Sweep actually gets you a shorter total stun then just Leg Sweeping for example).

    Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent is insanely powerful for Challenge Modes; if you plan to do Challenge Modes extensively and are Horde, you should be a Blood Elf hands down. This ability is also occasionally useful in raids as an extra interrupt, or if AoE interrupts are called for (Garrosh MCs or first intermission anyone?). The RP gains of Torrent are helpful if using BoS.

    Night Elf: They are the best race defensively, although Shadowmeld has very little application in combat, meaning they lack any sort of powerful active ability. 2% run speed can be more helpful then you might think since it's always on.

    Worgen: Darkflight is a massive help to Death Knights due to their lack of mobility, and can be clutch in many situations. This is also one of the better DPS races, although not quite as good as Blood Elf.

    Dwarf: Stone Form can be useful on some encounters for removing debuffs (I have not personally checked if there are any such enounters in T17 however). It also acts as a minor tank cds, making them fairly solid, although their other racials are lacking.

    Human: Every Man for Himself can be very powerful on encounters with CC, but honestly Death Knights already have multiple ways to break or prevent CC (AMS, IBF, Desecrated Ground, Lichborne), and most CC in raids is not removable anyways from my beta testing.

    Orc: Keep in mind that AP now increases DS healing, so Blood Fury is a fairly solid ability now.

    Honestly the numerical differences are very minor with the exception of Night Elves, who are clearly ahead of the pack defensively (about 1.5%). I tend to pick race by what powerful utility they provide (Torrent, Stone Form, Darkflight ect), since the numbers are literally 0.2-0.5% differences in most cases.

    My Picks for Horde: Blood Elf, runners up Orc and Goblin (Rocket Jump is very nice)

    Honestly the horde races suck for defensive bonuses as a whole.

    My Picks for Alliance: Worgen or Night Elf (do you want a powerful active or just stats?), runner up Draenei (very solid overall bonus from the passive STR, good stats all around compared to most races)

    Highest DPS: Blood Elf

    Highest Mitigation: Night Elf

    Best Utility: Worgen because mobility is almost always useful, others are all situational.

    Best Race for Challenge Modes: Blood Elf due to Arcane Torrent

    Conclusions: Expansion should be renamed Warlords of Elfcraft, elves are the master races. Also, I wouldn't take this whole thing too seriously. If you like playing Undead or whatever, you aren't really going to be at a noticeable disadvantage over the other races.

    Challenge Mode Advice/Guides(WIP)

    This section will be somewhat rudimentary for now, and I will probably rewrite it completely down the line, but it is easier to improve on something rather then make it from scratch, so I am going to just put something down for now, even if it's not perfect.

    This section is focused on getting a Gold rating in the CMs

    General Advice for CMs

    If you are going for Gold, there will be times where you need to pull 2-3 or even more packs at once. Your goal should be doing as much AoE as possible without dying, as Blood DK AoE is insanely strong. However, you cannot just mindlessly spam Blood Boil, as you will die doing that; it really depends on how good your healer is. On most bosses, survival is very easy, so make sure you are doing as much DPS as possible there too; while Blood DKs will not generally be #1 single target in CMs, you can still contribute a lot of damage even without abusive Dark Simulacrums.

    Advice for not dying:

    -Chain AoE stuns (your own, and your groups): Remorseless Winter, Leg Sweep, Binding Shot, ect.

    -Chain Interrupts (or AoE interrupts like Arcane Torrent) for packs with dangerous spellcasts.

    -Kill things quickly (that means you and your group all doing high aoe). Seriously, the faster you kill stuff, the easier big pulls become, as you don't run out of stuns/cooldowns before the pack is dead. This means try to Blood Boil as much as you can when you have strong CDs up/the mobs are stunned, because dead mobs do 0 damage. Having said that, don't overdo it. Learning when to BB spam and when to use DS instead is critical to surviving huge CM pulls.

    -Chain CDs, but also don't waste them (don't CD when the mobs are stunned for example). Also don't wait to use them; using a CD when you are at 25% HP is stupid, use it at 100% hp just before you take all that damage. As a rule of thumb in CMs, if the mobs aren't stunned, you should have at least 1 CD up (personal, or external from your healer). This is kind of why Resto Druids/Holy Paladins make great CM healers; Sac/Bark have a very short CD and can be used basically every single pull (and should be).

    -Just to make my previous point more clear: On any dangerous/multipack pull, you CANNOT SURVIVE without CDs or stuns (and yeah obviously it depends on the specific pack/ect, but generally this is true). You cannot just facetank 3 packs of mobs in CM, you will die no matter how hard your healer spams you. So if your group cannot kill at least some of the mobs before all your stuns/CDs run out, you should probably pull less. In a low AoE DPS group what you will see is that you do tons of AoE yourself at the start of the pull (during your CDs/Stuns, where you are free to BB spam), then as the pull drags on, you are forced to just DS as much as possible to not die, because you have no stuns/CDs left, and the mobs are destroying you. At that point the mobs die very slowly, and the pull drags on even more; it's like a death spiral; the less your AoE DPS is, the less AoE you are forced to do, because you have to DS instead, making your AoE DPS even worse as a result, and so on.

    Dark Simulacrum

    In a few of the CM instances, you can steal some insanely powerful spells that can trivialize certain pulls or bosses. In others, you can just steal general single target nukes, that while aren't horribly OP, can do upwards of 100-200k damage for the cost of only 20 RP, which is still very much worth it. I recommend Glyphing Dark Simulacrum in any instance where it is useful (which is pretty much all of them). Get used to using this spell A LOT.

    I will mention notable Dark Sims in specific instances.


    Always take Plague Leech, Blood Tap, Death Pact and Defile*.

    Death's Advance vs Asphyxiate is a personal choice, although I prefer DA. Depends on the instance.

    Remorseless Winter vs Gorefiend's Grasp also depends on the instance. Both are very good.

    You can either pick Purgatory or Lichborne, but I generally prefer Purgatory (although UBRS is a great instance for Lichborne, to break the Ogre fears).

    *If you have all multistrike gear, it can be worth having a second Blood spec with Breath of Sindragosa for bosses that you are going to lust on, as you can swap into the spec for just that fight. However this isn't really a huge difference.

    The above isn't really worth it anymore in 6.2.


    You pretty much want Str > Bonus Armour > Multistrike > Crit = Mastery for gear. Crit vs Mastery is a question of a little more DPS vs a lot more mitigation, but you can do CMs in full MS/Crit gear, so you don't strictly need the extra mitigation. Haste and Versatility are generally very poor stats for CMs and should be avoided.

    Ilvl 630/645 garrison mission gear will make up some of your BiS CM gear; these items can roll any secondary combination including double Multistrike (the best combination except on necks, where MS/BA is the best). So ideally you want double MS shoulders, boots, weapon and chest from those.

    Crafted gear can also be good for getting the right stat combinations since you can reroll 640 crafted items until you get the desired MS/Crit or MS/Mastery combination (you can't roll double MS on crafted gear). However you can only use 3 crafted items.

    Otherwise, try to get MS/Crit or MS/Mastery gear from raids or 5 mans to fill the remaining slots.

    For trinkets, you want Scabbard of Kyanos (BoE World Drop) and Evergaze Arcane Eidolon (Imperator Mar'gok) or possibly Discordant Chorus (Fel Lord Zakuun), they pretty much are the best trinkets for CMs. You can do RIDICULOUS AoE burst with the active + proc from these, trivializing some huge pulls by just killing them insanely fast (and having insane survival during the active + proc so you can freely spam BB). Alternatives include Tablet of Turnbuckle Teamwork (Hans'gar and Fransok), Vial of Convulsive Shadows (The Iron Maidens), Alchemy Stone or the Stone of Wind/Earth/Water/Fire (Alchemy only crafts). If you really don't have any good trinkets, Fires of the Sun (Skyreach 5 man), Toria's Blinded Eye (Bloodmaul Slag Mines) or Knight's Badge (Crafted) are okay as well.


    This one is a very simple instance, with a VERY lenient timer. There are no invis pots (as you need to kill every mob for kill count).

    You probably want to take Gorefiend's Grasp for this, although Remorseless Winter is very strong too.

    In the first room with the 3 packs, you can pull 2, or even 3 of them if you do it right to save tons of time; however if you do it wrong, it will take even longer then just pulling them one at a time (and you can definitely get gold just pulling one at a time, so don't push it too much). Each pack has a big mob with a special ability: One has Mind Control, another has the Void Shell (AoE shield on all the other mobs), and the last one has a Void Mending (Heal on other mobs), and can also Life Swap (healing itself to full).

    Most of these cannot be interrupted, so you have to stun the casts, and focus the large mobs down ASAP, or the pull will quickly get out of control.

    You can Dark Simulacrum the Shadow Word Pain cast by one of the mobs in these packs (I think it is soulpriest or something similar), which does a decent amount of damage.

    The first boss is a total joke. AMS the AoE so you dont have to lose DPS hiding behind the shield.

    On the hallway to the second boss, you should pull 2 packs at a time (there are 5, pull the last pack alone because it is pretty nasty). You can Dark Simulacrum Shadow Word: Pain from the Soulpriests, and Arcane Bolt from the Magus, and you should do so on CD. The Arbiter casts a Hammer of Justice on you, that should be interrupted so you don't get stunned. Generally these packs have a lot of nasty aoe (ground effects, floating arcane orbs that explode on contact) so be very careful. AoE stuns are massively helpful.

    The second boss is very easy, however a small trick is to kick her Mind Spike, and then cast Dark Sim. She will then cast Shadow Word: Pain after the lockout ends (instead of another Mind Spike), and that does more damage then the Mind Spike, so this is a good way to reliably get SW:P every time.

    Afterwards, take the demon pulls 1 at a time (they can be rough if you aren't prepared). On the huge pack of Imps, you really want to have something like Arcane Torrent or an AoE stun to stop all their casts.

    When you get to the boss room, if you have Gorefiends Grasp, you want to run into the direct middle, then Gorefiends to yourself to group up all 3 packs of Imps/Felguards. The danger here is getting killed by Fel Stomp (it's a frontal cone done by the Felguards, so watch the casts), and the Imps sniping people with Fel Blasts. Make sure your group has a stun/interrupt rotation on the Imps. However, if you can do this pull properly in this manner, you pretty much 100% will get Gold if you don't massively screw anything else up.

    The boss itself is pretty easy, just control the adds in the intermission phase.

    On the way to Teron'gor, you can Dark Simulacrum pretty much all the casts done by the mobs. Stun the Wraithguard when he whirlwinds (because it hurts a lot). You don't need to kill the pets; just kill the main mob, then move on. Immolate is a particularly good Dark Sim on the last mob.

    On Teron'gor, there are tons of things you can Dark Sim (Corruption, Shadowbolt, Immolate ect), but the best one is Chaos Bolt. The person targeted by it should pop CDs so you can Dark Sim the Chaos Bolt, which does over 400k damage in CMode if you get it.

    More instances coming later.

    Fight Guides for Tier 18 (WIP)

    This section will be added to later on.


    Well, I am pretty sure nobody will actually read this far down, but if you did, I congratulate you! Hopefully you now have a far more detailed understanding of Blood Death Knights, and how to optimally play the spec.

    Having said that, I will be updating this guide with any new findings/information as it comes up. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to ask me. This guide is an ongoing project, so I do welcome input (as long as it is backed by some reasoning).
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    Thanks again for your work on the forums here Troxism; a very good read for the upcoming expansion. For future reference, if you want to hyperlink things (such as Glyph of runic power then you need to just link the wowdb url ( here) thanks.

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    You could add that AMS before Death Pact counters the self absorb. Nice for Bosses were you don't need AMS that much and it worked for the whole Beta so they don't seem to change that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigp100 View Post
    Thanks again for your work on the forums here Troxism; a very good read for the upcoming expansion. For future reference, if you want to hyperlink things (such as Glyph of runic power then you need to just link the wowdb url ( here) thanks.
    Thanks, I'll do it later when I have a little bit of time (probably tomorrow as I am swamped right now with stuff). Gonna take like an hour to do them all T_T.

    EDIT: Well doesn't seem to work for me (just gives me a normal link) no matter how I try it so idk, I'm retarded I guess. Still probably going to add some links for slightly more clarity as this guide is hard enough to follow already.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucillia View Post
    You could add that AMS before Death Pact counters the self absorb. Nice for Bosses were you don't need AMS that much and it worked for the whole Beta so they don't seem to change that.
    Forgot to mention it, thanks for the reminder
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    I think your making a mistake on Litchborne. Litchborne combined with magic rune weapon and Death coil provides a substantial heal, vamp blood makes it even stronger.

    - - - Updated - - -

    another thing you may want to consider is that if you could glyph for death coil while rp might not be very valuable to you you can use it for other people with death coil heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkaneer View Post
    I think your making a mistake on Litchborne. Litchborne combined with magic rune weapon and Death coil provides a substantial heal, vamp blood makes it even stronger.

    - - - Updated - - -

    another thing you may want to consider is that if you could glyph for death coil while rp might not be very valuable to you you can use it for other people with death coil heal.
    Glyph of Death Coil is very weak because Resolve only affects Self Healing, so the absorb from it isn't affected, meaning you get a VERY small absorb from this glyph (it was nerfed too) making it completely pointless and a total waste of RP.

    For example on a decently geared lvl 100 character it's about a 5.8k absorb, and the only thing that increases it is having more attack power (and it won't scale up that much). Even DPS have HP pools over 200k.

    LB still appears to make you undead (it's not supposed to) so I guess it's not that bad still. I guess it still has a use then until Blizzard 'fixes' it. That is what I get for expecting Blizzard to actually follow their own tooltips/changes.

    Also if anyone knows how to help me figure out how to do the hyperlinks (as what was mentioned in the first reply doesn't appear to work for me), I would appreciate it.
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    I don't think they will remove the Undead part of Lichborne. It always worked and the 10% Leech is only from the time we didn't have Death Coil (the Leech is stupidly weak anyway). I used it for most of the Heroic tests and it's really the only way for that Talent to even exist in that row.

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    Also I noticed you did not mention glyphing chains of ice. You can get free Np if you go Np and it helps with sindragosa's breath. I kept sb going for about 30s ig think.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It's like free rp,that is if I'm remembering it correctly. Sorry not at home atm to double check it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have a questions about RP and death coil. Why wait til 70 percent? DC and conversion are the only things you can use rp on right? So why not spam them to get the biggest Sod possible? Why save your rp?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkaneer View Post
    I have a questions about RP and death coil. Why wait til 70 percent? DC and conversion are the only things you can use rp on right? So why not spam them to get the biggest Sod possible? Why save your rp?
    You don't "save" your RP*; remember that the point of the priority system is to use the most effective ability while avoiding capping resources. When you're not about to cap RP, using your second Blood rune and using Crimson Scourge procs is a higher priority than dumping the rest of your RP.

    *Unless you're saving it for BoS

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    Awesome guide, but reading it makes me sad.

    It used to be my favorite talent spec off all classes, and now it isn't even interesting; bland and boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valkaneer View Post
    I have a questions about RP and death coil. Why wait til 70 percent? DC and conversion are the only things you can use rp on right? So why not spam them to get the biggest Sod possible? Why save your rp?
    You don't wait till 70; it's a priority system. Basically the way it's laid out is you go down the list of resources in order and if any are close to capping or are capped you spend them. Then if none of that is true, you can spend the rest of your RP/other blood rune ect.

    Like you can see further down the priority list, it does say to spend the rest of your RP eventually; if other critical considerations are already dealt with.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Valkaneer View Post
    Also I noticed you did not mention glyphing chains of ice. You can get free Np if you go Np and it helps with sindragosa's breath. I kept sb going for about 30s ig think.
    You lose some damage from Icy Touch and a Glyph slot and gain 10 RP. Honestly it's kind of an even tradeoff and in many cases the Glyph slot is actually valuable, so honestly I didn't mention it because I don't think it's worthwhile to waste a Glyph slot on.

    Also, updated the guide with a mention of HoW in the changes section (didn't really mention that you shouldn't spam it anymore), and tweaked the Lichborne section some more to be more helpful (mention that DRW doesn't actually benefit from Resolve and added the macro).

    Still looking for help with the hyperlinks
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    [ url="http://website"]Website Description[/url ]


    [ url=""]Dancing Rune Weapon[/url ]

    Remove the spaces after the [ at the start and before the ] at the end.

    Properly formatted, the above becomes: Dancing Rune Weapon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryopathy View Post
    [ url="http://website"]Website Description[/url ]


    [ url=""]Dancing Rune Weapon[/url ]

    Remove the spaces after the [ at the start and before the ] at the end.

    Properly formatted, the above becomes: Dancing Rune Weapon
    I should clarify (honestly I didn't use the right terminology and I am sorry for that); I am looking for the link where if you mouseover it pops up the tooltip. Already know how to do normal links

    Like in the first reply here, this link had the tooltip when you hover over it, and that is what I am looking to do, but for me it's not working this way even linking from the DB.

    Glyph of Runic Power
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    The Glyph of Runic Power link in your last post shows the tooltip for me.

    [ url=""]Death Coil[/url ]

    Death Coil

    Glyph of Death Coil

    Edit: I had to refresh the page after posting in order to get the tooltips to work. Maybe they just don't always work or something?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryopathy View Post
    The Glyph of Runic Power link in your last post shows the tooltip for me.

    [ url=""]Death Coil[/url ]

    Death Coil

    Glyph of Death Coil

    Edit: I had to refresh the page after posting in order to get the tooltips to work. Maybe they just don't always work or something?
    Ah okay that is probably it then. I'll fix up the guide later today then (there are a LOT of them to add and it's gonna take me about 45 mins to an hour). Sorry about all the random ninja edits/stuff I am having to change, but this guide is a WIP obviously, I'd rather get the issues ironed out before WoD releases.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Added hyperlinks to the OP, made some minor changes (added a few notes on Defile). Hopefully I didn't introduce any typos/issues; if you see any please point them out for I can fix them
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    Really, really amazing guide. I am one of those that read the entire article, and I learned a great deal. Keep up the good work

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    This is interesting from the 6.0.2 Known issues:

    Paladin - The temporary crit rating buffs are not increasing Parry chance through Riposte.

    So maybe that's a bug and not intended?
    Cairne wanted to thank him again, to offer encouragement, praise for a task so successfully completed. For being able to bear such burdens. But Saurfang was an orc, not a blood elf, and lavish compliments and effusion would not be welcomed or wanted.

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    Wow... I just want to say, this is an incredible guide! Just so happens I am on the same, "place" as you *cough* server *cough* lol. But seriously, couldn't even ask for a "better" (pardon that horrible grammar) guide. At least now I know who I am "following" from now on lol. XD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satori View Post

    This is interesting from the 6.0.2 Known issues:

    Paladin - The temporary crit rating buffs are not increasing Parry chance through Riposte.

    So maybe that's a bug and not intended?
    It's listed for Paladin; it references the Sepharim (however you spell it) talent that grants temporary 1000 crit rating. They said they would fix that talent to work with Riposte, but said other temporary crit buffs would not receive the same treatment. Who knows they might change their mind.
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    Thanks Troxism for the amazing guide!

    I was wondering if i could translate your article and repost it on a very popular Chinese WoW forum called NGA. I believe the it'll benefit a lots of Chinese gamers. Of course I'll have the link to your original thread. Please let me know if you are ok with it

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