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    Anyone having problems with addons not saving?

    I use shadowed unit frames, domino's and tidy plates and after i set up my ui it wont save the settings. Everytime i log in i have to set it all up again. Has something prior to 6.0 that makes addons behave differently now? I have downloaded the newest versions also so i'm at a loss as to why this is happening.

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    Apparently in 6.0 there's a bug on Blizzard's part that prevents addons from saving and/or loading settings for characters that have special characters in their names. I just saw this in the message that DBM shows at login.

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    I have the same problem apparently, although my character doesn't have any special character in its name (same name as the one I use here). No idea why. On top of that the settings I had pre 6.0 for some addons got deleted with the patch and because of this saving problem (I guess) I can't get anything back as it was (not even by pasting backups in the WTF). It's really annoying, especially for addons such as Power Auras without which I can barely play.

    I'm on a Mac, if that might be relevant.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Did you find a solution, bone?

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    i have the same problem, all my weak auras got deleted, tsm settings, portrait location in game, tidy plates
    it doesnt matter if i set them back up, as soon as i crash they are gone one by one, and since the patch i crash all the time.
    playing on windows 7

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    Does it happens also when you exit the game properly? It does for me :|

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    My favorite mounts in the Blizzard UI dissapear and the mount keybind in Dominos. Sometimes only. Just like sometimes the Candy Bucket addon works and sometimes not

    Expect that to smooth itself out over time. major patches are always a bit rocky...

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    I would assume that the addons' Ace3 have not been updated - That was the case for the addon i am developing - Weird bugs started showing until i thought of updating the Ace3 .

    Try refreshing the Ace3 libs in your addon folders (the important addons) with the release from here:

    Until a new version of the addons are out.

    Hope it helps
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    Thanks, I'll try that. Do we have to copy the Ace3 folders inside Interface>AddOns folder of our game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalistar View Post
    Thanks, I'll try that. Do we have to copy the Ace3 folders inside Interface>AddOns folder of our game?
    If you look in the addon folder (for the addon itself) - Like Dominos, there is a folder called "libs" and inside that the addon authors drop the libraries they use - That's where you should drop them to update it .

    I can't guarantee it works, but it might .
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    Apparently it really is an issue related to special characters in the names.

    I was unsure earlier because as I said earlier my character doesn't have any special letter in its name. However the server it's in does have an "à". I've tried to create another char in another server (with a normal name) and import my variables folders and everything is back there, working properly. Even the addon disabling problem is gone when I'm on that server.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Here to provide an update on the issue. We've investigated and found an issue affecting characters that have extended ASCII character(s) in their name. It could result in them being unable save settings correctly on Mac OS systems.

    There's a fix in the works and we're working to get that implemented as quickly as possible.

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    Since I can't post on US forums, can anyone please comment to let them know the same issue also happens for servers with special character(s) in their names? Thanks

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    Not sure if related, but TradeSkillMaster author recently posted an update, something like this "resolved an issue where characters on a server with an aphostrophe in the server name would not load the saved variables" (can't remember exactly the phrasing).

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