Welcome to the Overwatch! We gather here to discuss Overwatch and everything related to it.

This is an outline of rules in addition to the general guidelines of MMO-Champion.

Blizzard Entertainment ToS - Anything going against their Overwatch ToS is not allowed here.

Game vs Game / Game Bashing

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, no need to come in and bash a game or start a game vs game war. Game comparisons need to be constructive, civil and called for. Coming in here just to bash a game is not okay.


Trolling is trolling, and we don't like it. Keep in mind that some people do not possess the same hand/eye coordination as you nor have the time to pursue a certain genre to a professional level. Snobby elitism is generally frowned upon, and direct assaults because someone isn't "as good as you" will put you in trouble.

Keep it Civil

Topics can become rather heated but remember to stay civil towards each other. Flaming or bashing others is not okay.


Everyone has bad games every once in a while, but this is not the place to let out your frustration. Do not create topics and posts just for the sake of venting about how everyone but you was bad in that one game. If you want to create discussion about a recent game of yours, do so in a constructive manner, such as: "What could I have done differently to win this game?" or "How do I manage teammates that don't communicate?"

Streams/Gameplay Videos/Etc

We will have a dedicated thread for Overwatch streams, gameplay videos, etc. Posting it outside of this forum/thread isn't allowed.

Beta Keys/Entrance

Making a thread/post asking/begging/etc for beta access is not allowed.


Topics involving spoilers, such as tournaments in case there are any in the future, please mark in the thread title with [Spoilers]. Also use the spoiler BB code text here in case a thread isn't marked with [Spoilers]; text will appear blacked out and it will on click reveal the text.
E.G.: Hello, this is a spoiler, click to see me or to hide me again.

Additional rules may take some time to put here due to the game not being in closed beta yet.

Thank you for your patience.