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    World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary

    World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary
    If you are interested in WoW, you should watch this. A recap won't do it justice.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    This decade-spanning archive explores the history of WoW with the people who create it, collects stories from players around the world, and takes you into corners of Blizzard and the WoW community you’ve never seen before.
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    Oh man that EQ footage, so much nostalgia... Pretty interesting documentary so far (not done with it yet).

    edit: It's so awesome to see the fandom in action since I've never been to any Blizzard events, and to hear people's stories about the game.
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    Feel bad that allot of the fans here in the EU wont be able to stay up and watch this. I would love to share this very moment online with good friends and guild members. But i can't because they all have work, school, college or family's and stuff.

    Just sucks.

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    Metzen plays human paladin, in case anyone missed that.

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    Oh wow, red shirt guy back in 2010. lmao

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    This is a very good documentary.

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    FINALLY a Panel worth watching. Good stuff.

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    I loved the reaction of the Devs when red shirt guy approached with another questions

    "Oh Shit"

    He actually asks some great questions too.

    OT: What a great documentary. It really was nice to see the personalities and stories of the people behind azeroth. That alpha development footage was cool as hell too. Keep it up Blizzard, you are doing great.

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    That was an Awesome Documentary.

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    About MoP he said that it was more philosophical, probably as a result of the creators becoming more mature. Then you see people dismiss it "coz pandas"...I as an adult loved the storyline. If they go this route in WoD, it'll be a great expansion indeed for me when it comes to feels for the story.

    Also, Lee-Curtis? That was unexpected...lovely documentary!

    Of curse, people will still keep claiming that the team doesn't care, that it's all about money and they're just milking us all for what we're worth to end WoW with as much cash in their pockets as possible...I would like those people to get a stamp that says "Idiot" from now on please.

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    Awesome! Worth the hour.

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    That was like watching a graceful falcon flying through the air only to smack into a window with a bloody smear of guts and bile. Sadly half those guys don't even work at Blizz anymore and a lot of the stuff they claimed was really sketchy and reeked of revisionism.

    And was anyone else REALLY creeped out by the observation room? That's straight up NSA behavior and a total invasion of player privacy. Who knows where Blizz sells their info.

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    "If this documentary sucks, it's not my fault!"

    That was quite unexpected, made my day. Solid documentary aswell.

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    Was surprised to see Jamie Lee Curtis, also the amount of people wanting Unicorns.

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    I loved it, the history, the depth, the connections. It made me remember so much, and now I must warcraft!
    Quote Originally Posted by Xarim View Post
    It's a strange and illogical world where not wanting your 10 year old daughter looking at female-identifying pre-op penises at the YMCA could feasibly be considered transphobic.

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    Totally worth staying up here in EU for this!

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    I totally lol'd during the server room scene. "Yeah this is a blade server, this is Tichondrius". Everyone on Tichondrius at the time it was filmed: "WTF?! World Server Not Found again?! FFS BLIZZARD FIX PLZ!!1one"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keplars View Post
    Totally worth staying up here in EU for this!
    absolutely agree! awesome vid

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    Quote Originally Posted by bledgor View Post
    I loved it, the history, the depth, the connections. It made me remember so much, and now I must warcraft!
    Was really cool to take a look back on 10 years of playing World of Warcraft. I can't believe no one mentioned anything about Grizzly Hills being someones favorite zone. I loved that zone, I would go back there and hang out just to listen to the music and chill.

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    best movie made by asylum to date

    also for all those girls wanting a unicorn there is already a unicorn ingame...

    this one
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