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    I think it depends on the scope of the place and what you are promoting and/or selling. What I mean by this is, is it a coffee shop and/or a bar? What is the extent of the gaming part of it? Is it mainly a bar with a few computers on the side, or is it computer dominated with a bar/barista on the side? Are you catering to computer gamers or say the xbox console/kinect audience or add some arcade games into the mix? How big is the place? Big enough to say, 1st floor be under 21 with a 2nd floor 21+. Are you going to try, for example, to hold gaming tournaments and bring people in? Or things like MLG gaming sanctioned tournaments?

    What I mean by all this, to figure out the concept you are going with and then structure the name around it. Thus Leeerooyy Jenkins Gaming Lounge definitely would define a concept and say what it is.

    Personally, if I were to do a gamiong bar/cafe/lounge, I would structure it around tournaments. You have to offer something that someone just can't get sitting on their ass at home. Thus something like LAN based Starcraft tournaments, I would also do some console based tournaments, especially sports gaming. Add that if you did this, I'd also suggest having a stage where you could mount of a coiuple of front projectors and show the finals or feature round, kind of like WSOP's feature table.

    Which also brings me to 2ndary thought, have gaming tables, meaning poker tables, having a few of those and holding poker tourneys is a great way to draw people in as well. Most states, if not mistaken, allow for pay to play poker tournaments as long as the house isn't taking a rake.
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    Or my favorite

    Green alert

    Because tiberian sun + red alert make it sound good

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    Quote Originally Posted by De Lupe View Post
    The Mana Bar
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    There is a 'Mana Bar' here in Australia.

    I'd probably go for something classic, that wouldn't seem super geeky. Running a bar or cafe, you probably won't do that well just catering to one niche crowd, so a name/design that's gonna interest a broader crowd would be the way to go. Something like Level Up or EXP Bar that people outside the fold can recognise and think it might be fun to go try out.
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    The Winchester. People can stop off for a pint and wait for the zombie apocolypse to blow over.

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    Wokka wokka wokka (pac man sound)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grummgug View Post
    Wokka wokka wokka (pac man sound)
    Sound like a place where you get wok cooked food.

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    I considered trying to start one where I live name ideas varied but things like Demon Kings Temple was one...Plus I just wanna say "No fighting in the demon kings temple".

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    Frag Den
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    The Mana Bar sounds great.

    Do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenonis View Post
    We have a couple in chicago:

    Emporium Arcade

    I think out of those three Replay has the best name.
    Geek Bar too, but I'm not sure it's actually "geeky".

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    (Like it's an escape! Wow, so clever.)

    "Plugged" might be okay.

    Or just name it the "Chode Abode." I like that one.

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    well apart from the obvious

    health bar, mana bar, experience bar or stamina bar, there´s always names like, achievement or dungeon, cybarspace
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    I'm terrible at names :P
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    Rigging your election

    Person from my WoW server runs this place.
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